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Hidustan ka Dil Dekho - Wildlife, Heritage, Archeological, Adventure....


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Unique Madhya Pradesh Holiday/Honeymoon Tour Packages Offered by

Pachmarhi Sightseeing Package Tour 
Duration: 6 days/ 5 nights


Pachmarhi Honeymoon Tour Package with Jabalpur & Kanha National Park 
Duration: 6 Night - 7 Days


Mahakaal Ujjain Tour Package With Bhopal Indore Mandu Maheshwar
Duration: 7 Days 6 Nights


Bhopal Pachmarhi Holiday Package 4 Nights 5 days
Duration: 4night-5 Days


Mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga Tour Package with Omkareshwar
Duration: 4 days /3 Nights


Bhopal Ujjain Omkareshwar Indore Package
Duration: 5 days / 4 Nights


Narmada Retreat package with Maheshwar & Mandu
Duration: 4 Nights- 5 Days


Bhopal Indore Tour Package with Van Vihar National park & Full Site Seeing
Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights


Pachmarhi Tour Package from Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Shaktipeeth Devi Darshan Package Central India 
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Ujjain Omkareshwar Tour Package
Duration: 2 Nights-3 Days


Pachmarhi Summer Tour Package
Duration: 4 Nights- 5 Days


Pachmarhi Winter Tour Package - New Year Holiday
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Best Jungle Safari Tiger Trails Holidays India
Duration: 7 Nights-8 Days


Jungle Resort Holiday in Central India package
Duration: 5 Nights-6 Days


MP Tourism Package Bhopal Satpura Bandhavgarh Jabalpur Kanha
Duration: 7 Nights-8 Days


Indian Temples and Tigers Trail -Khajuraho Orchcha Bandhavgarh
Duration: 5 Nights-6 Days


Panna - Bandhavgarh Tour Package From Khajuraho 
Duration: 6 Nights-7 Days


Madhya Pradesh Luxury Tour Package - Gold Class
Duration: 13 Nights-14 Days


Indian Wildlife Game Safari Holiday package
Duration: 13 Nights-14 Days


Kanha National Park Holidays at Lowest Budget rates with Best Resorts
Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights


Bandhavgarh - Kanha Wildlife Package From Mumbai
Duration: 6 Nights-7 Days


Wildlife Holidays India Kanha National Park
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Denwa Backwater Escape Tour - Satpura National park
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Ken River Lodge Panna 3 Nights / 4 Days Tour Package
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Tree House Hideaway - Bandhavgarh 3 Nights / 4 Days Package
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Kings Lodge - Bandhavgarh 3 Nights / 4 Days Package
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Maihar Devi Chitrakoot & Khajuraho Tour package with Panna
Duration: 3 nights/7 Days


Tamia Patalkot Chhindwara Holiday Package
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Ahilya Fort Maheshwar Package with Mandu
Duration: 4 Nights- 5 Days


Mitawali Padawali Bateshwar Heritage Tour Package
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Satpura National Park Safari Package with Night Stay
Duration: 2 Nights-3 Days


Discover India Bhopal Pachmarhi Bhedaghat Kanha Tour Package
Duration: 9 Nights-10 Days


Ujjain Omkareshwar Package with Maheshwar Mandu
Duration: 4 Nights-5 Days


Ujjaini Mahakali Garh Kalika Shaktipeeth Tour Package
Duration: 4 Nights-5 Days


Bhopal Pachmarhi Tour Package
Duration: 5 Nights-6 Days


Pachmarhi Jabalpur Kanha Tour Package
Duration: 7 Nights-8 Days


Ujjain Omkareshwar Mandir Tour package
Duration: 6 Night & 7 Days


Pench Kanha Bandhavgarh Indian Wildlife Tour
Duration: 11 Nights-12 Days


Khajuraho Package with Bandhavgarh Pachmarhi
Duration: 9 Nights-10 Days


Khajuraho Trip with Kanha National Park
Duration: 6 Night & 7 Days


Khajuraho Trip with Gwalior Orchha
Duration: 4 Nights-5 Days


Tamia patalkot pachmarhi tour package
Duration: 4 Night - 5 Days


Sonagiri Jain Temple Tour with Gwalior Datia Orchha
Duration: 4 Nights - 5 Days


Neemuch Mandsaur Opium belt tour Package
Duration: 4 Night - 5Day


Unique Chhattisgarh Holiday Tour Packages Offered by


Best of Chhattisgarh Bilaspur Achanakmar Amarkantak Package
Duration: 5 Nights- 6 Days


