Jibhi The Unspoilt Wonder of Tirthan valley

Jibhi The Unspoilt Wonder of Tirthan valley - Destination Overview

Jibhi - the Unspoilt Hemlet in Tirthan Valley - Himachal Pradesh India

About Jibhi

Jibhi is a world famous small Peaceful Pictursque Village in Banjar Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Jibhi can be approached from Chandigarh-Manali Highway, just take a small detour before AUT & follow the river towards Bajnar loacted at 27 km from AUT. Jibhi is another 8 km from Banjar town towards Jalori Pass. If you are travelling by Bus, you need to tell the bus conductor to get down at Jaipur as Lower Jibhi is known as Jaipur. Direct Bus is available from AUT to Jibhi.Jibhi is loacted at a moderate altitude so it is generally pleasant through-out the year which makes it one of best places to have home stays. Jaipur (lower Jibhi) has 3-4 guest houses, couple of provisional stores, wine shop and vegetable stalls.  These guest houses offer high end Swiss cottages to very basic cheap accommodations affordable for backpackers. If you are carrying your own tent then just pitch in anywhere along the river bank.

As in Tirthan Valley, Bharti's rule for Home Stay whether it is Raju Bharti or Khem Bharti. In Jibhi , it is Mr. Rana, You can find Mr. Rana, who is the name for Hospitality, Mr Rana is an early explorer of Banjar Valley. Mr Rana has done incredible job of exploring Banjar valley, setting up guest houses, compiling the history of Banjar valley, outlining the trekking trails, exploring unknown villages, ancient temples etc. most importantly he is involved in various initiatives for saving Tirthan Valley environment.

Famous Excursions Around Jibhi

Chaini Fort Trek/Sharingi Bagi Temple

Chaini Village is popular for ancient Chinese art and archeological wonder Jibhi Fort. Chaini Village can be reached as a 3-4 hour trek from Jibhi. The trek starts from a point called Chiladhar which is some 4 km from Jibhi on the way to Banjar. There is a little diversion to Sharingi Bagi temple from Chiladhar so you can easily notice that.  

Sharingi Bagi temple is another major attraction which lies on the mid way. There is a well outlined trail till the temple. The trail passes through small villages, cedar forest, apple plantations, and thin waterfalls etc. The five storeys Jibhi fort is the most impressive building. Indigenous people also reported that top 2 storeys fall down in an earth quake.Rocks used in the foundation of this fort are not found in this region hence its early development is still a mystery for archeologists.  

Jalori Pass Banjar Valley

Jalori pass and Sarehul lake: Though Jalori (3120 meter) is one of the highest Motorable passes of lower Himachal Pradesh which connects Shimla to Manali via Banjar Valley. Jalori does not witness heavy snow fall hense open through-out the year. From Jibhi, the first bus to Jalori departs at around 9:00 AM in the morning and takes around 2 hour to reach Jalori pass.


Sarehul Lake trek:  

Sarehul Lake is some 6 km from Jalori Pass. Sarehul Lake and temple are highly revered among locals of Banjar Valley. Hundreds of pilgrims follow this trail to offer their prayers to the main deity. Pilgrims circle around the lake and drops Pure Desi Ghee on its periphery. Trek to Sarehul Lake is easy trek with some steep points and patches in between. It takes around 2 hour to make it to Lake from Jalori Pass.Most of those were from neighboring villages and were visiting the temple to celebrate a festival."Budhi Nagin" i.e. goddess of Ghee (clarified butter). Local legend has it that if you pray to the goddess, then you get good quality ghee products.

Raghupur Fort Trek

Drive to Jalori pass 12 kms from Jibhi camp and then 3 hours easy trek to Raghupur fort through dense oke trees.

Crystal mountain

    Duration: 5 days (extendable by 2 more)
    Time of trekking: April - mid July, mid Sept - Nov
    Level of difficulty: easy to moderate
    Range of altitude: 1800 - 3600 m


A 5-day round-trip covering a variety of landscapes. Starting from Seraj in Jibhi through a beautiful river valley with authentic village atmosphere, dense and enchanting forests up to Seraul Lake. For three days, the trek then continues along the ridge at an altitude between 3200 and 3600m through open meadows and stands of Himalayan oak. Along the way, pass ancient shrines of Hindu deities, and there are magnificent views of the surrounding hills and snow capped peaks of the Great Himalayas. Finally reach crystal mine where you can collect your personal mountain crystal. Plenty of time is allowed for bird watching and an introduction to the local flora. On the last day we descend through thick forest again until reaching Seraj .The best time for this trip is July to September.

