Pachmarhi Site seeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari

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Pachmarhi Site seeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari - Package Overview

Pachmarhi Siteseeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari 

Pachmarhi Sightseeing Packages - 3 Nights, 6 Nights, 9 Nights - Options on Request

Pachmarhi Sightseeing Package Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari: Overview

Pachmarhi is the famous forested hill station in Madhya Pradesh in Satpura ranges located at an elevation of 1,067 feet. Pachmarhi is the most famous hill station in Central India and was discovered and transformed by British Captain Forsyth. Pachmarhi is famous for its greenery and peace. It is thus, the perfect place when you wish to spend some lovely time with your family, kids and partner. Sightseeing at Pachmarhi includes incredible places like Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Dhoop Garh, Mahadev caves, Bee Fall, Handi Khoh, Fairy pools etc.

Pachmarhi Sightseeing Package Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari: Highlights

  • Attraction towards Forested Hill station

  • Waterfalls of Pachmarhi : Bee Fall & Apsara Vihar Fall

  • Pachmarhi beautifull Lake with water sports

  • 2 Days Trekking Tours to Chauragarh or Jungle Safari

  • Dedicated Hindu Temple: Chauragarh 

  • Tourist attraction towards trekking in Pachmarhi

Why You Must Visit Pachmarhi

Natural Beauty, Ravines and Deep Dense Forests

Pachmarchi is a quaint little country side, world famous for its dense forest, spawling meadows, hills, waterfalls and most importantly Satpura National Park. It has also  Air force, Army Education Corps as well as police training headqaurters, These organizations are deeply linked with survival of Pachmarhi and maintaining the virginity of Pachmarhi ( As no civilian housings, hotels allowed with in the core parchmarhi Area). In Pachmarhi Green Shades embrace the mountains, forest include herbal as well as exotic medicinal value trees in addition to wild groves of Bamboo, Jamun, Sal Forests.

Pachmarhi Site seeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari - Package Rates & Dates
Title Standard Prsice High Season
Oct-01 To Mar-31
Low Season
Apr-01 To Sep-30
NewYear/Festival Time
Dec-20 To Jan-05
3 N/ 4D Standard Package cost
Extra Adult 1500/-
Rs 7999 Rs 10999 Rs 5999 Rs 0
3 N/ 4D Deluxe Package cost
Extra Adult 2500/-
Rs 11000 Rs 15000 Rs 8000 Rs 0
3 N/ 4D Luxury Package cost
Extra Adult 5000/-
Rs 20000 Rs 25000 Rs 17000 Rs 0
Pachmarhi Site seeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari - Package Inclusion

Pachmarhi Sightseeing Package Tour - 5 Nights - Only Pachmarhi

Package Inclusion:-

  • Bhopal Site Seeing ( Bhimbetka UNESCO Rock shelters, Sanchi Stupas, Bhojpur Temple)

  • 5 nights Pachmarhi accomodation on all meals basis

  • 2 Day Local Sightseeing by Gypsy.

  • 2 Days Trekking Tours to Chauragarh or Jungle Safari

  • All transfers as per the itinerary by Indigo A.C.

  • Pick drop from Bhopal/Jabalpur

Pachmarhi Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Parks - 6 Nights - 7 Days 

  Accommodation Details:

  • Bhopal Site Seeing ( Bhimbetka UNESCO Rock shelters, Sanchi Stupas, Bhojpur Temple)

  • 1 night Bhopal night Stay with Lunch & Dinner + Breakfast

  • 2 Nights Pachmarhi accomodation on all meals basis.

  • 2 Nights  Bandhavgarh accomodation with all meals + 2 Tiger Safari

  • 2 Nights  Kanha Mukki gate accomodation + 2 Tiger Safari

  • 2 Day Pachmarhi Local Sightseeing by Gypsy.

  • 2 Day Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh National park

  • 2 day tiger safari in Kanha National Park

  • All transfers as per the itinerary by Indigo A.C.

  • Pick drop from Bhopal/Jabalpur

Pachmarhi Jabalpur Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Parks - 9 Nights 

  Accommodation Details:

  • Bhopal Site Seeing ( Bhimbetka UNESCO Rock shelters, Sanchi Stupas, Bhojpur Temple)

  • 2 night Bhopal night Stay with Lunch & Dinner + Breakfast

  • 2 night Pachmarhi accomodation on all meals basis.