Temple Trail Chhattisgarh India Package Tour
Duration: 4 Nights-5 Days


Buddhist Circuit Chhattisgarh Package Tour
Duration: 5 Nights- 6 Days


Hiuen Tsang Trail Chhattisgarh Package Tour
Duration: 5 Nights- 6 Days


Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour
Duration: 6 Nights- 7Days


For Holiday/Honeymoon packages to Madhyapradesh, Chattisgarh.

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  • Khajurahu tour with Panna wildlife park and water falls


  • Khajuraho Orchha Jhansi Gwalior Package



Madhya Pradesh - Main Holiday Tour Attractions


The state is unparalleled in the wealth of history and folk arts, It has rock and cave shelters with prehistoric paintings,massive stupas, temples, palaces and mosques with exquisite carvings, sculptures and wall paintings. 

The undulating landscape and the network of rivers and water bodies have provided numerous spots of virgin scenic beauty. 

MP has high altitude areas and the mineral water springs with recreational and curative qualities. 

The forest areas have 9 national parks and 25 game sanctuaries out of which four are important Tiger Reserves. 

For the devout there are a number of places sanctified by faith. The sacred rivers of Narmada, Tapti, Son and Kshipra have a string of religious places located on their banks.

State has more than 379 Holiday Tour attractions of different categories ranging from archaeological wealth, scenic beauty, wildlife and pilgrimage. These places are Khajuraho, Bhopal-Sanchi, Mandu, Ujjain, Gwalior, Shivpuri, Panchmarhi, Marble rocks, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh, Amarkantak, Omkareswar-Maheshwar,Orchha and Chitrakoot. 


About MP Tourism Packagess

Madhya Pradesh has an unmatched landscape a natural plateau with the Chattishgarh plains in the east. The plateau is intersected by two major ranges of Vindhyachal and Satpuda and is dotted with soft undulating hills. A wellplanned rain fed river system and a string of lakes of different dimensions sustains the entire region. 


The major rivers are Tapti and Narmada which run east to west, while Chambal, Son and Betwa traverse the region from west to east. This riverine network has given numerous manmade water bodies of various sizes, which are ideal spot for recreation, leisure and water sports. In addition Madhya Pradesh has tropical forests, covering approximately a third of the region, are inhabited by a large variety of wildlife. MP is the true Kipling Country for the naturalists. Because of the sheer wilderness of the countryside, the state offers a unparalleled offbeat tourism areas.



Madhya Pradesh Honeymoon Holiday Tour Packagess

  • Bhopal - Pachmarhi - Jabalpur - Bhedaghat
  • Jabalpur - Kanha - Pacjmarhi - Bhopal
  • Gwalior - Orchcha - Khajuraho - Panna
  • Jabalpur - Bandhavgarh - Pachmarhi
  • Bhopal - Indore - Mandu


Madhya Pradesh Pilgrimage Religious Packages

  • Ujjain - Indore Maheshwar - Omkareshwar
  • Jabalpur - Amarkantak - Bilaspur
  • Gwalior - Khajuraho - Maihar - Chitrakoot
  • Bhopal - Sanchi - Vidisha - Udayagiri


Gwalior Holiday Tour Holiday Packages

  • Gwalior - Datia - Chanderi - Shivpuri - Gwalior
  • Gwalior - Datia - Jhansi - Orchcha - Khajuraho - Panna - Maihar - Jabalpur
  • Gwalior - Datia - Jhansi - Orchcha - Khajuraho - Bhopal
  • Gwalior - Datia - Orchha - Khajuraho - Panna - Chitrakoot - Allahabad

Jabalpur Holiday Tour Holiday Packages

  • Jabalpur - Bhedaghat - Bargi - Fossil Park - Bandhavgarh - 
  • Jabalpur - Bhedaghat - Amarkantak - Bilaspur - Raipur
  • Jabalpur - Bhedaghat - Pachmarhi 
  • Jabalpur - Kanha - pachmarhi - Patalkot

