Shri Kalinath Kaleshwar Shiva Temple

Shri Kalinath Kaleshwar Shiva Temple - Destination Overview
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About Kaleshwar ( Kalesar Temple) Kangra Himachal Pradesh.

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This is the Shri Kalinath Kaleshwar Shiva Temple/ Mandir situated in Village Pragpur, District Kangra, Himchal Pradesh. In the local area it is famoustly refered to as Kalesar, Kaleshwar Mahadev. It is amongst the oldest temples.

Kaleshwar Temple is very famous and has a huge rush at the times of Shiv Ratri,Shraavan Maas. There are Sadhus and the common visiting this place from different parts of India all year round.

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Legends of Kaleshwar Temple Himachal

According to the belief , every year at the times of monsoon, the flow of the Vyas River keeps increasing till the time it reaches itself to the Shiva Lingam. After the water reaches the Jalahri of the Shivling, it subsides.

According to second legend, Kaleshwar temple was created by Pandavas during their exile, when they were not supposed to be noticed by anyone and if so found, their exile will stand nullified. Here, they were spotted by people and soon left after building this temple which is present near river Beas. 

This temple is also considered as the Maha Rudra Temple guarding the Mata Chintpurni Temple on the Eastern Side.

This historical temple is defined in both Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabarta. The large part of this temple is covered with ancient tombs and attractive temples. It is famous about Lanka king Ravana that he was a cruel king but he was also a very wise man along with power. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He worshiped Shiva at remote Kailash valley of Himalayas .According to historical stories he got rest in the Shakti Sthal in the way of Kailash valley. This place is also known as PANCHTIRTHI due to Pandvas visit. The salient feature of this Sacred place is that Shivalinga is situated much lower than ground level and this is continue going down.This place is also known as MahaRudra of Mata Chintapurni. Kalinath Temple is situated next to the Vyas River which not only gives this temple a grear picturesque view but even a perfect place to medidate. 

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