Festivals Fairs & Events In Himachal

Festivals Fairs & Events In Himachal - Destination Overview
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  • Location: Himachal Pradesh,India -
  • Altitude: 1800 meters to 4000 meters
  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh
  • Nearest Train Station: Chandigarh, Una Himachal, Kalka

Festivals Fairs & Events In Himachal

Himachal in fact can be termed as a mini India. Here people of different racial stocks have come together and mingled in the main stream of national life, to make this land a composite of different cultures. Festivals enliven social life and unite the people by bringing them together in joyful celebration of significant events and in shared remembrance of a common past. All the fairs and festivals celebrated in Himachal Pradesh are the result of cultural values, economic needs and time, which have been realised by the inhabitants from time to time and later given the shape of tradition. The main population in Himachal Pradesh consist of Hindus and the percentage of Hindus in Himachal Pradesh is 98%. That is why festivals and fairs here have direct origin in religion and in the myths and legends of popular faith.On the day of festival, people in Himachal Pradesh generally keep themselves free from routine work. They cook special food, must bath, wear neat and clean clothes and worship at the temple with traditional identity. Songs and dance are common features on such occasion. For them, even a small event is big enough to be celebrated. Some of the important festivals of Himachal Pradesh are given one by one.

List of upcoming Festivals Fair and Events in Himachal Pradesh :

  • 25 September'2015 - Navratri Celebration started can visit Devi Circuit of Kangra Una Bilaspur, Chamunda jee, Jawala Maa, Maa Naina Devi & Maa Chintpurni jee.


  • 27 September'2015 - MTB Cycal Expedition here in Himachal with this Adventure & Special Interest Tourism Product. 


  • 03 October'2015 to 09 October'2015 - International Dushera Festival Kullu - enjoy the gathering of 100s of Local Deity to pay there Respect  Lord Raghunath jee.


  • 20 October'2015 - International One Day Cricket Match HPCA Stadium Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh. Do promote share it at-least best plate-forum to show your present in the foot hills of Dhauladhar Range with winter wind blowing & enjoy the Match as well as Nature at its best. Please book your logistic well in advance to avoid last minute disappointments. 


  • 23 October'2015 - Deepawali Celebration can enjoy Celebration in Himachal


  • 11 November'2015 - International Lavi Fair' Rampur Bushar (Oldest Trade Fair).
  • 10 Dec'2015 till 10 January'2015 - Peak Winter Vacation period to X'MASS & New Year Celebration in off beat site of Himachal 2015-15

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