Bhopal Holiday Tour Holiday Packages

  • Bhopal - Sanchi - Bhojpur - Bhimbetka - Tawa - Bhopal
  • Bhopal - Ujjain - Indore - Bhopal
  • Bhopal - Pachmarchi - Kanha - Jabalpur
  • Bhopal - Khajuraho - Orchcha -Jhansi - Datia  - Gwalior
  • Bhopal - Jabalpur - Bandhavgarh - Jabalpur
  • Bhopal - Indore - Maheshwar-Omkareshwar - Mandu - Jhabua
  • Bhopal - Maihar - Panna - Khajuraho - Bhopal

Indore Holiday Tour Holiday Packages


  • Indore - Maheshwar - Mandu - Jhabua - Omkareshwar
  • Indore - Ujjain - Bhopal - Ujjain
  • Indore - Betul - Multai - Pench - Kanha


Madhya Pradesh Climate

Except during the summer months, the maximum temperature does not range beyond 30 to 35 degree Celsius, while the minimum remains within the comfortable limits of 10 to 25 degrees. The rainfall in the different regions of the state varies from 76 to 150 cms. Most of the rainfall is received during the months of July to September.

Madhya Pradesh India - Top 4 Holiday Tour Packages

a. Gwalior – Shivpuri - Orchha - Khajuraho
b. Indore - Ujjain – Maheshwar – Omkareshware - Mandu
c. Jabalpur – Bhedaghat – Mandla – Kanha - Bandhavgarh
d. Sanchi - Bhopal – Bhojpur – Bhimbetka - Panchmarhi


a) Gwalior-Shivpuri-Orchha-Khajuraho Holiday Tour Packages

This Packages has a mix of heritage and wildlife. The take-off point for this Packages is Gwalior, which is connected by air and has very convenient rail and road connections. The Holiday Tour train Taj Express and the Shatabdi Express are popular with the Holiday Tours coming from Delhi and Agra.

Gwalior- Gwalior is a historic town having one of the impregnable forts of India. It was also called "the pearl in the necklace of castles of Hind" by the Mughal chroniclers. It is also associated with the romantic episode of Raja Mansingh and Gujari, a village belle. The fort precincts have Manmandir Palace, Gujari Mahal, SasBahu temple, Teli temple and the colossal statues of Jain Trithankaras. The other attractions are the royal heritage of Jaivilas Palace, a Durbar hall having two of the biggest chandeliers, dinning hall with crystal mini train for service and the Palace museum. 

Shivpuri- Shivpuri was the summer capital and shikar preserve of Scindias, the rulers of Gwalior. Madhav National Park has a variety of wildlife and avifauna. It is surrounded on one side by Sakhya Sagar lake with a stately sailing club. The cenotaphs of Scindia rulers in marble with inlay work, on the pattern of Taj Mahal,are the other attractions. Some of the excursions near about Shivpuri are Narwar Fort,Kuno Lion Safari park and the ruins of ancient temples of Surwaya. Shivpuri is well located on national Highway No. 3.

Orchha-Located100kms from Shivpuri, it is a medieval laid back town on the banks of river Betwa. It was the seat of warrior Bundela king Bir Singdeo. It is probably the only place, which represents the best of Bundela architecture and paintings. Jehangir Mahal, Laxmi Mandir, Rai Praveen Mahal, Chaturbhuj temple, Ram Raja Mandir and Chhatris (Cenatophs) of Bundela kings on the banks of the river are a few of the monuments. 

The star attraction of Orchha is Ram Raja Mandir where the idol of Rama was brought from Ayodhya for installation by one of the queens. This palace is located 20 kms away from Jhansi, which is an important railway station and also the alighting point for Khajuraho. By road Orcha is connected to Gwalior and Khajuraho.

Khajuraho- Khajuraho is a famous medieval temple town of Central India. It has 22 temples divided in western, eastern, and southern groups built by the kings of Chandela Dynasty.

The western group has the largest number of temples, which include the towering Kandaria Mahadev temple, Laxman temple and Devi Jagadamba temple. The plastic art and finesse of the medieval temple architecture are at their pinnacle in these temples.

The eastern group has the Jain temples, named because of the Thirthankara statues installed in the sanctum sanctorum.