  • 2 night Bandhavgarh accomodation with all meals + 2 Tiger Safari

  • 3 night Kanha Mukki gate accomodation + 2 Tiger Safari

  • 2 Day Pachmarhi Local Sightseeing by Gypsy.

  • 2 Day Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh National park

  • 2 day tiger safari in Kanha National Park

  • All transfers as per the itinerary by Indigo A.C.

  • Pick drop from Bhopal/Jabalpur

Pachmarhi Site seeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari - Package Itinerary

After breakfast you will start your day at 9:30 AM and visit various famous places of Pachmarhi which includes Pachmarhi Catholic Church, after that you will visit  Pandav Caves  by foot which is 1 - 2 kms far and it takes 30 min to reach, after that you will visit Apsara Vihar Failry pool + Rajat Prapap later you will drop to hotel for lunch, after lunch you will visit Bee Falls , Reechgarh and Dhoopgarh Site Seeing Tour

After breakfast you will visit some famous attraction of Pachmarhi which includes Handi Khoh Tour, Pryadarshini Point, Gupt Mahadev, Bada Mahadev and Green Valley, after that you will come baqck to hotel for lunch later you will visit towards some more attraction which are Jata Shankar Cave temple tour, Amba Ji Devi temple, Begum Palace, after that you will come back to hotel. Overnight stay with dinner at Pachmarhi Hotel

After breakfast you will start your day by visiting most awaityed places which are  Duchess fall/ Chauragarh tour, You can choose either Duchess falls tour or Chauragarh tour, as both will take a full day.

Chauragarh Peak Site Seeing Tour ( 6 Hours)

  • 2-3 kms Trekking Involved

  • 1300 m Stairs

  • Some part in the beginning covered by Gypsy Tour

  • Chauragarh is accessible via a 3 km trek involving about 1300 steps. Duration involved is approx 5 hours. The top offers view of the surrounding hills, valleys and reserve forests.

  • Chauragarh  is a very high temple which has hundreds of thousands of tridents offered by Shiv Bhakts to Lord Shiva, who have had their wishes fulfilled as an auspicious token of thanksgiving. It takes approx 4-6 hours for return trip to Chauragarh  but there are incredible views and many lemonade stalls in between to keep you active



Dutchess Falls ( 3 Hours)

  • One km Trekking Involved

  • Steep Trek

  • Gypsy drops at main road

  • Morning trek to Dutchess Falls (1 km steep trek down and up). Guests not up for trekking may visit the lake and do a bit of boating. 



After breakfast you will drop to Bhopal/ Jabalpur airport or railway station for onwards journey. tour end with lots of memory

Pachmarhi Siteseeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari - Itinerary

From Delhi/Mumbai to Bhopal -Pachmarhi:

On arrival at Bhopal you will be picked up and transferred to Pachmarhi by Air Conditioned Private car. On arrival at Pachmarhi check in the hotel. Evening at leisure.  

Move out for full day guided sight seeing tour to the natural wonders of Pachmarhi, which includes Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Bee Fall, Handi Khoh and Fairy pool. Explore the beautiful market of Pachmarhi in the evening.

Night Stay in Pachmarhi Hotel

Today we will visit Satpura National Park by Gypsy, 90 kms inside the forest. After lunch continue trekking and hiking to reach the forest camp where we will set up tent, enjoy cooking and stay over night in tents.

Morning at leisure in the nature’s lap of this green destination. First half of the day is reserved for Handi Khoh, Chauragarh, See hundreds of thousands of Tridents here which are placed by shiva bhakts for fullfillment of desires. Famous Hindi Movie Dacait was shot here.

In the later half of the day move out proceed for highest point of Madhya Pradesh - Dhoopgarh, Reach Dhoopgarh by 3 PM and get your camera's ready for the spectacular Sunset.

The sight seeing Today includes Chhota Mahadeo, Chauragarh, Dhoopgarh. 

You will be biking in Pachmarhi today and visiting Duchess Fall. Duchess Fall is the most adventurous and exciting among all waterfalls in Pachmarhi. Its base is 3500 ft deep and not easily accessible. 

