Narsinhgarh Fort Tourist Guide

Narsinhgarh Fort Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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About Narsinghgarh Fort

The Gadi of “Narsinghgarh belongs to Bhagwan Shri Raghunathji (Bhagwan Shri Ram) and the salutation is “Jai Raghunathji” when greeting each other. The Ruler of Narsinghgarh ruled the State in the name of Bhagwan Shri Raghunathji Maharaj, the family deity, as his Dewan; similar to that of the Maharana of Mewar who ruled the State as Dewan of his deity Shri Eklingji. 
The Fort-Palace at Narsinghgarh was the official Residence of the Rulers till Maharaja Bhanu Prakash Singhji shifted to the Bhanu Niwas Palace in the town in 1962. In Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan the Rulers of Narsinghgarh were the only Rulers who lived in the Fort.

Location of Narsinghgarh Fort:-

Narsinghgarh town is surrounded by hills and has three lakes. It is situated between Kota & Bhopal on the Jaipur-Jabalpur National Highway No.12 and is 84 km. from Bhopal, 265 Kilometers from Kota. Indore is 208 km. The main railway junction is Bhopal on the main Delhi-Chennai line and Biaora 33 kms on the Maksi-Gwalior branch line. The nearest airport is Bhopal 72 km.
23, Pragati Vihar,
Bicholi Mardana,
Indore - 452016