Money Saving and Safety Tips for Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Patong in Thailand

Money Saving and Safety Tips for Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Patong in Thailand - Destination Overview
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Money Saving and Safety Tips for Bangkok Pattaya Phuket in Thailand

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How to save Money as well as Stay Safe while travelling in Thailand Bangkok

Saving on Transport in Thailand

First Rule in Bangkok is to Prefer Metered Taxis & insist on starting the meter, otherwise straight get out of the same. Also preffered are Easy and cheap SkyTrain or BTS public transport, No Issues in Bangkok as All the signs are in English.

Tuk Tuk's To be avoided though they can be fun but they will often over charge some times double the metered taxi, so stick to the metered taxis wherever possible.Instead of simply getting in, ask the driver if he can use the meter to your destination before getting in. If he doesn’t agree, pick another taxi. There are so many taxis in Bangkok that you’ll never run out of options.

Be warned of tuk-tuk touts that seems very helpful at tourist spots offering you advise and tips. They would tell you the current tourist spot is close and advise you to go to an alternative location.


Handling Tuk Tuk Drivers in Bangkok

Before you go to Bangkok it is essential you realize one thing; there are few reasonable tuk tuk driver in Bangkok. No matter how nice one may seem, his goal is to extract money out of you pocket, They can leave you in a moments notice if he thinks that he can not extract any more from you. The tuk tuks in Bangkok are uncomfortable also due the horrible pollution in Bangkok. So Prefer Airconditioned Metered Taxis in Bagkok

Now a days, Taxi drivers have also changed and start asking for flat rate. That You can agree after consulting with few others and ensuring not much extra amount is charged seeing genuine request for flat rate could be due to difficult living and the terrible traffic condition in bangkok, etc.

Stay Near Tourist Destinations in Bangkok to Save Money

You will be saving Considrable Money on Transport, if you live near the tourist destinations. Places like Khao San Road and Silom Road are both near a few tourist destinations, So Prefer Staying in Hotels/Dorms at these roads and you will find plenty of public transport with main roads that local buses go through. You can also walk to the Chao Phraya Express Boat terminal, you can also catch a ride to other spots in the city. It will save you the time and money and dealing with tuktuk drivers & taking expensive taxis.

Cheap Accomodation in Bangkok - Saving Money on Lodging

Choose Dorms, Hostels, Hotels in Old City Area

In Bangkok that will find cheap dormitory beds for as little as 100 baht (£2) a night and private rooms from around 250 baht (£5).Even the budget hostels are all clean & safe.In addition, Sleeping in the Old City Lodging is very cheap, even luxury hotels are affordable here. Still, you can save some baht by booking smaller boutique properties in the Old City.

Hostels in Bangkok are availale at world's cheapest prices, about one-fourth of the cheapest hotel price in Bangkok, Hostels offer you state of the art facilities, clean sheets, clean showers, towels, ample space and lockers to secure your stuff. You are suggested to Prefer for a top bunk to have peaceful sleep and avoid drunken bed encounters in the dark.

Eating and Drinking in Thailand - Money Saving Tips

Eat Freely from Street Vendors and Small Family Owned Restaurants

Always eat Thai food in small family-owned restaurants or the Thai street vendors, Trust us, you will remember for a nice meal & very cheap as compared to rates of a restaurant ( almost Half). Street Food is also tempting that you will enjoy it daily.

Street vendors in Bangkok are so clean that they ensure that they get repeat customers and they are very careful with the food and ingredients that they use. If their food is unsafe, Customers wouldn’t be there on a daily basis and their food stalls wouldn’t be packed with tourists.

Prefer going to you 7-11s than bars as it is cheaper in 7-11s. Also buy whole bottles of Thai whisky rather than peg system, it will work out very cheap.

Other Money Saving Tips in Thailand

  • Visit all old, Buddhist temples dating as far back as the 9th century in thailand bangkok. The Royal Palace and Famous Reclining Buddha do charge between 100-200 baht (£2-4) to gain entry.
  • Avoid glitzy shopping malls of thailand as they look attractive & enticing but also very expensive. Better opt for street markets like Chatuchak rather than shopping centers. 
  • Don't disrespect the Thai king! Respect of the King can also get you good Discounts, The Thai people are very proud of their royalty and will find it immensely rude if you're cracking jokes or criticizing their leader.
  • PreBook all your Hotels and Tour Packages, Getting a tour package in Bangkok can be expensive. But be smart to compare different travel agencies, Compare rates, check their service & get best deal

Money Saving Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is the ultimate bargain hunters paradise, where you can literally buy anything you can imagine.

Proceed to 35-acre Chatuchak Market if you want to buy silk, jewelry, traditional crafts, even live roosters, pythons, or multi-colored chicks just at a fraction of cost from outside market. The killer prices here draw millions to this place every year


Cheap Massage Parlors

Enjoy Luxury cheap massage parlors for maharaja style massage only fot THB150/hour. 

Massage parlors to be avoided

Avoid Heavenly massage parlour for your massage in Soi 7, Sukhamvit Road, Their treatment is not good, We received Many Complaints

Do not Buy Gems in Thailand

WE request our readers not to buy gems in Thailand unless and untill they are experts in the subject and know about the price and quality of the Gem. You may end up with a fake one or pay incredible amount for a normal gem..Hence if you are no gem expert, do not buy them..

Staying Safe Tips in Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Thailand

Be very carful at Patong Bankok Bars - Do not go Upstairs in Bar.

