Una Himachal Pradesh Tourist guide

Una Himachal Pradesh Tourist guide - Destination Overview
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  • Location: Himachal Pradesh,India -174303
  • Altitude: 369 Meters
  • Longitude: 76.2703 East
  • Latitude: 31.4761 North
  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh
  • Nearest Train Station: Una
  • How to reach: By Air: Nearest airport to Una Himachal is Chandigarh about 100 kms away. Chandigarh is well connected by major Flight carriers from Delhi, Mumbai & Rest of world. By Rail : Una is well connected by broad gauge rail. Indian Railways runs many trains to Una. By Road : Una is approachable by road from Shimla, Chandigarh and Pathankot.

Una Himachal Tourist Guide

Una is a city and a municipal council in Una district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.It lies in Himachal’s south western region in Shivalik FootHill Ranges.
Una is also known as Water Dam capital of HimachaL Pradesh, it is surrounded by Nangal Dam, and in a distance Talwara Pong dam. Una is quite easily accessible through roadways, railways as well as airways. The closest airport, Chandigarh Airport lies at a distance of 100 Km from Una, and the roadways and railways are also well connected.
There are some very interesting places to visit in Una that together contribute a lot is enhancing Una tourism.

How to reach Una Himachal

Reaching Una Himachal By Flight

Nearest airport to Una Himachal is Chandigarh about 100 kms away. Chandigarh is well connected by major Flight carriers from Delhi, Mumbai & Rest of world. Other Major airpors are at Amritsar ( 150 kms) which is also very famous airport.
Reaching Una by Rail
Una is well connected by broad gauge rail. Indian Railways runs many trains to Una. There are main two trains from Delhi,
  • One is Hiamchal Express which reaches Una himachal in the night.
  • Another one is Janshatabdi Express which starts from New Delhi Railway Station & arrives in Una Himachal by afternoon. 
This rail track is in expansion to Talwara (Punjab)which is under construction and track is being laid. Last active station is Amb,From where one can board or de-board Delhi Railway by a direct train.
Reaching Una by Road
Una is approachable by road from Shimla, Chandigarh and Pathankot. 
Why the name Una Himachal
As per a local folklore, Una - Only That Much, in Punjabi - was named by Guru Nanak Devji.
General information about Una Himachal
  • Area: 1540 sq. km
  • Population: 6.5 lakh
  • Clothing: Cotton clothes in Summer and light woollen in winter.
  • Language: Hindi, Punjabi, English are understood and spoken by the people engaged in tourism trade.
  • Approach
  • Rail: Una is well connected by broad gauge rail.
  • Road: Una is approachable by road from Shimla, Chandigarh and Pathankot.
Tourist Places to visit in Una Himachal
Dera Baba Bharbhag Singh - 40 Kms

Dera Baba Bharbhag Singh This is a well known Gurudrawa whose foundation was laid by Baba Bharbag Singh, a popular saint equipped with mystical powers. The gurudwara initially used to be called as Dera. This much visited spot by various devotees lies at a distance of 40 Km from the main town of Una and its beauty is enhanced by the hill over which it is situated and the beautiful Eucalyptus trees encircling it. The place is also known for the Baba Bhar Bhag Singh Mela which witnesses huge crowd. During this fair, people make it a point to have treatments for their various mental problems.
Bangana Lathian Piplu - 26 Kms

Bangana Lathian Piplu This is a popular place that can be spotted at the Una Barsar Hamirpur Road. On coming to this place, one can behold the amazing sight of Gobind Sagar. Winter season has its distinct charm for the tourists since at that time, tourists also make it a point to visit the Naina Devi Temple as well as the Jogi Ponga Temple.

Chintpurni Temple - 53 Kms

Chintpurni Temple Chintpurni Temple is a significant temple that can be spotted at the Dharamshala-Hoshiarpur Road. This is a holy temple that it visited thousands of devotees. The temple is famous for its fair that is held in the month of August and it attended by various visitors. Close to this temple, there is provision for accommodation in the form of Yatri Niwas which is well maintained by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.
  • Jwala ji Temple - 80 Kms
  • Kangra Devi Temple - 100 Kms
  • Dharamshala IPL Cricket Stadium - 140 kms
  • Baba Balak nath ( Deotsidh) - 70 Kms
  • Peer Nigaha - 20 Kms
  • Baba garib nath Temple - 25 kms
  • Bhakhra Dam - 50 Kms
  • Nangal Dam - 30 Kms
  • Kila Baba bedi ji - 0 kms
  • Dyunsar Mahadev Mandir - 35 Kms

