Tantra Puja at Bagulamukhi and Devi Darshan - Shaktipeeth tour

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Tantra Puja at Bagulamukhi and Devi Darshan - Shaktipeeth tour - Package Overview

Tantra Puja at Baglamukhi Devi & Devi Darshan - Shaktipeeth

tour of Himachal Pradesh

Tantra Puja at Baglamukhi mandir and Devi Darshan - Overview

This Tour Covers 7 holy Devi Temples Including Baglamukhi devi where you can perform special Tantra Pooja & cover major shaktipeeth Temples Mansa Devi, Kalka Devi, Naina Devi, Chintpurni Devi, Jwala Ji, kangra Devi, Baglamukhi and Chamunda ji.

At Baglamukhi Devi temple, all kind of suffering devotees can benefit from tantra Pooja ( Court Cases defeat, Health Issues, Education Issues, Financial Issues, winning over Political Opponents, Winning over Corporate Opponents, Ward off evil eye etc).

In this package we take you all top Shaktipeeths of Himachal where Tantra Havan and puja is organized for your beneft. You are requested to emark on this journey discreetly and secretly.

In the past this tour was already undertaken by Chosen few ( rich & politicians), but now we have made this special Tantra Puja tour available for you.

Top Highlight of the Tour

  • Advance Booking and Special Pooja at Shaktipeeth Chintpurni Mata ( at your own expences) & then performing Tantra Puja in  Jwalamukhi Devi, Kangra Devi, Bagulamukhi Devi and Finally Chamunda Devi Temples in this package

  • Advance Booking for Special Tantra Puja at Baglamukhi Devi ( At your own expense) , Jwalamukhi devi and Chamunda Devi for your and family benefit

  • After Pooja, Sight Seeing and Tourism in Dharamshala - Mcleodganj

  • Final Blessing with Tantra Puja in Shivbari Gagret

  •  Visit famous temple Kangra Devi also Known as  Vajreshvari Devi. Full excursion of Chamunda devi and Baglamukhi.

Tantra Puja at Bagulamukhi and Devi Darshan - Shaktipeeth tour - Package Rates & Dates
Title Standard Prsice High Season
May-01 To Aug-30
Low Season
Sep-05 To Feb-28
NewYear/Festival Time
Oct-10 To Jan-05
4N-5D 3 Star Hotel
Hotel Laj, Kangra Devi / Hotel The Castle, Dharamshala
Rs 10600 Rs 11600 Rs 9600 Rs 12600
Tantra Puja at Bagulamukhi and Devi Darshan - Shaktipeeth tour - Package Inclusion


Dharamshala – Hotel The Castle -TA Rank - 3 - Certificate of Excellence

Kangra Devi -  Hotel Laj  -TA Rank - 3. - Certificate of Excellence

 Package Inclusion

  • This special Tantra Puja & Devi Darshan package is designed for 3 nights and 4 Days.

  • You will be seeking Blessing of Shaktipeeth Chintpurni Mata & then performing Tantra Puja in  Jwalamukhi Devi, Kangra Devi, Bagulamukhi Devi and Finally Chamunda Devi Temples in this package

  • Special Tantra Puja at Baglamukhi Devi, Jwalamukhi devi and Chamunda Devi for your and family benefit

  • One night Hotel Hotel Stay in Kangra

  • Two Night Hotel Stay in Dharmashala-Mcleodganj

  • Site Seeing and Tourism in Dharamshala - Mcleodganj

  • Final Blessing with Tantra Puja in ShivBari Gagret

  • Return to Chandigarh/Delhi

Tantra Puja at Bagulamukhi and Devi Darshan - Shaktipeeth tour - Package Itinerary

Arrive Early Morning at Chintpurni Devi Temple from Chandigarh or Delhi

Tanta Puja Yatra + Kumari Pujan + Chintpurni Devi Shakti Peeth

It is suggested not to proceed to Jwala mukhi Devi Straight, but to visit Chintpurni Devi First, Chintpurni devi is also known as Chinnmastika devi of ten mahavidya category. After seeking blessings from Chintpurni Devi, you can leave for Jwalaji and Baglamukhi Devi ji for Tantrik Puja


Kumari Pujan/Kanya Pujan in Devi Darshan

Mata ji's offerings include yellow Chunni, silver Chattar, basket of flowers for the Mother. If you want kumari Puja, you can proceed to a school nearby where school can arrange for 11 kumaris of 8-10 years old for poojan. Kumaris sit in a line and chant Gayatri mantra, while bigger girls were called to sing Devi Mata Bhejs/bhajans. You need to wash feet of the kumaris, apply tilka, offer eatables to them and  gave dakshina(money), finally touch their feet to sought their blessings. You can also offer chunnis, hair clips, bindis etc to all the kumaris.


Proceed to Jwala Mukhi Ji & Baglamukhi Devi Ji

Tantra Pooja at Jwalamukhi Temple

Jwalamukhi Temple is a famous temple and very popular for  Tantra Pooja/Saadhna. have Darhshans at the temple and perform pooja.


Pooja at Gorakh-Dibbi Tour & Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath Ji

Visit  Gorakh Tibbi (wrongly spoken as Dibbi) where that cold water is boiling. A Nath sadhu will show the small pit where water is boiling and is cold. This is due to the fact that gas is bubbling out from the water and it looks like boiling. Then the Nath Sadhu will put a burning flame on the surface of water and with a booom, the blue flame comes out of water and goes upto roof

Jwalamukhi temple is a destination for those, impacted with the evil effects of witchcrafts and black magic etc. Tantra praying gets you relief and mental peace.  Tantriks perform Yantra pujas in the temple to drive away such evil effects.

