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We provise International as well as Domestic flights .Travel requires that you keep yourself updated with the latest flights status. Often, you would need to ask the flights schedule of the airlines for a particular sector while planning your travel. In the age of internet, you can check the flights status and do the bookings far easily than ever before. Instead of running to the travel agent office or making frequent calls, you can get online with holidaytravel.co which provides an easy online interface to check out which all airlines are operating flights at what all times in a particular sector. We comprehensively cover more than 550 sectors within India, providing the latest sector-based flights information about the airlines operating in the area.


The burgeoning numbers of the domestic and international air travelers in India has led to significant growth in the aviation sector. Rapid economic growth of the country, ease of travel due to availability of the infrastructural facilities, increase in disposable incomes of households and the opening of the aviation sector to the private players have been the main reasons behind the growth of the civil aviation sector.


Some of these airlines operate both the international and domestic flights, while some others operate exclusively in the domestic sector. To serve the lower-order cities in the country and less popular air routes, there are budget domestic airlines which are fully owned subsidiaries of the major airlines serving the main cities of the country. Ever since the entry of private airlines, there has been massive competition among the airlines resulting in substantial lowering of passenger airfares on domestic air tickets and restructuring of airline businesses to bring more value added services and features to the domestic flights.


With the lowering of fuel prices and opening up of skies to private airlines by the Government of India, aviation industry in the country has gained new vistas. Once a luxury, traveling by flights has recently captured the imagination of the burgeoning middle class in the country as well. Different airlines in the country target different sections of the society, something which is evident from the ticket rates, in-flight services provided by the operator and the flight timings.


The first major domestic airline of India, Indian Airlines started its operations in 1953 under the Air Corporation Act, 1953. The airline came into existence with the merger of eight independent domestic airlines, which were operational at that time. They include Deccan Airways, Airways India, Bharat Airways, Himalayan Aviation, Kalinga Airlines, Indian National Airways and Air Services of India. Till 1991 Indian Airlines was the only airline with major Indian domestic flights. In 1991 with the Government of India's open sky policy, the monopoly of Indian Airlines in domestic flight market of India came to an end. Indian Airlines was renamed Indian in December 2005, and in 2007, both Air India, the national carrier of India in the international arena, and Indian Airlines were amalgamated into National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL). Name Air India has been adopted for the air services.