Mandu Site Seeing Tourist Guide

Mandu Site Seeing Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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  • Location: Madhya Pradesh,India -
  • Nearest Airport: Indore
  • Nearest Train Station: Indore
  • How to reach: Mandu is located at 2 hours drive from Indore Madhya Pradesh

Mandu Site Seeing Tourist Guide

Mandu is a famous tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh famous for forts, palaces and architectural masterpieces. The ruined city of Mandu is located at a distance of about 90 km from Indore, business capital of Madhya Pradesh. Popularly known as Mandu among travellers, the town is located amidst the Vindhya Ranges, at an elevation of 2000 feet above the sea level.

Travellers will find over 40 monuments in Mandu. There are three broad categories: the Central Village Group, the Royal Enclave Group, Rewa Kund Group.

The city of Mandu, was also called a city of joy, is now a ruined city in the Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh. 

Jehaz Mahal - Mandu

Mystical Beauty of Mandu

The mystical beauty of the monuments, amidst the sprawling lush green landscape and the purple sunset sky, paints the live picture of the bygone era for travellers. The effect is completed by the rich surroundings of mango, tamarind and banyan trees. Mandu is also famous for its 'Khusrani Imli', tamarind trees which bear fruit only in the rainy season and juicy custard apples.

Magic of Mandu over Mughals and British

Mandu had eternal magical charm over Mughals, Between 1401 and 1561 Mandu was the capital of a Muslim state in the north of India.. The great Mughal emperor Jahangir wrote about Mandu’s Natural beauty & greatness that – I have never known about any other existing place on earth like Mandu before, which can be so exciting in terms of its adorable climate conditions and that too in rainy seasons.

While Lord Curzon said to get inspired and wrote – The way Mandu has inspired me from the bottom of my heart, regarding its architectural richness & matured nature, none of any Monuments in entire India did have same thing.”

Mandu is the Most Famous Tourist Destination -  Madhya Pradesh

Mandu is known among tourists for its fine Islamic architectural buildings and monuments. Mandu, due to its strategic position and natural defences was an important military outpost , It is protected by a massive wall of 37 km long and 12 gateways. Mandu has large number of palaces, mosques, Jain temples of 14th century. The oldest mosque in Mandu dates from 1405; the finest is the Jama Masjid.

Rani Rupmati & Baz Bahadur's Tragic Love Tale

Mandu is the tribute to the love shared between the poet prince Baz Bahadur and his beautiful consort Rani Rupmati. The balladeers of malwa continued to sing of the royal romance, According to legand Rani Rupmati’s lyrical voice can still be heard acroos the Narmada. 

Bazbahadur had in intense love for Rani Rupmati, he was so engrossed in her love that even he forgot to execute his duties towards day to day running of Mandu, seeing this a golden chance, Adam khan, who was an Army chief of Akbar, invaded Mandu and defeated Bazbahadur. Rupmati killed herself as she could not have been able to live without Bazbahadur. Bazbahadur sought shelter at Akbar’s place and adorned his court as an excellent singer, he died in 1595 AD, and as per his wish, his corpse was buried beside Rupmati’s grave in Mandu.

Mandu-Rani Rupmati Mahal

Mandu Site Seeing Attractions

Mandu Fort

Mandu is famous among travellers for its amazing Fort, which is 82 km in perimeter and is considered to be the biggest in India. Mandu fort contains the ruins of palaces, ornamented canals, baths, pavilions etc. The fort was once the monsoons retreat of the Mughal emperors.The magic of Mandu lives on in its palaces, mosques, and in its ballads.

Rani Roopmati's Pavilion

A large sandstone structure originally built as an army observation post it is known today as Roopmati's Pavilion. Rani Roopmati - the love interest of Baaz Bahadur lived here and is said to have gazed at the Baz Bahadur's Palace - situated below and also at Narmada river, flowing through the Nimar plains far below, a river which the queen revered. The Pavilion is a major tourist attraction and offers many scenic views.

Baz Bahadur's Palace

Built by Baz Bahadur this 16th century structure is famous for its large courtyards encompassed by large halls and high terraces. It is situated below Roopmati's Pavilion and can be seen from the pavilion.

Rewa Kund

Rewa Kund is a reservoir constructed by Baz Bahadur for the purpose of supplying water to Rani Roopmati's Pavilion. The reservoir is situated below the pavilion and hence is considered an architectural marvel.

Mandu  Darwazas/Gates

Mandu has 12 major gates or darwazas embeded in The wall circling Mandu . The present road, through which Mandu is reached passes through one of these.

Jahaz Mehal/Ship Palace 

It is situated between two artificial lakes, it appears as a ship floating in water. Jahaz mahal was Built by Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji, it served as a harem for him. It is a major tourist attraction in Mandu

Hindola Mahal

Hindola Mahal - meaning Swing palace is so named due to its sloping side walls. The Hindola Mahal was constructed by Hushang Shah about 1425 C.E. It is one of a buildings making up the royal palace complex at Mandu, which consists of the Jahaz Mahal, the Hindola Mahal, the Tawili Mahal, and the Nahar Jharokha.

Hoshang Shah's Tomb

Hoshang Shah's Tomb is India's first marble structure, it is one of the most refined examples of Afghan architecture. Its unique features include the beautifully proportioned dome, intricate marble lattice work and porticoed courts and towers. It served as a template for the construction of Taj Mahal.

Jami Masjid

Jami Masjid Inspired by the great mosque of Damascus, this humongous structure is striking in both its simplicity and architectural style-with large courtyards and grand entrances.

Mandu - Site Seeing Itinarary - 3 Nights-4 days

Day 1 Ujjain

Arrival Ujjain station at 07:15 hrs. Pickup by car and check in to hotel. After breakfast, visit Mahakal temple and other religious sites. Have your dinner & night stay at Ujjain.

Day 2 Omkareshwar

After breakfast, checkout and proceed to Omkareshwar (131 Km). Check in to hotel. Visit the Jyotirlinga at Omkareshwar. Have dinner & night stay at Omkareshwar.

Day 3 Mandu

After breakfast, proceed to Maheshwar(62 Km). Visit the monuments at Maheshwar. Proceed to Mandu (63 Km). Check in to hotel. Have dinner & night stay at Mandu.

Day 4 Indore

Monday After breakfast, visit Mandu. Proceed to Indore(99 Km). Afternoon at 1550 hrs catch 2962 - Avantika Exp. (AC 3 tier). Dinner onboard. Overnight journey.

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When to visit Mandu

Best Season / Best time to visit Mandu

Mandu experiences a tropical climatic condition all through the year. Summers (March to June) in Mandu are slightly hot, but overall pleasant due to its elevated position. The temperature ranges from 35°C to 20°C during summers. Winters (October to February) are cool and pleasant. Maximum day time temperature is 22°C and temperature drops down to a minimum of 7°C during nights. Monsoons (July to September) have medium level annual rainfalls. People celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi (September / October) with great pomp and fanfare. Time to visit Mandu is all through the year and the best during July to March

How to reach Mandu Madhya Pradesh

  • By Air: The nearest airport to Mandu is at Indore (100 km), connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Gwalior and Bhopal.
  • By Rail: The nearest railheads to Mandu are Ratlam (124 km) on the Mumbai - Delhi main line, and Indore (100 km).
  • By Road: Regular bus services connect Mandu with Indore, Dhar, Mhow, Ratlam, Ujjain and Bhopal.