Morning at leisure, you will be transferred to the bhopal railway station to board the train for your onward journey. The tour ends.

Pachmarhi Site seeing Tour with Tiger & Jungle Safari - Package Other Details

Top 5 Shiva Cave Temples of Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is land of Shiva, every once of Pachmarhi is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are natural cave temples of Lord Shiva where natural Shivlinga and sheshnag pindis are available from ages. On Maha shivratri, milllions ( 8-9 lacs) of shiv bhakhtas arrive in Pachmarhi to visit these natural stunning cave tenples.You must dedicate 3-4 days for complete Pachmarhi site seeing to cover all points and attractions.

1. Gupt Mahadev

Located about 2 kms from Handi khoh, is the Gupt Mahadev ( Secret Lord Shiva), It is a 40 feet deep cave where only one person at a time can creep to reach the sanctum sanctorum where Shivalinga, Ganesha are available in natural form. At the door , the statue of veer hanuman is available guarding the cave. At a time a group of 4 people enter in a single file to jhave darshans of lord shiva. From the Gupt Mahadev, you can see trail to the Chauragarjh.

2. Mahadev or Bara Mahadev

Regarded as holiest of holiest site for Shiva bhaktas, every year millions visit here on Shivratri mela, This is located approx 1 kms from Gupt Mahadev, Now a days there is a huge temple here. Bare Mahadev drives its name from huge natural cave which has shivlinga present in natural form, tiny droplets of water seep through the cave openeings and form a pure water stream which falls naturally over the shivlinga. It is such a huge cave that at any time, there can be 50-100 pilgrims accomodated in this cave. Opposite to the Bare Mahadev Cave is Parvati Cave which can be reached after climbing few steps, It is said that all wishes come true on visiting Parvati cave.

In the natureal water pond, between Mahadev and parvati Cave, there is a pure water pool fed by water from Bare Mahadev, Here pilgrims do the ritual of beating the water surface 3 or 5 times with stick. Visit to Bare Mahadev Cave removes all evils and recommended to cure kal sarp Yoga and Pitri doshas.

3. Chauragarh

Finally, The grandure of Chauragarh temple is visible from gupt Mahadev as well as Bare Mahadev, perched on 2nd highest hill in pachmarhi, the Chauragah temple is visible from miles, also from Dhoopgarh. Pilgrims visit all three temples ( Gup Mahadev, Bare Mahadev and finally Chauragarh) during their pilgrimage journey. The Chauragarh temple can be reached by more than 1300 stairs and demands almost full day, there are numerous monkeys enroute. You must climb slowly. Once on the top, you are blessed with panormic view of the Satpura Ranges and thousands of Tridents, which are offfered by locals on fullfillment of their wishes. Some of the Tridents are as heavy as one ton, which are carried on the top by pilgrims on their shoulders.There is a huge statue of Lord Shiva on the top.

4. Jata Shankar

Jatashankar is located within the Pachmarhi Town and can be reached on foot. What sets Jata shankar apart from others is it is deep within rocks, at least 200 feet below surface, it can be reached by steep stairs decending down to the Natural cave which looks like a hood of Sheshnag, Inside natural stalagmites of a Crocodile, numerous shivlingas are avaiilable, also this cave is the origin of Jambusweep stream. There is a cave full of water, which locals say is of 13kms length and has the other source at Gupt Mahadev. Enroute to Jatashankar, you pass by numerous stalls selling Shilajit, Herbal Honey, Herbs for curing Baldness, Shugar diabetese, Blood pressure, Cholestrol etc, these herbs are sold at cheaper rates than market. Also enroute you see many natural shapes of Lord Hanuman, Lion, Ganesha on the mountains.

At the very entry of Jata shankar, there is a small Ram temple which displays floating stone ( which is actually a Pumise) and a small cave which they say is a debtfree cave, if you pass through the same, all debts in the life are taken care of. Mahant at this temple ask for donations for the cows welfare, in addition a continious Ramyana path is ongoing at this temple since 2013.

Top 10 Water Falls of Pachmarhi

There is something special to mention about waterfalls of Pachmarhi,

1. Waterfalls of Pachmarhi are not rainfed or monsoon dependent, these waterfalls originiate from deep aquafiers of rocks and are in full bloom for 12 months.