We suggest our readers to be very careful in Patong and never fall pray to pimps-touts, They will try to trick you only costs 100 baht (US$3.00) to have a peep inside and have a coke. Once you're inside, you will be hounded by the Thai girls to buy them drinks, Better to avoid such areas.


Another very careful aspect is not to "Go Upstairs in Go Go Bar, You just need to say "No Thank You".

Modus Operandi in Patong for Taking you Upstairs and Ripping You off - Be Careful!!

A man approaches you with small placard saying "BEER for 100 Baht only with No Entrance Fee to Go Go Bar". He will do lot of pep-talk sales talk about the go go dancer and the "live show".


Once you are inside, you are taken to 1st floor, then 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th Floor The more you go up , more its DIRTY WAY UP.

Once you are up, A group of 3 or 4 ladies will approach you and offere a beer. After Beer, if you want to go out, they will not allow you and girls will block your exit. They will not know English, they will just say repeatedly SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN, PAY, PAY, they will ask you to pay BHT 2500/- ( Beer 200BHT, Entrace Fee 1,500.00 Baht, others)

It might get messy and you might just get stuck on top shady dark places upstairs in Patong, coughing money much more than your beer or otherwise get thrached. 

So you have to be careful in Patong, NEVER DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS!

Learn to say NO in Patong

Most of the pimps working in Bangkok are Indians. They would approach you as if they want to congratulate you for something and then they would ask, "Do you know why I am a lucky man, sir?" Kindly do not fall trap to these lines and say, "No, thank you" and leave.

Stay Away from Ping Pong 

while in Patong, Bangkok, Stay away from A ping pong side, don't fall for this. These  are shadowy places that have some crazy stuff going on. We recommend staying away from anything that remotely sounds like ping pong.In Patong, near the merchants, Thi pimps will come to you with pieces of paper and telling you about the ping pong show (where girls dance and do tricks). They rip you off once you get in and sit down. They tell you that you'll get cheap beer but when you get the beer they ask for more money for seeing the show.


Be careful in Nana Area - Bangkok

In Bangkok, some area are very dangerous, Particularly the Nana area at night, it is notorious for lady boys who try to rob foreign tourists. These lady boys have no other source of income apart from crime.They attack in groups. The Norwich Union insurance company has described Bangkok as the most dangerous place on earth for tourists based on insurance claims. Our Suggestion is not to drink too much in Nana Area and don't stay in the Nana area in Bangkok. 

Never Stay in the Nana area of Bangkok. There is a chance that somebody will drop a drug into your drink and then you are defenceless and can be robbed there or back at your hotel. 


After 02:00AM when the bars shut, the area is very dangerous with Thais cruising around looking for drunken or not drunken foreigners to rob. It is our humble opinion Nana is one of the most dangerous places in Asia to be walking about late at night. Other areas of Bangkok are much nicer and safer.

Enjoy yourself but watch your drinks.

The Amari Boulevard hotel is dangerous because the guards do not stop lady boys & Thais entering the building to follow guests in night. 

Be Careful of Drugs & Spiked Drinks in Bangkok

Be on your guard while visiting shodowy lonely Bars, As your drink maybe spiked with drugs & your things might to stolen & robbed. Female travellers beware, things might get worse including all nightmarish photos.. Beware of the spiked drink trick. In temples, the drinks might be spiked by ladies when visiting temples, forst your drink is spiked & you are invited for food,  While eating you will fell asleep and might woke in following morning in a dodgy guesthouse, with all your money etc..

Stay Away from Drugs ( direct or Indirect), You might be jailed in Thailand


Penalties for drug offences in Thailand are EXTREMELY severe . So, DO NOT get yourself involved with any kind of drugs.You can be jailed, sentenced to death. Anything more than 15 grams & you are off to the Death Sentence. Imagine your drink is spiked and you are robbed and drugs are planted on you..Imagine such scenerio..hence stay away from shadowy places..

Put Your Wallent in Front of Trousers and Never Carry Original Passport

Handbags and carry bags could be stolen, snatched/grabbed or even cut open, so don't take your wallet in a handbag, my advise is to keep your money in a front pocket of your trousers or keep it in a little pouch inside your shirt not visable.

Don't take your passports travel docs with you, take a photo copy and carry that with you, leave your valuables and travel docs in a safe at the hotel. Also beware of the little kids in the market as they do tend to crowd around you, they tend to be a little touchy they aren't doing this to be cute generally they are trying to grab your wallet or go into your handbag. The kids are very cute but be careful. 

Don't talk to strange people who approach you out of the blue they are doing this generally to try distract you in order to steal or rob you. Try avoid talking to strangers in the streets, i know it sounds terrible but this way you will avoid getting mugged and robbed.

Beware of LADY BOYS ( Photos with Lady Boys are not free)

Lady boys are quite beautiful and do not look like boys, generally the boobs and heavy makeup with over the top behaviour is all the evidence you'll need, nobody is too drunk not to know the difference, some of them have the full sex change but you can generally tell by their over the top trying to be a lady ways, also they have huge feet and very masculine hands, .

If you choose to see the ladyboys go to a show like Simons Caberiet, Tiffany Show, there you will see some very beautiful lady boys and the environment is a little more controlled.


Do not stroll THE Patong Thailand BEACHES AT NIGHT: 

Don't stroll along the beach at night time, you will land up in trouble, many prostitutes and lady boys go and work there, also the party people end up drunk here and wonder why they wake up in the morning without anything


Finally Bangkok Thailand and patong are good cities but you need to know your boundries as you are not in your own country. So Follow above & Stay Safe.