Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour

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Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour - Package Overview

Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour

                    Raipur - Malhar - Madkudweep - Bhoramdeo - Sirpur - Turturia Tala

Archaeological Treasure Tour - Chhattisgarh (3 Nights/ 4 Days): Overview

Chhattisgarh as it is very different from other well-known tourist destinations in India. It has in its bouquet some totally unique sites, which are enticing to a varied spectrum of travelers. Chhattisgarh have lots of places to visit anthological places of every famous city of Chhattisgarh. Holiday Travel Pvt Ltd offers you to extend your holiday through arthlogical sightseeings which is mentioned in the itinerary. Delve into the timeless historic treasures of Chhattisgarh's Archeologocal wonderful places. Enjoy the antique charm and mesmerizing sculptures of Malhar, Madkudweep, Bhoramdeo and Tala. Package is well designed or suited for Family, Kids or Couples



Archaeological Treasure Tour - Chhattisgarh (3 Nights/ 4 Days): Highlights

  • Ancient and protective monument of Shiva Temple

  • Magnificent small Shiva Temple with some of the most exquisite carving at Raipur

  • Ancient excavated temples such as Devri temple

  • Very Famous Pataleshwar Kedar temple with Gomukhi Siva-ling.

  • Grapping temples of Madku dweep Tour

Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour - Package Rates & Dates
Title Standard Prsice High Season
Oct-01 To Mar-31
Low Season
Apr-01 To Sep-30
NewYear/Festival Time
Dec-20 To Jan-05
6N/7D Standard Package
Hotel Rasoi Inn (Bilaspur), Hotel Punjab Palace (Raipur)
Rs 12499 Rs 14499 Rs 9999 Rs 17300
6N/7D Deluxe Package
Aananda Imperial (Bilaspur), Hotel Golden Oak (Raipur)
Rs 15499 Rs 18499 Rs 11999 Rs 22300
Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour - Package Inclusion

Package Inclusion:

  • 6 Nights accomodation in well ac room

  • Daily breakfast + Breakfast

  • Archeology attractions in below destinations

  • Raipur 

  • Shiva Pali Temple Korba

  • Tala

  • Malhar

  • Madkudweep 

  • Bhoramdeo

  • Sirpur 

  • Turturia

  • AC vehicle for 7 days

  • All siteseeings by private vehicle

  • All taxes

  • Toll Taxes, car parking

Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour - Package Itinerary

Arrive at Raipur by air or Flight and Proceed to Bilaspur. transfer to hotel, later visit for Local site seeing in Raipur

Overnight stay at Raipur

Visit the ancient Shiva Temple situated in Korba. This temple is now a protected monument. the temple has some exquisite carvings depicting various hindu deities. Both on the inside as well the outside walls have these beautiful sculptures
After temple visit, spend afternoon in Korba site seeings & evening back to Raipur.

Dinner & Hotel Stay in Raipur

After Breakfast, proceed to Malhar, about 40 kms away, in Malhar many ancient temples have been found, such as Pataleshwar temple, Devri temple & Dindeshwari temple. The ancient deposits and Jain religion memorials are also found here. The four handed idol of Vishnu is also very famous

At this place, remains were found of the period from appx. 1000 BC to Kalchuri regime. The temples of 10th and 11th centuries are seen here. 

Among those Pataleswar Kedar temple is one of them where Gomukhi Shiv ling is the main point of attraction. The Didneswari temple of Kalchuri regime is also found. Artistic idols are found in Deor temple. At this place, there is a museum having good collection of old sculpture being managed by the Government of India.

This town is in the list of "Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains of National Importance" maintained by Archaeological Survey of India.

Night stay in Bilaspur

Ancient Madku Dweep, the group of 19 temples from the 11th-14th century Kalchuri periods in the Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh, are worth visiting. 

There are 19 Shiv temples of which nine are 'Smatk Ling'- all belonging to Ratanpur kings of Kalchuri period. "As per legend, Madku Dweep was originally called Mandku Dweep. It was named so because Mandku Rishi (sage) established this ashram here and composed the Mandku Upanishad. During excavation, a sculpture of Krishna, Uma, Ganesha along with Shivlingas have been found.

