Ajman Tourist Guide

Ajman Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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    Sharjah Ajman City Tour starts from AED 250/person only including city tour & local sightseeing
  • Location: Ajman,UAE -2670
  • Altitude: 9 M
  • Longitude: 55.5000 E
  • Latitude: 25.4167 N
  • Nearest Airport: Sharjah
  • How to reach: By Road: To get to Ajman you can take a taxi from any airport to Ajman city, or other wise rent a car and drive there through Emirates Highway. By Air: Ajman is near the International Airports of Sharjah & Dubai.
  • Season to Visit: Best time to visit Ajman is from November to March when the average maximum temperature is 25°C

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Ajman Packages Starting only from $399/- for 3 nights-4 Days

Ajman is the smallest Emirate of all the seven Emirates of UAE. It lies along the Arabian Gulf bordering with Sharjah and only 25 Kms away from Dubai.

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Why Visit Ajman

  • Readers of Holiday Travel have rated Ajman as most beautiful Destination on Earth
  • Ajman is most peaceful & relaxed Emirates in UAE.
  • Ajman's Beaches are in excellent shape & Water is most clean.
  • Ajman is Most Cost effective & Cheap as compared to other Emirates.
  • Plenty of Hotels of all Catagories, Luxury to Delux to Housing Villas.
  • Booz is Allowed in Ajman ( But to be consumed in Private)
  • Most Tourist Friendly Emirates supporting Tourists.
  • Ajman is flooded with Russians, Europeans through out the year.
  • Plenty of Food Restarants on the Ajman Cornish Road specially Russian cuisine, Continental & Indian.

About Emirate of Ajman

Ajman is the smallest of all emirates in the UAE. Located centrally along the western coast of the UAE, Ajman lies on the Gulf Coast, with its beach extending 16kms. Ajman is just about 460 Sq. Km., in area, including the regional waters, which is about 600 Sq. Kms. Ajman City is the capital of the emirate, and is located at a small creek of 16 Km in length along the North Eastern part of Sharjah.

Booming Economy of Ajman

The emirate of Ajman has drawn several commercial and industrial enterprises, given, its proximity to commercial centres of Dubai and Sharjah, and its comparatively low rentals. The prominent additions to the Ajman economy recently are the Free Zone, resort hotels, Ajman City Centre shopping complex, and a host of educational institutions.

Ajman has witnessed rapid growth recently, with several construction projects being implemented. Ajman has established itself as a major business centre, drawing investors - both local and international.

Population of Ajman

The population of Ajman is 350,000 towards end of 2014, said statistics from Ajman Executive Council Show. Expatriates account for more than 80percent of total population. Ajman is the fifth largest emirate in the UAE in terms of GDP and population. The largest is Abu Dhabi, followed by Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Major Tourist attractions in Ajman

Ajman holds plenty of promises to tourists, owing to varied features of economic development currently prevailing in the emirates. Ajman is witnessing considerable growth and development, just like in the rest of the UAE, and therefore, tourist attractions and activities, including shopping, cultural and shopping opportunities are growing rapidly.

Ajman National Museum

Built in the late 18th century, this was one of the main tourist attractions in the city, and one of the most historical forts spread across the country. The Museum, which was once a Ruler’s palace, could be the right place to view the inheritances of various civilizations, representing the history of the emirate, and the area in general. Various ways of living in the past can be known through archeological acquisitions, historical documents and tools that were in use during the past.

Ajman Fort

The Ajman Fort, believed to be built in the late 18th century, but, was shelled by the British war ships in 1820. It was built with local materials such as coral stones of the sea and gypsum, while special tree trunks brought from East Africa has been used for the ceiling. Later, the Fort was restored during the 19th and 20th centuries. It was the residence of the Ruling families in the past. There is a huge arch built on two stands on top of its large gates, made of honey-coloured sandstones. It has been described as one of the most beautiful citadels in Ajman.

Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque Ajman

There are several religious sites in Ajman, the most prominent of them being the Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque. The rich architecture of the Mosque is impressive. The Mosque is said to have been built for Late Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, by his son and current Ruler of Ajman, Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi. The Mosque is a major landmark in Ajman City.


Etisalat Tower Ajman

Ajman has experienced major construction boom in recent years. The gleaming new Etisalat Tower seems like an instant landmark within Ajman City. The tower is designed in traditional Mosque-style. The tower is topped by a large sphere, referred to as 'giant golf ball'. The tower is one of the world’s most distinctive skyscrapers.

The Emirates City - Ajman

This is one of the popular projects in Ajman. Emirates City is a residential and commercial development (almost the size of a small town), built in the emirate of Ajman. The Dh.15bn worth freehold development, located on the Emirates Road, began as a small project, but, now has more than hundred buildings, several shopping malls and best hotels. It is located in proximity to Al Ameera Village, and is just 20 minutes away from Dubai and Sharjah International Airports.

The towers in the Emirates City is located amidst lakes and green parks, and comprises Mosques, Shopping Districts, five-star restaurants, educational and medical amenities.

Dhow Yard

Tourists in Ajman have always enjoyed visit to Dhow Yard. Here, visitors get to see the dhows being built in a traditional manner. There are also modern speed boats being built here, to compete in the Dubai Speed Boat Races. The Ajman Dhow Yard is the world's largest boat building yard, and the biggest dhow building centre. Located along the northern end of the creek, it can house more than 30 boats at a time. Several of these are built with fiber glass, rather than wood.

