Miami Tourist Guide 2017 2018

Miami Tourist Guide 2017 2018 - Destination Overview
  • Location: Florida,United States -
  • Altitude: 6 ft
  • Longitude: 80°11.37W
  • Latitude: 25°46.27 N
  • Nearest Airport: Miami
  • How to reach: India is connected to Miami directly via airways, covering an approximate distance of 13,000 km. This is an average distance between Miami and possibly all the Indian states from where the flight to Miami is available. On an approximate, flight cost is 1136$. The other variations are on the basis of the slight distance variation in between the Indian cities. The major flights are flown from the metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc.

 Miami Tourist Guide 2017 2018

Miami, located in Florida is one of the Alpha World Cities in the World. Being a hub for finances, commerce, entertainment, tradition, culture, etc, Known for its inexpensive connection to the world, exciting tours, warm beaches and extra ordinary carnivals and cruises, Miami is one of the most popular tourist locations amongst the people of Canada, Europe, America and India. 


Miami has the largest Latin American population outside of Latin America. English however remains the predominant language.

Langauges spoken in Miami

Spanish is a language often used for day-to-day discourse in many places, although English is the language of preference, especially when dealing with business and government. Some locals do not speak English, but this is usually centered among shops and restaurants in residential communities and rarely the case in large tourist areas or the downtown district. Even when encountering a local who does not speak English, you can easily find another local to help with translation if needed, since most of the population is fluently bilingual.

In certain neighborhoods, such as Little Havana and Hialeah, most locals will address a person first in Spanish and then in English. "Spanglish", a mixture of English and Spanish, is a somewhat common occurrence (but less so than in the American Southwest), with bilingual locals switching between English and Spanish mid-sentence and occasionally replacing a common English word for its Spanish equivalent.

Miami, Florida Tourist Attractions

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Climate of Miami

Because of its low latitude Miami has a subtropical savanna climate. There are two seasons in Miami, a warm and dry season from November through mid April....and a hot and wet season from May through October. The wet or summer months of June-September will see most daytime highs in the upper 80's F with lows in the low to mid 70's with high humidity. The coldest winter months from December through March have highs in the upper 70's and lows near 60 F, with sunny and dry weather with often very low humidity. At times winter can be quite dry with water restrictions and cold snaps. Miami has the warmest ocean surf after Honolulu in the United States annually - reaching 85 F in summer and 75 F in winter.

Miami Major Excursions

The most popular tourist attractions in Miami, Florida are:

  • Museums

Miami is a place of a great history and prestigious people. The land of Miami has a large number of museums and art galleries, show casing the talent and culture of the ancestors of this pure and chastised land. Some of the famous museums include: Bass Museum of Art, Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, Historical Museum of Southern Florida, Jewish Museum of Florida, Lowe Art Museum, Miami Museum of Science and Space, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Wolfsonian Museum etc.


                                                                            (Miami Museum of Science and Space)

  • Beaches

Located just six feet above the sea level, Miami is known for its beautiful and elegant beaches. Giving a perfect place to soothe you, Miami provides the world’s best beaches with every facility available like beach games, toys, dining, etc. Some of the famous beaches of Miami are Art Deco District, located in South Miami; Palm Beach and many more.


                                                                                                    (Palm Beach)

  • Shopping Complexes

Miami is very well known for its fashion statement. It is the USA’s hub for fashion products and styles. Enriched with creative heads and hard working stylists, Miami has a large number of beauty shops, fashion outlets and boutiques. There are many shopping malls which has everything available under one shed. The most famous one being, the Bayside Marketplace.

  • Wildlife

This place, rich with greenery and natural beauty is a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Thus, to let the world know about the available species and the abundance of their bio diversified heritage, Miami has many national parks and aquariums. E.g. Hialeah Park, which is an equestrian park; Miami Metro Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, Monkey Jungle, Parrot Jungle and Gardens etc.

  • Cruise Facility

This is a special and unique tourist attraction which distinguishes Miami from any other tourist spot. There are a number of cruise lines that offer cruises from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, Panama Canal, Southern Caribbean and various other cruise lines. Large ships on the moving water, carrying hundreds of people and hosting multiple shows at a time are what that defines the beauty of Cruises.

  • Carnivals

Miami is world famous for its Carnivals. These are the long festivals that are hosted by the people of Miami, where all of them gather and have fun. With events like dancing, singing, folk music, dining etc., these carnivals set a festive mood in the whole town. Here is the list of all the famous carnivals: 


So, this was all about the places to visit and things to do while you are in Miami. Now, its time to know about the places to sleep in and food inns to satisfy your hunger.

Miami Tour - Suggested Itinerary - 3 Nights

There are many ways a person can travel in Miami. But, amongst many itineraries one of the best is the 3 day one, which provides the tourists with all the available fun in affordable prices.

Day 1: Explore Miami

Like any other trip, the first day should always be devoted to the exploration of the city: Its roads, its streets, its people, its shopping bazaars, etc. So, start your first day with exploring Miami: The beaches, the museums, the shopping complexes, etc. This will take you a complete day if you try to enjoy every small moment. Thus, keeping the first day light, explore the city in a much relaxed manner and thus, prepare yourself for the next day.

Day 2

Now, start the real tour. Take the tourist guide and research every possible tourist attraction and try to cover the most. So, to start with, cover all the wildlife parks, zoos and aquariums in half a day. This will give you a sense of belonging to the rich flora and fauna in Miami. This will not take a complete day. After you are free from this natural pleasure, try to amuse yourself with the ecstatic mood of carnivals. Enjoy the night with the Miami crowd all around, dancing, singing, drinking, eating and enjoying. This carnival will make you get engrossed in the real colours of Miami. This would be very tiring, thus, have a sound sleep in your beach hotel.

Day 3:

Since, your previous day was full of excitement and zeal and much of physical labour of enjoyment keep this last day of your travel simple and elegant. Plan this trip of cruise to any of your desired destination. Be it the Caribbean land or any other cruise line; just take this long, yet, relaxing journey on a cruise. Water all around giving you a solace, to be isolated from the real busy life and thus, giving you an opportunity to seek into your own selves. This would be a real time experience to be shared while you return home.