The southern group, which is at a little distance, has two temples, Dulahdeo and Chaturbhuj. Though both eastern and southern groups of temples are later constructions, yet the architectural lines are superb. 

The ancillary attractions around Khajuraho are Panna Tiger Reserve, the sanctuary for tiger and crocodiles and the Gharial (of alligator family) sanctuary at Raneh falls. Khajuraho is connected by air from Delhi, Agra and Varanasi and by road from Jhansi. 

Indore-Ujjain-Maheswar-Omkareswar-Mandu Holiday Tour Packages

Indore- Indore is the take-off point for this travel Packages. It is a bustling commercial town, which was the seat of Holkar rulers. It is well connected by air, rail and road from Delhi and Mumbai. It has a few interesting features, the Rajwada, Palace and the cenotaphs of Holkar rulers. It is called the " Mini Mumbai" because of its importance of commercial activities.

Ujjain- Ujjain is said to be the second holiest town after Varanasi. A Sinhasta mela is also organized every 12 years on the lines of Kumbha mela. The town has a number of temples and ashrams, the most famous being the Mahakal temple having one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. The other temples are Chintamani Ganesh, Gopal Mandir, Kal bhairav and Mangalnath. It is said that Sudama, the childhood friend of lord Krishna, stayed in Sandipani Ashram. Ujjain is 54 kms from Indore and is well connected by rail.

Maheswar- Located on the bank of river Narmada, it was the seat of the Holkar dynesty, prior to Indore. It has temples and ghats which have stone carvings. The prime deity worshiped by the Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, the religious and the serving utensils made of pure gold are displayed in the temple. Boating on river Narmada is a pleasant experience. It is located 85 kms from Indore on the National Highway No3.

Mandu-A small town bordering the plains of Nimar has the massive Afgan monuments of various shapes and sizes, e.g. the Jahaz Mahal (the Ship Palace). The romantic tales of Bazbahadur, the last Afgan king, and Roopmati, a Rajput princess,are still sung by balladeers of Mandu. The Mughal monarch Jaghangir was fascinated by this place and named it the " City of Joy". It is 100 kms from Indore by road.

                 Central India Holiday Wild life honeymoon Tour packages Madhya Pradesh Chhatisgarh


Jabalpur-Bhedaghat-Kanha-Bandhavgarh Holiday Tour Packages

Jabalpur- Situated on the Howrah-Mumbai line (via Allahabad) of Central Railways,it is the take-off point for this travel Packages. Jabalpur has the palace of Gond kings,the Madan Mahal and a museum of archeological finds in the vicinity.

Bhedaghat- Here the river Narmada passes through a gorge of towering marble rocks on both sides. The rocks are of different shades and hues, which are reflected on the water. Boating on the river during moonlit nights is an unfogettable experience. A little distance away Narmada falls in the gorge, with foaming waters creating a mist.

Hence, the falls are known as Dhuandhar. The other attraction is Chausathyogini temple, housing 64 idols of the goddesses.

Kanha National Park- In the heart of 'kipling country', it is one of the first National Parks selected for Project Tiger for conservation and intensive breeding of Tigers. It is also known for the Central Indian Swamp Deer, the Barasingha. The other species are a variety of hebivors and avifauna. It is 185 kms from Jabalpur via Narmada.

Bandhavgarh- The forest preserve of the former rulers of Rewa where the first white tiger was found. It is now a Project Tiger are and is the ideal place for viewing tigers in their natural habitat. The park area has a backdrop of the fort of Bandhavesh,which has a few archeological remains. Along with the tiger it abounds in herbivore species and bird life.

Bhopal-Sanchi-Bhojpur-Bhimbaithka Holiday Tour Packages

Bhopal- The capital of Madhya Pradesh, is well connected by air, rail and road. It has tremendous scenic wealth with lakes and hillocks. It has one of the biggest mosques in Asia, the Tajul Masajid, Van Vihar National Park,the museum of Man, multiart center of Bharat Bhawan and archaeological museums. Boating and water sports in the Upper Lake are a pleasant evening activities. 

