Ontario - Destination Overview
  • Location: Ontario,Canada -
  • Latitude: 51.2538° N, 85.3232° W
  • Nearest Airport: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Grimsby


 The Elora Quarry is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Ontario. The water is elegant and abundant for swimming. Elora Quarry is a perfect spot for swimming, hiking, and picnicking. Visitors explore to enjoy some seriously awesome summer vibes.

The Elora Quarry is located in the captivating town of Elora, Ontario, which is also home to the Elora Gorge. This is the place where visitors can fish, raft, swim, camp, and just essentially enjoy the outdoors.  Travelers can also explore the actual town of Elora, which is full of historical wonders, shows, and fun activities to do.

How to reach: Drive a car from Toronto to Elora

Hotels nearby:

  • The Village Inn
  • Elora Mill Hotel & Spa
  • Western Hotel & Executive Suites

Restaurants nearby:

  • Gorge Country Kitchen
  • The Cellar Pub and Grill
  • Elora Brewing Company


Katherine Cove is a hidden gem in Lake Superior Provincial Park. It is also called "Bathtub Island". This all-natural basin is shallow enough for maximum relaxation. Cove's Surrounding is spectacular with some of the freshest water on the planet in Caribbean colors and the pearliest of white sandy beaches.

Katherine's cove is located on Lake Superior.  The clear water and fine sand beach procreate Katherine Cove area is perfect for a summer day.   Its crystal clear waters, sand, and nearby forested areas, the spot is perfect for a little swim and a fabulously romantic sundown picnic

  The surrounding water is cold but the sun warms up the water that collects in the hollow for a perfect bathtub experience.

How to reach: There are many ways to reach Katherine’s Cove by plane, bus, taxi, train, car, or night bus.

Hotels nearby:

  • High Falls Cabins & Motel
  • Rod Lake Cabin
  • Mystic Isle Motel
  • Twilight Resort

Restaurants nearby:

  • Katherine Cove
  • Kwagama Lake Lodge


The Scarborough Bluffs is an escarpment located in Toronto, Ontario. There are nine parks along the bluffs and Bluffers Park being the only one with a beach.  At its highest point, the escarpment advances 90 meters above the coastline. The Bluffs run 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) from the foot of Victoria Park Avenue in the west to Highland Creek in the east. Toronto's Scarborough Bluffs is about a five-hour drive out of Montreal and it is pretty much one giant beach paradise

The views of the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario from the base are panoramic. The place is awesome with the beautiful, clear waters, soft, powdery sand, beautiful views, and straight-up good vibes. And this spot is perfect for a picnic with your loved ones.

How to reach:  Drive all the way to Scarboro Crescent

Hotels nearby:

  • Canada Happy Home
  • Fancy Suite in Midtown Toronto
  • Park Motel

Restaurants nearby:

  • Bluffers Restaurant
  • The Dogfish Pub & Eatery
  • Bluffer’s Park Marina


Flowerpot Island is an island in Ontario. The island is accessible only by boat ride from Tobermory to Flowerpot island that makes it more hidden the beach is gorgeous with the prettiest water. The water of the flower pot island is crystal clear and the view is mesmerizing. Flowerpot Island is also home to natural sea stacks, campsites, hiking trails, and seriously spectacular views

A vacation out to Flowerpot Island is a great way to enjoy and discover the Fathom Five National Marine Park. Once you arrive at Flowerpot Island, visitors are treated to the Lighthouse Museum, trails, and   the unique geology of the islands which includes caves and the famous Flowerpots

How to reach: Reached only by boat from Tobermory Harbour.

Hotels nearby:

  • Grandview Motel
  • Escarpment Heights Motel
  • Big Tub Harbour Resort
  • Bruce Anchor Motel and Cottages

Restaurants nearby:

  • Shipwreck Lee’s
  • Beaver Tails
  • Tobermory Brewing Company & Grill


The Cheltenham Badlands, situated in Caledon, Ontario is the perfect spot for you to admire the beauty of the surrounding while admiring the incredible beauty of nature. The Cheltenham badlands are closed off to the public. But there's a viewpoint that gives you a beautiful, beautiful overview of the natural phenomenon.  Apart from natural causes such as erosion by wind and water, Cheltenham Badlands was generated by human interference. The beautiful landscape was composed at the base of an ancient sea over 400 million years ago. The red color of the land is secured by the oxidization of iron when it gets exposed to oxygen and water.

How to reach: There are 5 ways to get to Cheltenham Badlands from Toronto by train, taxi, bus, tram or car

Hotels nearby:

  • Orangeville Motel
  • Cheltenham Suites
  • Marigold Hotel

Restaurants nearby:

  • Caledon Family Restaurant
  • Belfountain Inn
  • Terra Cotta Inn


Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant Provincial Park seriously has some of the most breathtaking and spectacular views. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has a large number of fun activities for guys to participate in, such as camping, biking trails, fishing, canoeing, and much, much more.

Hikers are attracted to the backcountry of Sleeping Giant for the stunning natural scenery, the challenging nature of the terrain, and the seclusion. The trails of the park offer short accessible walks, challenging day hikes, and multi-day backcountry trips year-round.