Night Stay in Bilaspur

After breakfast you will visit Gobind Sagar and Devrani Jethani Temples then proceed for Bhoramdeo where you will visit Madkudweep, Bhoramdeo Temple.

Later transfer to raipur.


The 2nd Khajuraho in India

Bhoramdeo Temples are also called 2nd Khajuraho or Khajuraho of Chhatisgarh. Bhoramdeo is famous for complex of Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. there are four temples of which the earliest is a brick-temple. It is located at the foot of the thickly forested scenic backdrop of the Maikal range of hills, approx 134 kms from Raipur,capital of Chhattisgarh.

The main temple is the Bhoramdeo temple which has erotic Kamasutra Positions similar to Khajuraho temple, hence the Bhoramdeo complex is known as "Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh". Another Famous temple within a distance of about 1 kilometre from Bhoramdeo,  is the Madwa Mahal, meaning marriage hall in local dialect, also known as Dullhadeo. It was built in 1349 during the reign of Ramchandra Deo of the Nagavanshi dynasty and has a unique Shiva Linga erected over 16 pillars.

Overnight stay at Raipur

After post breakfast you will proceed for sightseeing at Sirpur i.e. Surang Tila Temple, Lakshmana Mandir, Laxman Temple, Turturia Springs and Village and ananda prabhu vihara. 


Lakshmana Temple - World Famous

Visit India’s finest brick temples ever created, the magnificent Laxman temple. A remarkable product of unique Symmetry, precise construction and exquisite carvings.

The Lakshmana Temple found here is a brick temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It was discovered in 1872 by Lord Cunningham, the then Director General of Archeological Survey. The temple is the only brick temple of its size still standing in this State. The door frame is of stone and a figure of the reclining Vishnu on the Sheshnag may be found on the Lintel. 


Ram temple
Like two brothers residing in the beloved company of each other, the Ram temple is situated close to the Laxman temple. The Ram temple charms visitors with a unique star-like projection at the top. 


Turturiya Village Tour
Turturiya is situated at a distance of  24 KMs from Sirpur. This place is of great significance.Turturiya is a forest village situated on the banks of Tuturiya Spring (also known as Sursuri Ganga). It is a place of great archaeological and anthropological interest. Turturiya comprises several Buddhist ruins believed to be from the 8th century AD which shows the influence and spread of Buddhism, as well as Brahmanical ruins of a later period. The Buddhist ruins includes exquisitely carved pillars, remains of fine brick stupas etc, traces of bathing ghats, lingams, figures of four armed Vishnu and Ganesha idols etc.

TURTURIYA SPRINGS - Sursuri Ganga Tour

The springs are located at the banks of the river sursi ganga. The site is famous as it has Brahmanical remains belonging to the 8th century. The site accommodates a number of stupas, bathing ghats and figurines of lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha. The place is must visit for people who have an interest in archaeological and anthropology.

Metal idols at Sirpur
Sirpur was known for the mastery of creating metal idols in the 7th-8th A.D. Metal idols were discovered in Sirpur as early as in 1939. Metal idols found here are showcased in Raipur, Nagpur, New Delhi museums and Mumbai’s Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. Sirpur has always been in international limelight for its amazing excavations including the metal idols. These idols have also been sported in Germany, England and America. 


Baleshwar Mahadev temple

The name of this excavated temple complex is probably put to commemorate the great king Mahashivgupt Balarjun whose inscriptions are found all over Sirpur. He is also attributed to have built most of the monuments at this site. There are about 3-4 temples in the complex, at each corner. All the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are built upon Jagati, high rise platform, similar to Laxman temple. Beautiful stories are carved on the pillars and inscriptions allure you with an incessant mystery.



Another temple is the GANDHESHESHWARA TEMPLE (formerly Gandharveshvara) and is interesting because of the Epigraphic records and Genealogy of the Kings of the Somvansh. Some extremely good Vaishnav sculptures are to be found in the Mandapa and several Jain, Buddhist and Hindu Sculptures have been collected in the precincts of the temple .

