Thekkady Periyar Tourist Guide and Deals

Thekkady Periyar Tourist Guide and Deals - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Staring from Rs 8999/- including 2 nights/3 days Thekkady hotel stay and full Periyar site seeing and excursions,Wildlife Sanctuary,Thekkady Site seen
  • Location: Kerala,India -
  • Nearest Airport: Nearest Airport to Thekkady Periyar is Cochin International Airport ( Cok)
  • How to reach: Best Reachable from Cochin, Just 3.5 hours drive away. Usually tourists reach Thekkady after completing tour of Cochin, Kumarakom and Alleppey Boat rides
  • Season to Visit: Best Season to visit Thekkady-Periyar is from October to March

Thekkady-Periyar Tourist Guide

Thekkady is one of the major destinations of the state of Kerala, the God’s own country. Due to its unmatched natural beauty and serenity, this small town is visited by a large number of tourists every year. The town also houses one of world’s most fascinating natural wildlife sanctuaries. Thekkady is also the major base point to access some of the other exotic sites in Kerala as well as in Tamil Nadu.

A visit to Thekkady also provides you the opportunity to see wildlife at close ranges, besides the varied vegetation and a wide variety of birds. Lying at an altitude of 700-1900 m above sea level, Thekkady has a cool and comfortable climate. Out here, you can also go for treks and mountain walks.

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Periyar Wildlife Boating Guide

Early morning (6 AM),proceed to the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary for boating. Nestled at an altitude with temperatures ranging from 15 to 30 degree Celsius, the park skirts a serene artificial lake, the Periyar Lake.

The most sought after way of wildlife viewing is a steamer cruise on the Periyar Lake past protruding bare tree limbs, while looking out for elephant herds by the water’s edge, sambhars peeking from a thicket, wild boars running amok.

Also you see the Tribals catching fish on the edges and collecting wild Mushrooms or Herbal Plants.

If you are really lucky, you could spot the Great Indian Tiger in a clearing of the forest. Always keep your binoculars and Camera  handy, you could spot a blue-winged parakeet or a solitary kingfisher perched on an ancient tree limb jutting out of the lake. Of birds, you stand a chance of spotting Nilgiri wood pigeonwhite-bellied tree pie, laughing thrushes and flycatchers to name a few. 

After the Boat Trip, Relax an enjoy the hot tea served by the restuarant at main reception.


Location of Thekkady:  Located in the Idukki district of Kerala,Thekkady (Idukki district) is the location of the Periyar National Park, which is an important tourist attraction in the Kerala state of India.

Thekkady is considered a heaven for natural spices:  Thekkady is considered a heaven for natural spices such as black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and clove.

Things to to in Thekkady

In Thekkady Great many extra activities awaits you at Thekkady Ranging from  Periyar Boat Ride, Cultural shows in the evening, Elephant ride, Elephant bath, Elephant shower, Jeep Safari to Periyar Jungle, Local jeep safai touching 9 points in Thekkady and Tamilnadu, Trekking to Highest Point in Kerala, Trekking to the top of the waterfall, Spice Plantation visit, Spices Shopping, Soveneiers Shopping etc

Lower camp Jeep Tour (5km from kumily)

One of the activity, we can do is to visit the Lower Camp area and visist the plantations of vegetables and Grapes. Enroute desent to the Lower Camp, we see high pipes laid across the hill and Water from the Kerala dam is taken through these huge pipes for irrigation and generation of power for Tamilnadu. This area also offers a picturesque view of Tamil Nadu.

Once you reach lower camp area, visit and sample the Grapes at vineyard, and see exotic Indian vegetables farming. Also see, how the water from the lake is diverted to the hydro electric project at lower camp(Tamil Nadu)to generate the electricity.Visit to the view point will take 2 hrs time.

Kathakali & Kalaripayattu at Cultural Centre in Thekkady

The traditional dance of Kerala, Kathakali is conducted everyday (only during season)and can be seen at the Kathakali centre at city centre. You can also See Kalaripaytattu,the traditional martial arts of Kerala.

Mullaperiyar Dam Jeep Tour

Periyar lake is formed by the Mullaperyiar dam, hich was built by British in 1895. It stands on Periyar river whose flow originates from Thekkady. The dam was built mainly for watering the paddy fields of Tamil Nadu perennially drought - prone. The dam is 175 feet tall in height and is 5704 feet long.

Trekking in Periyar Forest

Forest Department offers 3 hours trek inside the forest with a well trained staff of the forest department.The staff who takes you inside are mostly Tribals, You need to put on the leech proof socks and full body clothings before venturing in forest. You cross the Periyar lake in Bamboo shaft boat and start the Trekking into the Buffer Zone. It is an interesting activuty. 