Sanchi- The Buddhist Stupas at Sanchi, date back to 3rd centuary B.C. The gateways around the stupas have stone carvings of Jataka Kathas. The relics of two of the disciples of Buddha were found in one of the stupas. From here Emperor Ashoka deputed his son to Srilanka to propogate Buddhism. The archeological museum houses the finds collected from the area around. The ancient town of Vidisha is only 10 kms where the 5th Century caves with rock cut sculptures can be seen in Udaigiri caves.

Bhojpur- Raja Bhoja, the king and architect, built a colossal temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Due to onslaughts in other parts of his kingdom, the temple was left half built but the design, drawings and stone sections are still visible around the temple. It has a massive shiva linga at the center. It is 17 kms from Bhopal by road in way to Hoshangabad.

Bhimbetka- The rock shelters of Bhimbetka have prehistoric paintings on the walls, which date back to 10,000 years. The conglomerate has 640 shelters where the paintings of different ages of prehistoric man can be seen. It is 50 kms by road from Bhopal.

Eco & Adventure Tourism Packages in Madhya Pradesh

A Camping & trekking and Elephant Safari

Areas adjacent to
1. Satupura National Park - Pachmarhi
2. Panna National Park – Panna.
3. Pench National Park - Seoni

B Water Sports:- Sailing, Kayaking, Water skiing, regatta
1 Tawa Project, District Hoshangabad
2 Kaliasot Project, District Bhopal
3 Halali Project, District Raisen
4 Barna Project, District Raisen
5 Gandhi Sagar Project, District Mandour
6 Tigra Project, District Gwalior.
7 Harsi Project, District Gwalior.
8 Mohini Sagar Project, District Shivpuri
9 Kolar Project, District Sehore.
10 Avanti Bai Project, Distt Jabalpur.

C Canoeing Safari / White Water Rafting
 1. River Narmada
 2 River Chambal
 3 River Ken
4 River Son

D Rock Climbing & Mountaineering
1 Pachmarhi Escarpment, District Hoshangabad.
2 Raisen Fort
3 Gwalior Fort
4 Narwar Fort
5 Asirgarh Fort

E Para Sailing / Para Gliding / Hot Air Balloning.
1. Pachmarhi Escarpment, District Hoshangabad.
2 Tamia to Patalkot, District Chhindwara.
3 Mandu, District Dhar
4 Wanchu Point, District Indore
5 Raisen Fort, District Raisen

Holiday Tour Festivals in Madhya Pradesh

The rich cultural heritage and the variety of folk and performing arts are displayed in a series of Holiday Tour Festivals organized annually at Khajuraho, Orchha, Pachmarhi, Indore Ujjain
(Malwa) and Bhopal. 

Among these Khajuraho and Bhopal have made a mark in the Holiday Tour markets and have become important supplements to the Holiday Tours resource.

In short Madhya Pradesh has all the resources, except snow and surf, to ensure its place as a major Holiday Tour region in the country.


Tribals of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has a good population of tribals, the latter are of two main strains, the Gonds and the Bhils. These have different beliefs and customs,which have enlivened the region with rich fabric of folk arts and crafts and the folklores.A few regional and local festivals, celebrated with gaiety and ardour, present a colorful panorama of the life style of the people. At the same time the traditional performing arts,specially the classical music, have not lagged behind in attaining its own heights.Gwalior, Indore and Maihar have their own distinctive Gharanas and styles. 

Bhopal Madhya Pradesh has a national level multi-arts complex, Bharat Bhavan, which has folk and traditional performing arts under one roof.


Madhya Pradesh Holiday Tour Packages Connectivity

The rapid expansion of railway has connected the state with, more or less, every corner by faster trains. 

The air services, though limited to five places, have also helped in facilitating travel. 

Major number of roads entering the state boundary from different directions are either national highways or well-maintained state highways. 


HERITAGE Holiday Tour Points and Attractions of Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho Temples of mediaeval period built by Chandela dynasty. It is said to be the hallmark of Indian temple architecture and sculpture. 22 temples are divided into Western, Eastern, Southern groups respectively.

Sanchi-Bhopal One of the most well preserved Buddhist monuments of 3rd century BC. It has stupas and gateways with stone carvings of Jataka Kathas. The place is associated with two of the five disciples of Buddha.