Uniqueness of Sirpur Archeological Sites

The most interesting feature of the Sirpur site is that archeological pieces connected with the Shaiv,Vaishnav, Jain and Buddhist religions (of approximately the same age) have been found side by side. The ruins are seen on the banks of numerous tanks existing within a radius of about 6 kilometers around Sirpur.

Visit Buddhist Attractions of Sirpur

Buddha Vihar
The rising popularity of Sirpur can be accredited to the various Buddhist excavations discovered here. Truly blessed with the scenic beauty, the Buddha Vihara exudes warmth and portrays religious harmony. Brick constructions and underground rooms stand testimony to a mystical era. 

Buddha Vihara (Teevar dev Maha Vihara):
Today popular as the biggest monastery in Dakshin Kosala, this Vihara is located at about 1 km away from the Laxman temple. Complete in every sense, this monastery reflects the entire Buddhist culture and emanates a sense of pride for the entire nation. It is beautifully crafted in every sense and has stood the test of time with its amazing brick construction.


In the evening back to raipur for overnight stay.

Before departs from raipur you will visit for local siteseeing of Raipur i.e. Sita Nadi Sanctuary, Shadani Darbar and Mahamaya Temple, Budhapara Lake and Vivakanada ashram. Then drop to railway st./ Airport

Archaeological Treasure Chhattisgarh Package Tour - Package Other Details

Famous Pilgrimage Places in Bilaspur

Bilaspur is is made principally pulgrimage place by the presence of the lord and his pure devotees. Holy places in bilaspur will purify your soul and will ensure a spiritual healing from your sorrows and grief. Among the famous Bilaspur Holy Places the two ancient temples at Tala deserve a special mention. In Tala two earliest temples of Fifth Century have been found which are Jethani temple & Devrani temple. The main attraction is the ancient idol of Lord Shiva which is regarded to be very auspicious.

Places to visit in Bilaspur

Gobind Sagar: Gobind Sagar is named after the last guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh.Gobind Sagar lake one of the most important place of interest in Bilaspur, is a huge reservoir on the Sutlej river. It spreads over an area of 170 sq km and its length extends up to 90 km.

Kutaghat Dam: Bilaspur's Kutaghat Dam is famous with every tourist. It is around 10 km from Ratanpur, the city famous for ruins of forts and served as the capital of Chhattisgarh once. Kutaghat Dam is constructed on the serene banks of Kharoon River and helps in the irrigation process of the entire region.

Devrani Jethani Temples: Bilaspur's Deorani Jethani Temples have great historical significance. In this site, a beautiful statue of Rudra Shiva, which belongs to 6th century, has been found. To increase tourist footfall to this place, the area around the Deorani Jethani Temples has been converted into an exquisite park. Besides, along the banks of the River Maniyari, new carvings are being done on the walls to make the place look more attractive.

Pataleswar Kedar Temple: The temple houses a Gomukhi Siva-ling which is the main attraction and is thus visited by lots of tourists every year. The sculpture of the temple edifice is simply unsurpassed and has intricate carvings on it. The scenic beauty all around the temple is also amazing and thus makes for a great place to unwind and find peace of mind here. As you step inside the temple compound you are reminded of the rich culture and heritage of the past and an unusual aura of bliss and delight envelops you.

Ratanpur Fort: Situated at a distance of about 25 kms from Bilaspur, Ratanpur enjoys a considerable importance from the point of view of tourism. Here you can marvel and appreciate the exquisite stone sculpture over the frame of the Ganesh Gate. Take a close look at the idols of Ganga and Jamuna that grace the gate. At the entrance, Lord Shivji, in his Tandav Dance pose is bound to grab eyeballs.

Best time to visit Bilaspur

Bilaspur lies at a rise of around 2208 ft. This town encounters cool winters and warm summers with moderate rainstorm. Summer is ordinarily amid the months in the middle of April and September when the base temperature is around 18 deg C and the most extreme can achieve 37 deg C.

Rainstorm showers happen in the months in the middle of July and August. Winters are the best time to visit this town as the temperatures can float around the point of solidification. In the case of going amid winter, it is ideal to convey woolen apparel. There is a thick mist cover that permits next to zero daylight amid winter.