Dolli Guesthouse - Swiss Living in Tirthan Valley with Most Delicious Food

Want to experience no car, no bus in the street, Want to see see musk deers and bears, Want to see a place still unspoilt by Tourists, Head to Jibhi - 8 kms before Banjar in the Tirthan Valley...

Enjoy the experience of living in a 'pahadi' heritage home. Doli Guesthouse is built in a classy 'Pahaadi' style architecture and is maintained along with a touch of eco-sensitivity. Tastefully renovated to a 5 room guest house, next door is the cafe and a magic little garden with bridges, river views and abundant roses and flowers.

Dolli Guest House is constructed Using no cement, these cottages have been constructed beautifully from all natural materials.

Swiss Chalets in Tirthan Valley

The charming and cozy cottages built on the hill side are inspired by Swiss chalets, Yet maintain the essence of true `Pahadi’ architecture. The 4 double-occupancy cottages are made from stone and cedar wood offering a majestic view of the valley. The cottages has a unique kitchenette for those who want to cook their own meals.

Kshatra Temple - Dolli Guesthouse

Dolli Guesthouse is Built solely for the purpose of spiritual growth, this Temple is an unique offering of this place.The Kshatra Temple is a spiritual haven made solely for the purpose of exercise and meditation. With no walls and a cedar pine floor, you feel one with nature as you rejuvenate your body and mind.The Kshatra Temple enjoys wonderful morning light and spectacular views of the valley.

Kshatra Cafe:- Our food and service will have you coming back for more.Kshatra Cafe is a homely little nook in Jibhi, adjoining Doli guesthouse. Choose from an eclectic blend of local and international cuisine or try some the fresh bakes from the clay oven as you sit under the open sky or in the gazebo overlooking the river. Our staff is everattentive and eager to please.

Welcome to Simone’s Kitchen
Healthy Holidays and Rejuvenating Retreats!

Simone is an expert natural foods chef and has catered to innumerable groups and retreats. Lunches and dinners can be provided to guests on a prior reservation. And if you’re the culinary type, Simone offers cooking classes as well.

Kshatra Retreat - Dolli Guest House

The fresh mountain air, sparkling clean water, and life lived at a deliciously slow pace virtually unchanged for thousands of years, will allow you to feel reconnected to nature, grounded and more connected to yourself.Kshatra Retreat Centre perfect place to immerse yourself body, mind and soul in a month of learning yoga, meditation andpranayam.

How to Reach Dolli Guest House in Jibhi

Direction from Delhi/Chandigarh

    From Delhi it takes around 14 hours to reach Jibhi by road.
    One can take a overnight HRTC bus from Delhi heading to Manali and get down at Aut, ideally before the Aut tunnel.
    And from there take a bus or shared cabs heading towards Banjar or Jibhi directly. Jibhi is another 36 Kms from Aut.
    You can contact HolidayTravel arrange for your travel. With adequate advance booking we can arrange for a vehicle from Delhi or a pickup from Aut.

Important Distances from Jibhi: Banjar (8 km), Kullu (58 km), Manali (98 km), Rohtang Pass (148 km), Jalori Pass (10 km), Sainj (75 km), Rampur (115 km), Shimla (174 km)

Seasons and clothing in Jibhi

Spring (March and April) - you will need light woolen clothing.

Summer (April - October/November) - you will need light woolen clothing.

Autumn (October/November - December) you will need light woolen clothing and a warm jacket.

Winter (December - March) it is very cold, with chance of snow fall - please bring appropriate winter gear.

Retreat Package at Dolli Guest House

In this retreat, The focus is on how to cook for optimal health, what to cook according to the seasons and how to design meals that are nutritious, balanced and delicious.Learn about Indian cooking and how the traditional Indian cuisine has supported a 10,000 year old spiritual civilization.

Retreat Highlights

    Demonstration and hands – on cooking classes with Simone as well as classes with a local Indian chef
    Theory/Discussion classes – what a healthy diet consists of, 7 components of a complete meal, 5 element theory and menu planning, how to transition to a healthier diet, how to satisfy cravings, and much more!
    Morning Yoga (Hatha yoga)
    Nature walks in the mountains
    Visit to local hot springs
    2 nights 3 day trek
    Therapeutic massage
    Sweat lodge ceremony