2. Bee Falls - Jamuna Prapat - Most majestic & populat water fall is Bee Falls, which is most suitable for bathing due to its purity and vertical drop shower of 100 feet.

3. Tridhara Fall - Also known as Piccadely Circus, here two streams meet in junction.

4. Apsara Vihar - Fairy Pool - Fairy pool is a popular picnic spot near to Pandav Caves, and can be reached after 2 km trek. The water is clear and trek is worth rewarding. It is known as Apsara or Fairies as this pool was very frequently used by the british ladies pre-independence, hence name fairy pool was coined by locals.

5. Rajat Prapat - Big Fall - Also Silver Fall - This big Fall can be seen enroute to the Apsara Vihar Pool & is among the 30 highest waterfalls in India. The water falls from 107 meters high and in the morning when sunlight falls over it, it looks like a silver streak. It is not allowed to go to the bottom of this pool as the same is restricted core area, special permission is required to trek to the pool formed by Rajap Prapat. Holiddaytravel can help in getting permission to trek to the base of Rajap Prapat.

6. Duchess Fall - Jalawataran - This fall is located at 4 Kms very steep trek but the views are worth rewardings.

7. Irene Falls & Pools - Names after Irene Bose, wife of Justice Vivian Bose. The route upstream leads to a cave, through which water goes underground and then falls in the form of series of waterfalls.

8. Saunder's Pool - Crossing the stream below Duchess Falls and following a trek of approx 2.5 kms, you reach a huge rock pool in the Jambu Dweep Stream, An excellent place for Swimming.

9. Denwa River Fall - Visible from the Dhoopgarh Sunrise point, Denwa river origin is worth a trek. This area lies under restricted zone and special permissions needed to be taken from authorities. HolidayTravel Team can help you getting the needed permission.

Top 10 Destination and Treks of Pachmarhi

Sightseeing at Pachmarhi includes world famous places Dhoopgarh ( Highest Point in Central India - Incredible Sunrise & sunset points), Rajendra Giri, Jata Shankar, Chauragarh, Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Bee Falls, Handi Khoh and Fairy pool.

  • Pachmarhi Attractions Distances from Pachmarhi City centre

  • Pachmarhi - Pandav Caves (1.00 kms)

  • Pachmarhi Catholic Church (1.00 kms)

  • Jata Shankar (2.00 kms)

  • Apsara Vihar (3.00 kms)

  • Reechgarh (3.00 kms)

  • Handi Khoh (4.00 kms)

  • Bee Falls (5.00 kms)

  • Dutchess Falls (5.00 kms)

  • Gupt Mahadeo (10.00 kms)

  • Bada Mahadeo (11.00 kms)

  • Dhoopgarh ( 11.00 kms)

  • Chauragarh Peak (13.00 kms)

Top 10 Reasons to visit Pachmarhi

  • Pachmarhi is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, set on a Plateau at about 2500 ft above sea level.

  • Pachmarhi is full of charming colonial era architecture buildings and retains an old world charm. Pachmarhi enjoys a pleasant weather almost all through the year (Gets only very cold in Dec and Jan months).

  • Pachmarhi comes alive in Monsoon when waterfalls abound the area.

  • Pachmarhi is good for walks, trekking and for the touristy there are a number of temples to visit as well.

  • As construction in Pachmarhi has been stopped since 1990s, most hotels here are restored colonial buildings.

  • MP Tourism has a set of such hotels with heritage feel having 5 to 15 rooms.

  • Pachmarhi is a destination for those who just want a peaceful stay and for those who want to indulge in sightseeing.

Best Summer Vacation Destination - Pachmarhi

As a result, Pachmarhi is the best option for a family to enjoy the virgin beauty of central indin high lands. Even in Summers, max tamperature hardly shoots more than 35 degrees and there is no heat waves ever faced in Pachmarhi even in the hottest months.

Archeological Treasure Trove - Pachmarhi

In addition PACHMARHI is archeological treasure trove, with cave paintings and rock shelters ranging from 10,000 years old. these cave shelters and paintings are found around Mahadev Hills and at many locations in Pachmarhi..

Best Hospitality and Food in Pachmarhi

There are many Heritage hotels in Pachmarhi to offer you the best hospitality, food and comforts.