History of Una Himachal 

Una is a district of Himachal Pradesh which lies in its south western part. On the 1st September,1972 the Himachal Pradesh Govt. reorganised the then  Kangra district into three districts namely Una, Hamirpur and Kangra.
The famous places of Una are ‘Chintpurni’ Goddess temple, Dera Baba Barbhag Singh, Dera Baba Rudru, Joggi Panga, Dharamshala Mahanta, Dhunsar Mahadev Temple Talmehra, Shivbari Temple Gagret and Mini Secretariat.  
Una district is well developed in the industrial sector due to close proximity to Punjab. Mehatpur, Gagret, Tahliwal & Amb are main industrial centres of Una.
On 11th January 1991, Una has been provided with railway line by laying 14 Kms broad gauge track from Nangal(Punjab) to Una. Punjabi, Hindi, Pahari are common languages spoken. In winter, climate is cool, woolen clothes required. In summer, climate is hot, cotton clothes required. From July to September, it is rainy & humid.
Una has been carved out of Hoshiarpur district of Punjab in 1966 where the hilly areas of Punjab were transferred to Himachal Pradesh and the whole area is warm. It has borders with Kangra Hamirpur and Bilaspur and then acts as a gateway to these regions. Efforts are being made to develop same places in Nangal and Bhakra areas.
Famous Places Around Una :-
Chintpurni Temple : -It is located on Dharamshala-Hoshiarpur road on a ridge. Thousand of devotees visit this temple. The main fair is held during the 10 days of "Shukalpaksh" in August. In addition to many religious festivals. There is a Yatri Niwas which is managed by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.
Bangana Lathian Piplu :- This area falls on the Una Barsar-Hamirpur road. Piplu is situated on the top of Sola Singh Dhar from where the view of Gobind-Sagar is fascinating. This area can attract tourist during winter season especially, when they propose to visit other religious places like Jogi Ponga and Naina Deviji.
Dera Baba Bharbhag Singh :- The place has famous Gurudwara where thousand of Sikhs visit every year to receive the blessing of Baba Bharbhag Singh, who was a saint and established this Gurudwara which was earlier known as Dera. It is about 40 Kms. from Una Town and one can reach this place by bus directly or by train upto Una or by air upto Chandigarh. The Gurudwara is situated on the top of the hill and is surrounded by Ecyluptus trees. The Gurudwara Sarai apart from PWD Rest House is available for the night stay. A famous fair also known as Baba Bhar Bhag Singh Mela is held here in the month of February in honour of Barbhag Singh ji who was reowned for his magical powers. This fair is held at the time of holi and is famous for the treatment of mental problems and is unique fair of its kind in the country. A large number of visitors suffering from mental problems come to this fair and are treated at the gurudwara by the priest called 'Masands'.
Dera Baba Rudra Nand :  - A place where Dhuna(Hawan Place) is constantly running for generations (more than 160 years). Where you have the 5 main Rishis rebirthed to 5 pupil trees together. It goes a saying in this area that if a snake bit person takes 7 parikrams of the group of these trees, he survives.Dera Baba Rudru, established by a celibate solitarian Baba Rudranand in village Nari about 10 kms. from Una, is situated on Una-Amb road near Basal village. It is said that Baba ji was named Rudra as he was considered to be a part of lord Shankar. As per a legend prevalent in the area, once the local nambardar gave a sound beating to Baba’s cows and the herdsmen.
Later on when herdsmen narrated the entire incident then Baba Rudranand enquired about the pain they felt. The herdsmen revealed that they simply felt as if the nambardar was simply tricking them by playing pranks. Then Baba Ji showed them his bare back which was full of bruises of lathi blow . After being initiated as a disciple by revered celibate Brahmanand of Kashi, Baba Rudranand Sat in penance under a cluster of five ‘peepuls’ which still exist with in the precincts of the ‘dera’. Later on Baba Ji established an ‘akhand dhoona’ in 1850 which is still burning constantly without break. It is believed that there is some spiritual bondage in between the five peepal tree and the ‘vibhuti’(holy ashes) of the ‘akhand dhoona’, because anyone afflicted with a snake bite after being given a dose of ‘vibhuti’ is made to sit or lie under the five peepul tree, is cured by Baba Rudru’s grace and blessings of the snake bite.

Una Himachal Food Guide

Following are famous Dishes of Una Himachal

1. Gandyali Chat of Una Himachal ( Colocasia Tangy Snack)

Una Gandyali Chat ( Colocasia Tangy Snack) was made famous by One street hawker named "Maddi", who mastered perfect recipe for making chaat for Boiled Colocasia. Such was the craze for chaat, that he used to do two shifts for selling "una gandyali Chaat", in the day time out side the SD school of Una, and in the evening in the Una Bazzar Area. His chaat was famous as "Maddi di gandyali"..Maddi died in year 2012. Now a days some street vendors still do sell "Gandyali chaat" but no match with Maddi's Recipe.