Other Trekkings available are 

  • One day trip on the raft across the Periyar lake to see the wild animals at close quarters.
  • One full Day Trekking in Wild life reserve touching the Core Area from 8am to 5pm 
  • Night trekking with camping from from 7pm to 4am.

Jungle Patrol – Shepherding the jungle

This programme is part of the regular night patrolling in the fringe eco-development zones of the tiger reserve. By participating in this, one is actually helping in the protection of the forests of Periyar. The trekking could be at any time between 7 p.m and 4 am. and could be taken by persons having proper physical and mental fitness to trek through the wilderness in the night. The maximum duration for a slot is 3 hours and maximum capacity of one slot is limited to 8 visitors (to move in two separate teams). They will accompany two protection watchers and one armed forest guard! Try the limits of your senses-sight, hearing and smell and take in the totally different world of nocturnal jungle life.

Elephant Ride, Bathing

Thekkady also has a park having Elephants on the edge of the spice plantations, It offers various programmes such as Half an hour Elephant ride, One hour with elephant Ride, Elephant Bath, Timber Dragging, Elephant Feeding, Elephant Showers etc.

Wild Life Jeep Safari in Periyar National Park

The jeep safari is with in the Thekkady Periyar wild life reserve, upto Gavi Village from 6 AM to 5 PM, It includes breakfast and lunch.Jeep Safari tour covers the dense green vegetation,thick forests,cascading waterfalls and aromatic spice plantations

Bamboo Rafting – Dawn to dusk - Watching Wild from Close Quarters

Bamboo rafting in thekkady is a dawn to dusk hiking and rafting programme through some of the richest forest tracts of Periyar Tiger Reserve, It is hugely popular among the Things to do in Thekkady. Program Starts at 8 am from the boat landing point, You travel on rafts made of bamboos. The rafting is for about three hours and one gets a panoramic view of forest – clad hills reflected on the lake. Animals like elephant, gaur and sambar are sighted keeping close to the edges of the lake. The team hitchhikes back to the boat landing by about 5 pm. An armed guard and 4 guides will accompany a maximum of 10 tourists. Tea, snacks and packed lunch will be served en route.

Parunthumpara Jeep Tour

Parunthumpara is a small village, located between Peermade and Thekkady. The word parunth in the local language means Eagle and para means rock. It is called Parunthumpara or eagle rock because of a large area around like an eagle.It is 6 km from Peermade, 25 km from Thekkady & 3 km From National Highway 220.( Kottayam Kumily road).This area provides a bird's eye view of an endless stretch of green forest land and low-lying areas.Parunthumpara is six km from Peerumade on National Highway 220 and is increasingly being visited by tourists who are on their way to Thekkady and others as well. If the sky is clear, visitors can get the view of the Sabarimala forests.

Easily accessible through the narrow ghat road from Kallar Junction, this hill station stands out for its sprawling grasslands where the families can enjoy a few quiet moments, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A perfect choice for those who wish to have a holiday off the beaten track and to explore the unseen and the unexplored beauty of the pristine forests around, Parunthumpara has been attracting a large number of domestic tourists during weekends.

Pandikuzhi Jeep Tour

5 km from Kumily Town, this picturesque spectrum of exotic flora, fauna & gurgling streams is cradled between Chellarkovil and the Tamil Nadu border. 


Chellarkovil Water Fall Jeep Tour/Trek  :

Chellarkovil is a sleepy village apart from kumily .it Is 15 KM from kumily .it Is located on kerala –Tamilnadu border.Chellakovil attracts several tourists all over the world. There is a waterfalls which is spectacular during monsoon season.there is a great view of tamilnadu .there is a watch tower which adds pleasure to the holiday when people visit chellarkovil. 

You can reach the Top of the Waterfall through the Jeep and enjoy great view.


Paruthumpara is near to peerumedu and is 6Km from peerumedu.we have to take a diversion to reach destination .it is one of the un explored place in idukki district . The place is about 3800 ftabove the sea level. There is big view of grassy mountains and green forest . In Malayalam “paruthu”t mean Eagle.his place got its name because it got nice eagle view of the mountains.


Ramakkalmedu stands on the Western Ghats at an altitude around 3500 ft above the sea level.its 55 KM from kumily and east of Nedumkandam. Ramakalmedu is famous for the wind which blows 35 km/hr. Ramakkalmedu is the second place in Kerala, where you can find a wind energy farm with a capacity of 12.5 MW..It is also famous for the Kuravan and Kurathistatue ,which is palced at the top of the hills.


