Bhoramdeo Tourist Guide and Packages

Bhoramdeo Tourist Guide and Packages - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Staring from Rs 5,499/- Per Person for 3 night 4 days including site seeing
  • Location: Chhatisgarh,India -
  • Nearest Airport: Raipur
  • Nearest Train Station: Raipur
  • How to reach: Bhoramdeo is best reachable from Raipur, which is connected with Flights all across India

Bhoramdeo Tourist Guide & Packages

Bhoramdeo - The Khajuraho of Chhatisgarh

The perfect settings for Raiders of Lost Arc in deep mystic Indian Jungles..Visit the land of super0abundance of Green forests, Wild Animals and Mystic centuries-old temples,  The Bhoramdeo Temple ( built in 11th Century) tour is presented by , this temple and over all site figures at the very top of must-see destinations of India located in Chhattisgarh.

This spectacular temple is 100 years older then Khajuraho, is located in foothills of the Maikal Hills among the sal and bija trees, This temple care is taken care of  by the Indian tribal communities of Gonds and the Baigas, who live deep inside the forest. Temple has rows of sculptures of gods and goddesses,  and the eye-catching erotica.Place also has a  placid lake with boating facilities surrounded by hills also has a prawling park adjacent to the Shiva temple. The carvings on the wall are both religious and erotic, highly photogenic. Bhoramdev Temple is like the Khajuraho, alone in the middle of nothing,serene atmosphere and Indian Tribals greeting you.

The 2nd Khajuraho in India

Bhoramdeo Temples are also called 2nd Khajuraho or Khajuraho of Chhatisgarh. Bhoramdeo is famous for complex of Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. there are four temples of which the earliest is a brick-temple. It is located at the foot of the thickly forested scenic backdrop of the Maikal range of hills, approx 134 kms from Raipur,capital of Chhattisgarh.

The main temple is the Bhoramdeo temple which has erotic Kamasutra Positions similar to Khajuraho temple, hence the Bhoramdeo complex is known as "Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh". Another Famous temple within a distance of about 1 kilometre from Bhoramdeo,  is the Madwa Mahal, meaning marriage hall in local dialect, also known as Dullhadeo. It was built in 1349 during the reign of Ramchandra Deo of the Nagavanshi dynasty and has a unique Shiva Linga erected over 16 pillars.

Raipur Tourist Guide and Packages : Rate & Dates

Package Duration: 3 night 4 days
Package Category Hotel City Package cost Per Person
Peak season Rates (July to Feb) Off Season Rates (Mar to June)
Standard  Hotel Mohini Palace Kawardha Rs.5,499 Rs.4,499
Delux  Hotel Kalpana Kawardha Rs.6,499 Rs.5,499

Package Inclusion:

  • 3 Nights accomodation in well ac room
  • Daily breakfast
  • ac vehicle for 4 days
  • All siteseeings by private vehicle
  • All taxes
  • Toll Taxes, car parking

Bhoramdeo is well known for following Attractions

1. Erotic Temples similar to Khajuraho
2. Bhoramdeo wildlife sanctuary

Importnat Notes :- 

1. Bhoramdeo Temples & Attractions are located at the entrance of Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary, which has open patches of forest on the rolling Maikal Hills where leopard, hyena, jackal, bear, chital. Wild buffalo, nilgai etc can be sighted.

2. Bhoramdeo acts as a transit halt for tourists traveling from Kanha National Park side towards Raipur / Kanker.

Things to do in Bhoramdeo

  • From Bhoramdeo, you can directly head to Jabalpur, Enjoy the drive through dense and picturous reserve forest.
  • Attend the Puja" ceremony at the temple to have exhilarating experience, This Pooja is continiously going on for last 1,015 years. 
  • Walk around the temple witnessing the carvings, and understand circle of life. 
  • It is also possible to Visit Bhoramdeo via day trip from The Baagh Retreat, Kanha, driving through part of the national park, a superb day excursion to tie into wildlife/tigers, tribals, markets, hikes and other temples.
  • Visit the Dam reservior near by in satpura ranges, Drive is through the reserve forest. 
  • Drive through the near by Tribale villages to get a  good glimpse of a typical peaceful tribal life.
  • Enjoy laid back holidays in Retreats around, with zero pollution and only noise pollution of chirping and other jungle sounds.