Most of the hotels belong to MP Tourism, which we strongly suggest to go for to have best hospitality. Most the trip advisor rankings for these hotels are not correct, but these are one of the finest hotels and resorts to stay, as these offer ultimate luxury as well as well manicured gardens and breathing spaces coupled with British colonial architecture villas with fireplaces inside the rooms - A true romantic getaway to stay in these hotels, some of the best properties on luxury side are Glenview Resort, Champak banglow, on the budget side there are Nandan van, Satpura Resorts etc.

Food quality is best in MP Tourism hotels, MP Tourims heritage hotels offer AP ( All meals package) and every time the spread is lavish, if you like veg fod, then Nothing beats these hotels as they have large range of menu to offer including Indian, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, even for non-veg food lovers, The signature dishes like Mutton Curry, Chicken Curry are excellent in these hotels.

Drinks in Pachmarhi

Imagine, having few drinks in the open garden in the comfort of beautiful nature, excellent service by staff, complete isolation next to your villa, listening to the birds and enjoying the sun. To have few drinks in the open, these hotels offer best options. You will love it.

Pachmarhi - Best Preserved - Army Cantonment Preserved Area

It becomes totally romantic in Pachmarhi when you hear the beating drums in the dead of night, played by trainees of the Army Education Core.

While having morning walks, you can see lush green grounds on the sides of the roads.

Pachmarhi Hill Station Nearest Railway Station

Pachmarhi by railways. Pipariya is the adjacent railhead situated at a distance of 47 km away from Pachmarhi. This rail station is on the foremost line to Mumbai – Howrah and therefore most of the foremost trains halt at this station.

Places To See In Pachmarhi Hill Station

Bee Fall: Amongst the most popular waterfall in Pachmarhi, Bee Fall is a 35 m cascade that looks utterly pretty. The waterfall is also known as Jamuna Falls and is reckoned to be one of the best tourist attractions in Pachmarhi. Apart from offering picturesque view to the tourists and being amongst the popular nature sightseeing places, this waterfall is also the source of drinking water for the locals. For adventure seekers, a trek from Bee Fall to Prapaat Kund via Apsara Vihar is a must thing to do.

Pandav Caves: Pandav Caves are five rock-cut temples inside the town of Pachmarhi. The history of these caves dates back to 1st Century AD. and it is said the caves were inhabited by the Buddhist monks. However, the locals believe that the caves existed even when the exiled Pandavas took refuge in them. The legend has it that one of the Pandav brothers, Arjuna, taught music to Nagpati and married the daughter of Nagraj Vasu who lived in Nagdwari around 15 kms from Panchmarhi. The caves are simple but attractive and have uncomplicated carvings.

Bada Mahadev: Some 10 kms away from Pachmarhi, Bada Mahadev as the name suggests is the cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. In fact it is a 60 m long cave that is believed to be the place where Lord Vishnu took form of celestial nymph, Mohini to kill the demon, Bhasmasur. Bada Mahadev is also the oldest temple in Pachmarhi and is an important pilgrimage centre as well.

Dhupgarh: Probably the most important tourist attraction, Dhoopgarh is a mountain peak with a height of 1350 m. Dhoopgarh is not only the highest peak of Satpura Range but is the tallest in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh. The place is ideal to get a panoramic view of Pachmarhi and family picnics. It is a perfect place to view the sunset as well.

Apsara Falls (Fairy Pool): On the way to Rajat Prapat, Apsara is a small cascade whose water accumulates in a pond. This place is ideal to stop by for some quiet time before making to the most visited tourist place, Bee Fall in Pachmarhi.

Jatashankar: One of the major religious site in Pachmarhi is Jatashankar Temple. It is a cave that is blessed with around 108 stalagmite Shivalingas. One one unique linga here has on top of the figure which appears to be like the matted hair of Lord Shiva or the hood of Sheshnaag as well. On Mahashivratri, a large number of devotees throng the Jatashankar Cave Temple.

Christ Church: The influence of British architecture can be seen in Pachmarhi in the form of Christ Church. This red sandstone church was built between 1875 and 1923 in the Gothic architecture style that certainly adds to the charm of this lovely hill station. Adorned with stained glasses and pretty walls and altar, the church is said to have not even a single pillar constructed for its support. There is a cemetery in the church which has graves dating back to 1859.