Bhopal is the capital of the state and a place of scenic beauty with hills and lakes. It has one of the biggest mosques of Asia and also has the multi-arts center of Bharat Bhavan, Museum of man and other museums.

Mandu Known as the "City of Joy", it has massive Afghan Monuments of medieval period.The plateau is studded with monuments of different shapes and sizes.

Gwalior It has a towering citadel with mediaeval Rajput monuments and palaces of 14th century AD. It also has two of the World's biggest Chandeliers in the Darbar Hall of Jaivilas palace, crystal mini train in the dining hall and a palace museum.

Orchha The seat of Bundela Rajput kings of Mughal period. Located in the banks of river Betwa, it has the best specimen of Bundelkhand architecture and painting of later medieval period.

WILDLIFE Holiday Tour Attractions of Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park Located in the Kipling country, it was one of the 9 parks initially selected for Project Tiger Scheme. This park is known for Central Indian Swamp Deer, the Barasingha, a rare species. Tiger Safari is a high point of the visit to this park.

Bandhavgarh An old forest preserve of Rewa rulers, it is a veritable tiger land. The other wild-life species to be found are bison, sambhar, barking deer, nilgai and a large variety of

Shivpuri This place was the summer capital and tiger hunting area of rulers of Gwalior.The national park is surrounded on one side with a huge lake with a sailing club.The cenotaphs of the former ruler in marble with inlay work, similar to Taj Mahal, is very attractive.

SCENIC BEAUTY Holiday Tour Attractions of Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi A hill-girdled plateau located on the Satpura Hills, it is 1067 meters high. It has a bracing climate all the year round and has 45 attractive points for nature based Holiday Tour activities.

Marbel Rocks (Bhedaghat) in Jabalpur A place of extraordinary beauty. It has the river Narmada passing through a gorge with towering rocks of marble on either side. These rocks are of various colors and hues, which reflect on the water. Boating in the moonlit nights is a pleasant experience.

PILGRIM CENTERS in Madhya Pradesh

Ujjain The city of Mahakal Temple with one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva. It is a temple town on the banks of river Kshipra.It is also the land of poet laureate Kalidasa who wrote the immortal Meghdootam.

Omkareshwar Another religious town having Jyotiralinga, it is located in the confluence of Narmada and Kaveri. It is an Om shaped island having the famous temple of Omkar Mandhata.

Maheshwar A town located on the bank of river Narmada, it was the seat of Devi Ahilyabai of Holkar Dynasty. It has a number of temples and sprawling ghats and is also known for the handloom sarees.

Amarkantak It is the place of origin of Narmada and Son rivers, it is a holy city and a hill retreat. It has more than dozen beautiful falls and viewpoints.

Chitrakoot The land hallowed by the name of Lord Rama, who spent a part of his 14 years exile at Chitrakoot. All the scenic places are associated with Rama, Sita and Laxmana. Saint Tulsidas is supposed to have written a major part of Ramayana here.


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Central India Tourism Guide

Madhya Pradesh is India’s largest state. It spreads right across the heart of the sub-continent, covering an area much larger than Germany or Italy (443,446 sq. km). Almost a third of the state is under forest cover and it boasts some of the finest wildlife reserves in the country. The denizens of the deep woodlands and forests of Madhya Pradesh are the stately ‘gaur’ (Indian bison), wild dogs (‘dhole’), deer and antelopes like the sambar, chinkara, cheetal (spotted deer), chousingha (four horned antelope) and the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger.

These forests are home to over 900 Royal Bengal tigers, a sixth of the world’s population of this endangered animal. No wonder Madhya Pradesh proudly sports the appellation, "Tiger State"! Spectacular low mountain ranges and ravines, meandering rivers and waterfalls, forts and fortresses, palaces and hunting lodges, ruined cities and temple towns and miles and miles of dense forests


Reaching Madhya Pradesh

By Air :  Bhopal, Gwalior, Khajuraho and Indore are connected by air to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta. A number of private airlines have commercial services to the state, as does the national domestic carrier. Auto rickshaws, taxis and airport-city buses are available outside the terminus for the ride to the city centre, or you could have a rented car meet you on arrival.


