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About Dr Attri & Attri Homeo Clinic Dr. Ashwani Kumar Attri is a well known Homeopath & is already serving the people of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab since 20 years.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Attri has cured many chronic diseases and helped many patients to lead a healthy life. The clinic is situated on Arvind Marg - Una Himachal Pradesh.

In the clinic in Pulwala Bazaar - Una, Dr Ashwani Attri is catering to 100 to 150 patients daily. The diseases range from common cold, Diabetes, Hypertension, life threatening diseases ( cancers, leukemia ) & other wide spectrum diseases. The specialty of the clinic is, after analyzing the doctors will tell you correctly about the prognosis of the case. Our specialties include Removal of Kidney stone, uterine fibroids, infertility both in male and female etc.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Attri  of Una Himachal has already received many rewards & recognition for his help to the society by providing cost effective health solutions for masses.

Dr Ashwani's Qualifications & Awards :-
  • B.SC(M),
  • D.H.M.S.(Chd.),
  • F.R.H.S.(Cal.)
  • M.I.M.S.(Delhi)


Attri Homeopathy Clinic is Open 18 hours a day dedicated to Patient services. Dr Ashwani Attri is available 24X7 at his mobile 9418093019 for patient services. 


Dr Ashwani's Specialties of Homeopathy Treatment :
  • Cancer ( All Types)
  • Diabetese
  • Hypertension
  • Kideny Stone removal
Dr Ashwani's Acheivements :
  • .Ex-vice President of H.S.W.A(Chd.)
  • Member of I.I.H.P.(Delhi)


Legacy of Dr Hakim shri Ram Asra Attri is Carried On...

In the year circa 1950, Dr. Ram Asra Attri started his Ayurvedic clinic in Pulwala Bazaar Area of Una Himachal, Dr R.A Attri was very famous and respected doctor, as his treatments were effective in curing the root cause of the disease. He used to charge a very nominal fee from his patiants.Dr Ram Asra Attri inherited the practice from his father Hakim Dr.NarSingh Dass Attri. Now  a days, Dr Vijay Kumar Attri is still serving the people on this very pulwala bazaar clinic.

Dr Ram Asra Attri's Legacy is carried on further by his son Dr Ashwani Kumar Attri in the field of Ayurveda & Homeopathy from his clinic on Arvind Marg Una Himachal. Continuing the legacy, Dr Ashwani also charges a very nominal fee from patients & believe in serving the humanity through his dedication and hardwork. 


Patients can send their problems/disease symptoms by sending details on email  drattriashwani@gmail.com or