Bison lodge Pachmarhi: Reckoned to be the oldest house in Pachmarhi, Bison Lodge is definitely amongst the best places to see in the hill station. One can find a small museum here that curates the belongings of the older times when the lodge was used by Forest Department and flora and fauna of Pachmarhi.

Wildlife Sanctuary In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the heritage heartland of India.  The Central province of India, Madhya Pradesh is blessed by nature, encountered by wild animals, stepped in history and alive by wildlife. For those who live it up to the edge and go beyond the ordinary to explore the best of the jungles, holidays in Madhya Pradesh is a treat for them. From deer to wild boar to tigers, Madhya Pradesh is a world of the wild animals. A trip to the wilderness of Madhya Pradesh is a life changing experience. Popular national parks in Madhya Pradesh have a facility of the wildlife safari that is possible through jeep, canter, and elephant.

  • Kanha National Park

  • Bandhavgarh National Park        

  • Panna National Park      

  • Satpura National Park   

  • Pench National Park      

Madhya Pradesh Important Places

  • Khajuraho Erotic Temples

  • Bandhavgarh Nationalpark

  • Kanha National Park

  • Ujjain

  • Mandu

  • Gwalior

  • Orchha

  • Bhopal

  • Sanchi

  • Satpura National Park

Places To Go In The Summer

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Pachmari in Madhya Pradesh offers respite from the sweltering summers. It is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh and is replete with colonial charm. At Pachmarhi, nature is the way of life! Trekking and leisure walks are activities that you can enjoy along with sightseeing. Reechgarh, Bada Mahadeo, Pandav Caves, Padmini Lake, Priyadarshini Point and Apsara Vihar places that one can visit with family. Boating in Padmini Lake is a major attraction in Pachmarhi.

Wildlife Safari Tours In India

Most of the Wildlife lovers travel to India to see Tigers in the wild, after all it is the most photographed mammal on our planet. The history, the mystery, the enigma attached to the Tiger is unparalleled. But to say that India has only the Tiger to offer will be incorrect. India is one of the richest bio-diverse regions of the world. Apart from Tigers, India is home to Asian Elephants, One Horned Rhinos, Asiatic Lions, Snow Leopards, Gharials, and more than 170 critically endangered species.

Tiger Safari India

India has got a great history when it comes to tigers and wildlife. It has been noticed as the number of tigers has dwindled in India, people have become more interested in watching these big wild cats in their natural habitat. Since India is the prime destination in the world where you will find major population of tigers, it has attracted wildlife enthusiasts from all across the globe. Best tiger safari’s in India today are mainly diversified and offer a great deal of audacious opportunities to make sure that every tourist enjoys the natural wildlife journey and make each and every encounter an unforgettable one.

Katni to Bandhavgarh Taxi Fare

Katni is a nearest city from Bandhavgarh National Park. Katni railway station is nearest from bandhavgarh which is well connected with Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc. Holiday Travel India provide pickup and drop facility to Bandhavagarh with ultimate packages. The one side Katni to Bandhavgarh Taxi Fare would be Rs.2500 only.

National Park Vacations

Central India is a best place for National Park Vacation. As there are 5 national parks in central India state which are Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Panna National Park, Satpura National Park and Pench National Park. If you are looking for best National Park vacation so contact us today.

Tigers In Kanha National Park

Kanha is considered by some as the India’s greatest park, an excellent habitat for many mammals and bird species. Kanha National Park was created in 1955. Today it stretches over an area of 940 km² in the two districts Mandla and Balaghat. Together with a surrounding buffer zone of 1009 km² and the neighboring 110 km² Phen Sanctuary it forms the Kanha Tiger Reserve.

There is a large tiger population in the park and one can also find leopards, the sloth bear and Indian wild dog. Very rarely seen are the Indian wolf which live in the far east of the park.

Family Safari Holidays

If you're the type of family who loves animals, to see them in a zoo or performing at an animal park then book your package with us and enjoy the best wildlife tour in Central India. Family safaris and wildlife holidays in destinations, like: Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat are simply as good as it gets and if you've got plans to let your little monkeys loose in the wild then this is how you sow the seeds of animal holidays to come.