Jwalamukhi temple is of great significance to tantriks and attracts thousands of believers and skeptics. The temple is Guarded and cared for by the fierce-looking followers of Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath — who is known to have been blessed with miraculous powers — the spot is no more than a small circle of about three feet in circumference.


Proceed to Baglamukhi Temple Tour &  Tantra Puja

(For Victory over enemies, Victory in Court Case, Warding off evil spirits) at Mata Baglamukhi Temple

After Jwalamukhi Devi ji, Proceed to Mata Bagulamukhi temple, which  is located on the Ranital-Dehra road, about 25 km from jwalamukhi devi. We have already booked a slot for you in advance, Offer prayers and Havan at Baglamukhi devi temple The temple is visited by a large number of famous Politicians, rich and powerful people, who pray for victory over their enemies & perform special “tantrik havan” for your “victory over enemies”.

It is notable that ‘tantrik paath’ is to be done in the Baglamukhi temple  for the annihilation of opponents and enemies.

After Pooja at Baglamukhi Devi, proceed to Kangra Devi Ji and Night Stay at Kangra

Kangra Devi Darshan ( Tantrik Pooja at Brajeshwari Devi or Kangra Devi)


Proceed to Kangra Devi and have darshans of Devi maa, This place came to be known as Shakti peeths as it is  said her left breast fell which became like vajra on falling down. Another place it is written that her head fell here and it only appeared as pindi which is established in the temple. She is also known as Vageshwari Devi.

This temple is called Jallandhar Peeth, while Jagannath Puri temple is known as Udyaan peeth, Gauhati Kamakhya Devi temple is known as Kaamroop peeth while Mallikarjun parvat temple in Andhrapradesh is known as Poorngiri peeth.


Witness The Holy Trident at Devi Mata Temple

There is a trident of the devi on which ten mahavidya yantras are engraved. It is said that in case of any woman having problems in delivering, or any one having problem in leaving his body, water from this trident was given to them which helped them to deliver or leave ones body easily. After sitting a few minutes under the great peepal tree inside the temple one prepared for the journey ahead.


Day : 2 Afternoon

Chamunda Devi Tantra Puja in Shamshan- MahaShamshan

Chamunda devi had killed the demons Chand and Mund and hence her name Chamunda. All the devtas had requested her to take care of the demons in the battle field. Devi killed them all and drank their blood and became so ferocious that devtas could not face her. So they requested lord Shiva to make her shant. Lord Shiva intervened and appeased her. She agreed to become shant once she is offered one body every day. Thus from that time it became a ritual here to offer one dead body to her everyday. There is a small river flowing here. So people who live on the other side cremate their bodies on the other side of the river while those who live on this side of the river cremate their dead bodies on this side. Thus it is called a mahashamshaan. If there is no dead body available for cremation on any day then a dry grass effigy is made and burnt as offering to the Mother.

In the cremation ground, on this side of the river where the temple is, a naga sadhu by the name of Mahant Rajgiri Naga baba lives. In his kutiya he has a dhooni(fire place) on which havans are performed. Sacred havans can be performed at the Chamunda Devi temple.


After Darshans at Chamunda Mata, proceed to Dharamshala for Night Stay


Day: 03  Dharamshala Mcleodganj Local Sightseeing


Next Morning  After fresh up at hotel we  visit the local sightseeing in dhramshala Like Mc-leodganj, Naddi ,Dallake. And in evening  Night ovenight stay at chandigarh hotel.

Bhagsu Waterfall: Bhagsu Falls is a beautiful waterfall, situated in the small village of Bhagsu, behind the Bhagsunath Temple. During monsoon, this waterfalls turns into a 30 ft cascade, alongside a mountain that features slate graffiti.

Tibetan monasteries: The Tibet Oral History Project (TOHP) aims to preserve the history and culture of the Tibetan people. As advised by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we record the life experiences of Tibetan elders who were forced to flee their homeland following the Chinese invasion

Dalai Lama Temple, The holy place in dharmshla is Dalai Lama Temple. The temple complex is kept open from sunrise to sunset for the visitors to explore the peaceful ambiance of the surroundings. During the morning hours visitors can participate in the prayers as the monks chant and meditate. You can join local residents for a meditative walk around the temple/monastery complex.

Cricket Stadium: The another fmous tourist location in Dharmshal is Criccket Stadium. cricket Stadium (DCS), an internationally renowned stadium, is the home ground of Himachal Pradesh State cricket team. Few international and Ranji cricket matches are held here on annual basis.


Namgyal Monastery
The personal monastery of The Dalai Lama, Namgyal is situated in Upper Dharamsala. It houses huge stucco statues of the Buddha, Avalokitesvara and Padmasambhava. The monastery also consists of an institute for learning, where futures Lamas are provided with higher Tibet studies.

Gangchen Kyishong
The offices of the Tibetan government-in-exile and the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives are located here.

Monastery of Nechung Oracle
The monastery of Nechung Oracle is situated within the complex of Gangchen Kyishong. The official oracle of The Dalai Lama sits here.

It is the center for Tibetan Medicine, located very near to Nechung.

Norbulingka Monastery
The beautiful monastery of Norbulingka boasts of a rich collection of art, paintings, handicrafts and thankas.

Night Stay in Dharamshala

Morning Checkout and Proceed to Chandigarh to catch Flight or train Back to your destination with Prayers on Lips and With Devi Mata.

Sweet Memory from the Devi Darshan Responsible and fair tourism is our motive and our services are best in the travel industry.