Padova - Destination Overview

About Padova

Padova, Padua in English, is a city located in north-eastern Italy and serves as the capital of the Padova province. It is a picturesque old city and a major economic and communication hub of the area. Situated on the Bacchiglione River, Padova is criss-crossed by a dense network of arcaded streets and several bridges. The Euganean Hills sprawl on south-western part of the city, adding more to its beauty. Purportedly the oldest city in northern Italy, Padova is famous for its university, called the Riformatori dello Studio di Padova and its main building Palazoo de Bo. Established in 1222, the university houses the oldest botanical garden in the world, Orto Botanico di Padova (1545), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Siteseeing in Padova

A must visit is the Saint Anthony's Cathedral, the principle landmark of Padova, which is home to some notable relics and statues. Prato della Valle is also a must visit, a glorious 90,000 metre square, that is the biggest city square in the world, and is filled with many statues and monuments. Other must visits include: Oratorio de San Giorgio Scrovegni's Chapel, Saint Giustina Basilica, the Roman ruins, Duomo, Astronomic Observatory (La Specola), Palazzo della Ragione, Belzoni Museo – Laboratio di Antichi Strumenti Scientifici and Ermitani Civic Museum. For shopping and eating you can visit the two major markets of the city, namely Piazza delle Erbe or Piazza dei Frutti and Prato della Valle. These markets have numbers of eating joints and shops selling clothes, household goods, fruits and vegetables, plants and antiques.