By Rail:  Madhya Pradesh lies on the main rail routes between Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai. Superfast and express trains link the major cities in the state to other important destinations in the country. The Taj Express and the Shatabdi Express are two superfast trains from Delhi to Gwalior (4hrs) and Bhopal (7hrs).


By Road : Towns and cities in Madhya Pradesh are well connected by inter state buses that ply to Madhya Pradesh from the neighbouring states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra. The major highways are well maintained, making for pleasant driving conditions. The distances between Bhopal (the capital of Madhya Pradesh) and Bombay is 789 km, Aurangabad-588 km, Ahmedabad-571 km, Agra-523 km, Delhi-728 km.




Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Madhya Pradesh is in the winter months, anytime from October to March. Bhopal has an extremely pleasant climate, so all times of the year are good to travel. Gwalior, Mandu, Indore and Jabalpur can be very hot in summer months with the mercury climbing as high as 40°- 42° Celsius. 

The best time to visit the National Parks in Madhya Pradesh differ slightly depending on which one you wish to visit: Bandhavgarh is good between November and June; for Kanha, the best time is February to June, though travellers would find the weather more comfortable during the cooler winter months of November to January. The parks are closed during the monsoon season from 1 July to 31 October.



What to See in Central India

Bhopal was founded in the 11th century and was the capital of the Parmar. But what you get to see in Bhopal today for the most part dates back only to the 18th century. As far as sightseeing goes, it is an interesting city, a mixture of the traditional and contemporary that sprawls across hills and lakes. The old city, with its crowded markets, narrow alleys, beautiful palaces, old havelis (manors) and fine mosques, lies juxtaposed with the well-planned new city of broad avenues, modern buildings and well planned residential colonies. 


On a hill, a few miles from Bhopal stands the prettiest and the oldest stupa in the world, the famous Sanchi stupa, ringed by a stone fence with exquisite toranas at its four gates. The stupas and ruins at Sanchi are places to visit as they tell the tale of the spread of Buddhism across the plains of Central India.


Gwalior was for long the seat of the powerful Maratha kings, the Scindias. The Scindia family is still very much in the thick of political things, having the made the transition from rulers of the kingdom to contestants and winners of general elections. Their influence over the city continues to be strong. Take a sightseeing tour to this city with a strong cultural heritage and some of the finest exponents of Indian classical music claiming it as home. The Gwalior Fort is the city's chief attraction.


Travellers come from far and wide to see the world famous temples of Khajuraho. The temples are unique in architecture and stunning in their ornamentation, making Khajuraho a great place to see. The temples are all there is to see, but you don’t need much more than these magnificent monuments to the gods, as you try and absorb the breadth of man’s artistic ability and aesthetic vision that breathe life into mere slabs of stone.


Most people visiting the state head for Khajuraho to explore the thousand-year old temples whose outstanding architecture and ornamentation have made them a World Heritage Site. 


However, Madhya Pradesh has a lot more to offer. It has the world’s largest cluster of stone-age rock shelters and cave paintings at Bhimbetka; the imposing forts of Gwalior and Indore, replete with romantic tales of valour and chivalry; the 16th and 17th century Bundela palaces and temples at Orchcha and ethereal Mandu, the historic capital of the Malwa Sultans, now all but a ghost town.


Hindu pilgrims travel from far and wide to pay obeisance at Ujjain. The holy city takes on a colorful festive ambience when thousands of devout Hindus arrive for a ritual dip in the river on the occasion of Simhastha (full moon to full moon of the Indian lunar months of Chaitra and Vaisakha, around April/May). Other places to visit in Madhya Pradesh are Maheshwar, Indore, Orchcha and Omkareshwar, which abound in temples and bathing ghats. 


If you are looking for rest and relaxation you could head south to the cool and tranquil environs of Pachmarhi, the highest hill station in the state (alt. 1067m). Bhedaghat is a spectacular waterfall near Jabalpur, where the water cascades over cliffs of white marble. Marble Rocks, as it is commonly called, is an interesting stopover enroute to the nearby wildlife parks at Kanha or Bandhavgarh.


Holy Places in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the central state of the Union of India and is also a major stopover in the tour chart of the globe trotters. Madhya Pradesh remained the favorite seat of the Guptas from 300-400 A.D and thus subsequently went under the control of the Mughals. The various cities dotted all over the state are the treasure trove of a lot