How to Reach Bhoramdeo

  • The nearest airport to the Bhoramdeo complex is 134 km away near Raipur, Raipur is well coneected with the many major cities of the country. 
  • Raipur is also the nearest railhead Bombay-Howarah main line. 
  • Road communications from Kawardha, the nearest tehsil town to the temple complex, exists to Raipur (116 km), Rajnandgaon(133 km) and Jabalpur(220 km).
  • There is also a bypass road from Raipur to Madhya Pradesh Highway which skirts the Kanha National Park.

Bhoramdeo Temple Complex - More Bonus Information

Bhoramdeo temple complex are dated back to 1100 AD & are older than the Khajuraho Group of temples. Typical architectural features represents the Khajuraho style of architecture also Orisaa temples.

Bhoramdeo Temples Attractions Guide

Istaliq temple

The Istaliq temple or the temple built with dried or burnt clay bricks adjoins the main Bharamdeo temple. It was the first temple built between 2nd and 3rd centuries. This temple, in a dilapidated condition. has only a sanctum sanctorum without an entrance hall or mantap. The tower above the sanctum sanctorum is extant only to half its height. There is wall projecting out of this temple which is known as "Allinda". Other existing structural features seen in the sanctum sanctorum are a few sculpted pillars. A sculpted Shiva Linga is deified here along with images of Uma Maheswar and of the king and queen standing in a worshipful pose.

Open-air museum

There is an open-air museum within the temple complex which has a large collection of archeological antiquaries unearthed from the area, which are dated to 2nd and 3rd centuries.A particular find on display is of Sati pillars, which have unique architectural motif in which couples are carved in squatting amorous postures called the "alingana-mudra".There are also many slabs (stelles), with one stele in particular carved with a sword as a commemorative slab, and images of Uma Maheswar. Other collections on display in the courtyard are: Many dilapidated images; friezes of Nandi and Linga; and on the northern part of the courtyard a temple made of bricks in a ruined state. A recently built temple washed in redcolour with the deity Hanuman, is also seen on one side of the courtyard. A draped Kal Bhairava sculpture is also seen in the complex at its exit end

(Open-air museum)

Cherki Mahal

Cherki Mahal, the last temple in the complex, is not easily locatable as it is situated in a thinly forested area. A Shiva Linga form, not carved is deified in this temple. The roof of the sanctum of the temple has lotus decoration. The entrance porch has many aesthetic repeated patterns.

Madwa Mahal Guide

Madwa Mahal with plaque written in Hindi language giving some deayils of the temple

(Madwa Mahal)

Madwa Mahal, located about a kilometer away from the main temple, is a west facing temple where a Shiva Linga is deified. As the temple was built like a marriage hall or pandal (fabricated structure), known in local dialect as "Madwa". It was built in remembrance of the wedding of Nagwanshi king Ramachandra Dev and Haihawanshi Queen Raj Kumari Ambika Devi that took place in 1349.

Entrance to the temple has traditional architectural embellishments. The ceiling of the entrance hall or mandapa had a dilapitated shikara, which has been remodeled crudely. However, the lowest part of this tower has many small erotic sculptures made by local artists. The entrance hall also has the usual feature of an image of Nandi (the bull) offering prayers to Shiva Linga, which is housed in the sanctum sanctorum. There is stairway to approach the sanctum sanctum from the main entrance.

The external walls of this temple have 54 images in erotic sexual postures explained in the Kama Sutra, which are said to reflect the tantric culture practiced by the Nagawanshi kings.