Vagamon is a hill station located in Kottayam- Idukki border of Kerala. It has a cool climate with the temperature between 10-23°C during summer midday. It is situated 1,100 meters above sea level. Vagamon is a tiny plantation township in Central Travancore; Vagamon has an overtone of green. With a never-ending line of lush green hills, breathtaking ravines and meandering rivulets. A perfect tourist place situated 1200 meters above the sea level spot surrounded by the greenery of tea gardens, Fresh cool air, murmuring Pine forest, small waterfalls, and attractive meadows inviting you to Vagamon.


It is at a distance of ten kilometers from Thekkady and five kms from Kumily.It is located between Chellarkovil and the Tamil Nadu state border. It is a popular picnic spot. The abundance of flowers and the nearby streams make it a trekker's delight and a favorite spot of photographers. It also has seven waterfalls falling from 1200 feet which can be seen fully from Gudalloor, Tamil Nadu.


In Thekkady, plantations forms an immense green carpet that sweeps over hills and valleys. There are massive plantations of coffee, tea, pepper and fragrant cardamom seen side-by-side with natural vegetation are primary attractions and exchange natural splendour. Of all the Spices of the East, none perhaps rivals the cardamom in aroma flavors, texture and use, and recognized internationally for it is unparallel quality size and flavor. 

Tribal Heritage Museum In Thekkady

Tribal Heritage Museum- Tribal Communities living here in Periyar organizes a tribal Heritage Programme as a part of which you will be taken by on of the tribal guide to a tribal hamlet and Tribal Heritage Museum where traditional fishing gears, hunting tools and medicanal plants are kept on display. Entry fees for this is 100 Rs.

Best Time to visit Thekkady Kerala


September to March is the best time to visit Thekkady and watch nature at its resplendent best. Bird watchers can spot migratory birds post monsoon and during winter months. The Periyar National Park is open from 6 am to 6 pm.

Recommended Hotels Resorts in Thekkady-Periyar 

Spice Village - Thekkady

Spice Village Thekkady is one of the best places to stay while in Thekkady, It is a property of CGH Earth ( Same group operates Coconut Lagoon Resort in Kumarakom). Spice Village is famous for its clean, organic and herbal settings.Spice Village is the essence of a mountain tribal village, but comfortably modern with comfortable beds, hot showers, without television and Air-conditioning, but you do not feel the need at all for these as you are totally soaked in the spice village magic while your stay in property.


No car horns or any sounds except nature, so you sleep really well...

Cuisines at Spice Village ( only Halal & Vegetarian food is served)

Spice Village Thekkady is famous for its cuisine, as they sourcing of all the ingredients from within a 50 mile radius of the resort. A good bit of the food comes from more like 50 yards away. The vegetables are grown in house at local organic farms, fish comes in fresh from the river.  But the real magic in Spice VIllage cuisine comes from - fresh Thekkady spices.

The Bar & Library
The Woodhouse Bar was formerly the home of our forest ranger, Mr. A. A. Woods. One side is given to a billiards table. For avid readers, the Library and tiger room let you immerse yourself in the history of the Periyar region and its flora and fauna. In the main bar, pictures of wildlife and royalty jostle for your attention, and with the fine selection of spirits on hand, it's easy to trasport your imagination to a bygone era. You can almost see Woods himself, gin-and-tonic in hand, calling grumpily for a refill.

In house Activities at Spice Village ( Keeps you Busy)

Introduction to Spices, 6.45 pm-7.30 pm

Resort naturalist and chef guide you through the region's abundant spice wealth and its uses in cooking
Pepper Vine Tour
Twice a day, There is an hour-long property experience tour highlighting spices and conservation.
Wildlife Slide Show
Highlighting history, native community tourism and local biodiversity.
Exploring Nature
Perfect for the kids, a walk through the property penning down botanical names.

Hand-made Paper making
As a local employment initiative, Resort has created a space for waste-paper recycling on site. This is how the notepads in your room are born...

Yoga & Meditation, 7.30 am - 8.30 am
Regular classes that keep you both energised and calm

Sari Demonstration,8 am to 5 pm
Resort staff will instruct you in the gentle art of sari tying, anytime during the working day.

Classical Dance,7.30 pm - 8 pm.
Enjoy  performances of classical dance, like Bharathanatyam,Kutchupudy and Mohiniattam 

Cooking Show

Every night Hotel Chef demonstrates live cooking show, teaching how to make delicious Kerala food infused with spices, be it Fish, Chicken or vegetarian dishes. After cooking show, comes the most important past, the tasting..

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