Recently one Street Vendor in the Upper Una Bazzar Chowk at the spot of Rupa Kulfi wala has started selling same chaat since 2013 onwards.


3. Rupe Di Kulfi - Una Himachal

For years, Mighty Pahalwaan Rupa treated una himachal residents with his malai Kulfi. Rupa used to have his street Rehri in Una Bazaar Area at main chowk. He had a cult following in the area for his delicious kulfi. Rupa also expired in year 2010. after his death, his leagacy is carried on by his family members, who continue to sell same delicious Kulfi in summer and switch to Una Gandyali Chaat in Winter.

4. Jagtar Di Kulfi, Rabri Badaam Milk, Carrot halwa- Una Himachal

Mr. Jagtar's shop near Sheetla Mata Mandir has become a good name, when some one wants delicious badaam Pistaa Milk in summer or Carrot Halwa in Winter. The great taste and purity of ingrediants have made Jagtar very famous in Una Himachal. 

5. Om Bhujia Bhandar - Una Himachal

Om Bhujia Bhandaar located at Una Himachal Nangal Road near professor Colony is a One Stop Shop for buying delicious Petha Sweet. The Patha of Om Bhujia has become so famous that now it is exported to many other states in India. Om Bhujia bhandar is now also diversifying into spicy namkeens and other sweets. It is a place for genuinity and great taste that too at affordable prices.

6. Bombay Picnic Spot - For Chaat - South Indian Foods

If you want to have hot madras coffee, Crispy Masala Dosa, Chana Bhatura, Idlee, Vada, Sambhar etc in Una Himachal, Just Head to Bombay Picnic Spot located at about 45 kms from Una Himachal towards Chintpurni Temple. It is a perfect place for family hangout and a great area for kids entertainments and games. If you become late, it offers accomodation also for night stay.

7. Jeevan Market - Chaat shops

Jeevan Market in Una Himachal near Main Bus Stand is also one destination for great street food. here in one place, you will find pure fruit juice, Aaloo tikki chaat, Masala Dosa, Samosa tikki chaat etc. This is a very crowded area, however proper heigine is an issue in the food stalls of Jeevan Market. if you really want to enjoy food in Jeevan market, Go for the Disposables..

Recommended Restaurants in Una Himachal

PMR ( Pandit Mool Raj Residency) Restuarant

If you want great family dining options in Una himachal, the best place is to heed to at PMR Hotel near Rakkar Colony, Una Himachal. PMR has a restaurant "Lazeez Himachal" where you can enjoy traditional Indian dishes prepared by experienced chefs.PMR offers delicious Malai Kofta, Matar Paneer Masala,Mixed Vegetable Curry, Chicken Tikka,Tandoori Chicken, Appetizers (Fried) items like Paneer Pakoda,Aloo Tikki,Chicken Pakoda. PMR offers great Fresh & Delicious Food. PMR offers free Parking for Customers. at PMR Debit/Credit Cards are Accepted

Recommended Bars in Una Himachal

1. PMR ( Pandit Moolrj Residency) Bar

PMR Bar is the best bar in una himachal, which offers you dimly lit environs and highest standards. It is perfact to host get-togethers and parties. at PMR bar you feel like you are in Metropolitan bar. The Bar is fresh and with new look. It is much better to many existing bars in Una Himachal area.

Best Beer in Una Himachal

At PM Residency Bar, you can have many selection of imported and domestic beers.e.g Foster's, Heineken, Kingfisher, Haywards, Budweiser, Thunderbolt

Classical Cocktails in Una Himachal
PMR Bar offers custom cocktails, not limited to Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Bellini, Apple Martini, Margarita

Premium Wines (Red & White) In Una Himachal
At PM Residency, premium RED & WHITE wines are served with many popular wine brands not limited to Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Home wine, Riesling, Shiraz, Merlot etc

2. Maya Hotel Bar

Maya Hotel is the oldest Bar in Una Himachal, However in recent years, its quality of service has  gone down. The Sitting area is not impressive, in addition Bar is not stockpiled with many varieties. Still it is a good option if you need a bar with in walkable distance of Una City Centre.

3. Suvidha Palace Bar

Suvidha Palace Bar is a small bar near Una Bus Stand frequented by Locals. The bar is economical and value for money. however it lacks ambience and High-end look. Plus the Suvidha Bar does not have Bar Stools to have drinks at the counter.