  All trails are cleared and brushed from May to September. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are famous during the winter. All the park trails are well maintained and marked. Visitors should be careful of safety and navigation while exploring the remote sections of the park. All the park trails are well maintained. Visitors have to take care of safety. Distance signage is provided at all trail junctions.  Trails are sustained with bridges in some areas.

How to reach: To reach this trail hike the Kabeyun Trail past Tee Harbour to the Talus Lake Trail, continue north on the Talus Lake Trail to reach the Top of the Giant Trail. The return distance from the Kabeyun trailhead is approximately 22 kilometers.

Hotels nearby:

  • The Haven Hostel
  • Holiday Inn Express Thunder Bay
  • The Courthouse Hotel

Restaurants nearby:

  • Crystal Beach Restaurant
  • Bright Restaurant & Bar
  • Silver Birch Restaurant


Killarney Provincial Park is on Georgian Bay. It encircles a wide diversity wilderness location of wetlands, forests, and mountains. The place is beautiful, serene, and quiet to be with family and friends. The white quartzite mountains, the serene inland lakes, and the captivating scenery of Lake Huron's Georgian Bay maintain a diverse landscape that offers a variety of hiking experiences.

From the trails, anyone can witness sailboats racing across the gleaming blue water of the bay and canoes drifting silently along still lakes. Wildlife is abundant in the park. Some of the wildlife is black bears, deer, moose, and fox are all common sights.

Other than yurt camping, tourists can enjoy a whole collection of awesome activities like biking, canoeing, and fishing. The Killarney provincial park has gorgeous views. Visitors, who choose to come here in the winter,   can also embark on a winter hiking adventure.  It sounds like great fun!

How to reach: You can drive a car to the destination.

Hotels nearby:

  • Killarney Mountain Lodge & Conference Centre
  • Sportsman's Inn Resort & Marina
  • The Pines Inn

Restaurants nearby:


Ontario has some gorgeous places to go and admire the powerful and breathtaking natural water phenomenon. But even though Ontario has tons of beautiful waterfalls to visit, including the beyond beautiful Chedoke Falls, Hamilton's Albion Falls are especially exotic. A charming and relaxing spot to come and visit in the summer, Albion Falls will impress your soul.

Albion Falls is one of the most pleasant waterfalls in the region and one of the city's most famous.  Albion Falls is a beautiful jewel, classified as a tumble as it overflows over the Niagara Escarpment. Albion fall is approximately 18 meters wide as it is 19 meters tall. The falls are visible from two viewing platforms, but there is no access to the bottom. 

It is visible from two viewing platforms, but there is currently no access to the bottom. Rocks from around the falls were used in the construction of Hamilton's famous Rock Garden, a National Historic Site at Hamilton's Royal Botanical Gardens.

How to reach: To advance Albion Falls via a walking trail, lead the Escarpment Rail Trail or the Albion Side Trail of the Bruce Trail.

Hotels nearby:

Restaurants nearby:

  • Popeyes
  • Splitsville Hamilton
  • Albion Falls Parking Lot


Sandbanks Provincial Park is located along Lake Ontario in Prince Edward's country. There are various activities to indulge in like biking, birding, boating, canoeing, discovery program, fishing, hiking swimming, and many more. It is famous for its charming beaches and sand dunes. Sandbanks is one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in Ontario, with golden sand and shimmering water. Sandbanks provincial parks and its neighboring beaches are visited by thousands of visitors every year. People who love the notion of sand, sun, and fun then this is a perfect place for them to enjoy. Sunbathing and swimming are favorite park activities. Sandbanks is an interesting mix of vegetation and wildlife.

How to reach: There are 5 ways to get to Sandbanks Provincial Park from Toronto by train, taxi, bus, car or plane

Hotels nearby:

  • Isaiah Tubbs Resort
  • Twin Bird Suites and Cottages
  • Newsroom Suites

Restaurants nearby:

  • Sand and Pearl
  • The Lighthouse Restaurant
  • East & Main Bistro
  • Flame + Smith
  • Agrarian.  
  • The Vic Café


Pelee Island provides visitors with a large variety of opportunities such as historical sites to shops, nature walks, and nightlife. Pelee Island relaxes your desires for a calm and quiet pace or new sounds and sight. People indulge in the food and drink the island offers. Visitors can ride bike, swim, and can browse through local shops. Some activities on Pelee Islands are seasonal and cannot organize throughout the year. There are several churches on the island such as Calvary Anglican Church, St. Mary's Church, and Our Lady Star of the Sea Church.  The Anchor & Wheel's Island Restaurant is an Island predominant, with two outside decks to experience the Island warm sun and indoor restaurant full of character.

How to reach: You can reach to Pelee Island by ferry, personal watercraft, or plane

Hotels nearby:

  • The Wandering Dog Inn
  • The Gathering Place B&B
  • Driftwood Bed & Bagel
  • Pelee Lake Muse B&B and Cottage Rental

Restaurants nearby:

  • The Bakery
  • Anchor & Wheel Inn
  • Stone House 1891