Beaches of Ajman

The beaches in Ajman have always been the traditional tourist attraction spots, as the climate of Ajman is apt for beach life. The dolphins are common off the coast of Ajman, and dolphin spotting is a popular recreation with tourists and locals alike.


Shopping/dining in Ajman

Shopping is a popular activity in Ajman, as there are both, the modern malls with designer and luxury items, offering all commodities, otherwise available in the shopping malls elsewhere in the UAE, and there are the traditional shops selling local products too.

Ajman also has various eateries ranging from western fast food outlets, to high-class restaurants and traditional cafe and street vendors. 

Drinking in Ajman UAE

Buying Alcohol in Ajman
Ajman is the most Lenient of the Emirates in UAE, famous for its "Hole in the wall" type Booze shops, There are three locations in Ajman where one can buy the alcohol.


1. Liquor Twin Shops on Cornish Road Ajman :-
 Location :- This Liquor shop in Ajman is Located on the Ajman Cornish enroute to the Kimpskey hotel, It is right after the roundabout of Ajman Chamber of Commerce & there is actually a U turn to go straight to this shop..

By the way..from outside, you will be surprised that there is no Board, No lighting to mark this important place, however you will see some Indians selling roasted pea nuts..Also you will see crowd of people carrying either dark Blue or Black Bags ( Do not get surprised, they are carrying their favorite booze)..
Ajman Cornish Liquor shop has actually two twin shops as below :-

a. Air-conditioned Liquor Shop in Ajman :- One shop right on the entrance is the proper Air-conditioned Super market type for Alcoholic drinks only, where you can carry a trolley and select choicest of your favorite liquor ( Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Cheap, medium range & Top of the range) all available.
Credit cards are acceptable at this shop, Credit card Bill will show Ajman Marina Club.
Another Good Part is that Credit Card Bill will show only Total Figure, No itemized list is provided. Which is good because as a Good Samaritan, you do not want to show liquor bills in your credit card statements..
Branded Whiskey, Wines are available.
Quality good Branded Beer is only available in packs of 24, Loose Beer cans are not sold there ( You need to go to another shop on the side "Hole in the wall" to buy loose Beer.
Beer Brands available at this shop are (Beck, Heineken, corona, Budweiser, etc)
Cheap beers are not available
Cheap Booze is also not available at this shop ( You need to go to another shop on the side "Hole in the wall" to buy Cheap Booze)
Most Important thing is "No Questions are asked when you buy Booze".
No Liquor License is required to buy from this shop.
No Limit on quantity of Liquor ( You can fill the full Car)
Shop Closed at 11:00 PM

b. "Hole in the Wall" Liquor Shop in Ajman Cornish: - This shop is next to the Air-conditioned Liquor Shop, Following are the main features of this shop
You can buy most of the variety of Liquor including cheap ones.
You can buy even one can of beer
No Credit cards are accepted, Only cash please..
Huge Rush is seen at this shop, Kindly be prepared as No queue system, or separate line for ladies etc
No limit on Liquor quantity
Most Important thing is "No Questions are asked when you buy Booze".
No Liquor License is required to buy from this shop.
Shop Closed at 11:00 Pm


2. 2nd Liquor Shop in in Ajman near Ajman Port :-

If you are late in reaching Ajman Cornish Liquor shop and it is past 11:00 PM, Do not worry, there is another Liquor shop near Ajman port which is open till 00:00 Hours.

Location of Ajman Port Liquor Store :- It is located about 2 Kms from the Ajman Cornish shop, you need to head towards Ajman Fish market, it is mid-way on the RHS, you need to take a U turn. Again You need to be smart enough to locate this shop as ther are no boards, way points etc, But you will see trade mark people carrying dark blue and black bags and one biggest feature is "there is a small roasted nuts shop at the very entrance of Liquor shop"
This Liquor Shop is located actually in a ware house, below are the features
Shop Timings are upto 00:00 Hours
You can drive inside the warehouse and park the car near the window
This liquor shop is also hole in the wall type
No Credit cards accepted, Only Cash
All types of Liquor is available at this shop
Huge Rush is seen at this shop, kindly be prepared as No queue system, or separate line for ladies etc
No limit on Liquor quantity
Most Important thing is "No Questions are asked when you buy Booze".
No Liquor License is required to buy from this shop.
Can become very crowded

3. 3rd Liquor shop in Ajman Industrial Area ( Naya Sanaya)

This Shop in Ajman is busiest and biggest, Since shop is located in Industrial Area Ajman, it is swarming with laborers, blue collared guys, who visit the shop to relax their nerves after a Day's hard work.
Location of Liquor shop in Ajman Industrial Area :- It is Located Right on the Main Road, If you are coming from the Ajman City center towards sharjah, after the big New Flyover, Just take right to the industrial area ( On the first red lights after the fly over), You will find it exactly after 1.5 to 2 kms right on the main road.
This Liquor Shop is an air-conditioned Super Market Type
Shop Timings are upto 00:00 Hours
No Credit cards accepted, Only Cash
All types of Liquor is available at this shop
Huge Rush is seen at this shop, Kindly be prepared as No queue system, or separate line for ladies etc
No limit on Liquor quantity
Most Important thing is "No Questions are asked when you buy Booze".
No Liquor License is required to buy from this shop.