Dubai Temple Tourist Guide

Dubai Temple Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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    Visit to Dubai Temple is a must for Indian Hindu & Sikh Travellers to soak into spiritual environs
  • Location: Dubai,United Arab Emirates (UAE) -46544
  • Altitude: 19 Meters
  • Longitude: 55.3108 East
  • Latitude: 25.2608 North
  • Nearest Airport: Dubai International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Al Ghubaiba metro station.
  • How to reach: By Dubai Metro : Located on the Dubai Creek near Al Ghubaiba. It is about 10 minutes walk to the temple from Al Ghubaiba metro station. By Abra ( Local Boat) : You can catch Abra from deira and reach Dubai Temple by just paying One Dirham. Abra is the most cheap transportation in Dubai & you feel the dubai creek much better than any other transport. By Water Taxi :- RTA Dubai has launched Air Conditioned Water taxis for the Dubai creek, You can catch a Water Taxi from Dubai Creek and reach Dubai temple in just 15 minutes, From Dubai Creek, it is a 3rd Stop right next to the Dubai Temple.
  • Season to Visit: Morning prayers start at 6am and run until 1pm; evening prayers run from 4.30pm to 10pm.

About Hindu temple in Dubai - Shiva & Krishna Temple in Dubai


Dubai in United Arab Emirates boasts of a very famous Hindu Temple, also referred to locally as Shiva mandir and Krishna Mandir. The temple complex is  located in Bur Dubai area in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The temple caters to the large Hindu, Sikh & Jain communities in the United Arab Emirates and is the  only Hindu temple in UAE.The temple complex comprises a Shiva temple on the first Floor and a newly constructed Krishna temple on the ground Floor.The 2nd floor  of the Shiva temple also houses a gurudwara; where shabad and kirtan are performed the whole day.


Now there is a very big gurudwara constructed in Jebel Ali  area.Presently the temple us the single temple in UAE for millions of Hindus in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al-Khaimah.


About Religious Tolerence of UAE

United Arab Emirates, though predominantly a Sunni Muslim country is exceptionaly tolerent towards other religions. Dubai has allowed hindu temple to be constructed next to Bur Dubai Mosque and hence  is well known for its religious tolerance. People of all faith are very happy to live in Dubai, May be this is the secret of Dubai's Success in world.

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History of Hindu Temple in Dubai

The Dubai temples of Shiva and Krishna Mandir temple complex in Al Bastakiya in Dubai was built back in 1958 by orders of Shaikh Mohammad. Temple construction in Dubai was sanctioned by the late ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. There is an electric crematorium run by a group of Indian expatriates. The government follows a policy of extreme tolerance towards non-Muslims as far as the public preaching does not happen and does not interfere in the islamic fabric of the country.

The Hindus shared the temple complex with the Sikh community,  but sikh community was granted a big plot of land from the Dubai Government and a new Gurudwara is Opened in year 2012. The Hindu temple's management has  also put in a request with the Dubai Government for more land. They are very hopeful of getting a plot so that bigger temple complex can be built on  outskirts of Dubai, But The present temple is serving its purpose , though a little overcrowded but it is a must visit place in Dubai for all Hindus.

Spiritual Centre for Hindus in Middle East

There are approx 2 million Indians in the United Arab Emirates and approximately 50 per cent of the Indian population are Hindus/Sikhs. The Bur Dubai temple is so far the only gathering point for all Hindus in the UAE and one of the very few in the Gulf ( There is also a big temple in Muscat), Hence Bur Dubai  temple is a very sought-after spiritual Destination for Hindus.

Lot of crowd comes during religious holidays like nav Durga, Diwali, Shiv Ratri etc. serpentine  queues start building at temple in Dubai from 3 am onwards. The two-day Maha Shivaratri festival drews around 150,000 people. Some times devotees queues  stretches for several kilometres.

Religious Activities at Hindu Temple Dubai

1. Ritualised marriage ceremonies in Dubai temple

2. Birth day Pooja at Dubai Temple

3. Horoscope related services at Dubai Temple

4. Special Shudhi Pooja at Dubai Temple.

5. Nav Grah Pooja at Dubai temple

6. kaal Sarp Yog Pooja at Dubai Temple

7. Donations, Charitable fund deposite.

Restaurants around Dubai Hindu Temple:

There can be no better deal that having a great vegetarian Breakfast/dinner after your visit to Dubai Temple. There are many good vegetarian restaurants  around Dubai temple. the nearest one is "Pooranmal Restaurant Bur Dubai". You can swoop on Masala Dosa, south indian, north indian cuisines here, pooranmal Chaat is very good specially crispy Paani puri. Visit to Pooranmal restaurant in Bur Dubai is a must after visiting the temple to satisfy gastronomical needs after satisfying spiritual needs.

Example of Dubai's Extreme tolerence for Indian Expat Populaton

Protection of Hindu Temple during riots in Dubai.

Although UAE government condemned the events in moderate terms during riots and Babri Masjid demotion, the UAE experienced severe public disturbances,Street protests broke out by expat pakistani nationalists, some protesters also threw stones at Hindu temple in Bur Dubai. Major Turmoil happened in City of Al-Ain, 140 km from dubai, angry pakistani mob mobs set fire to the girls wing of an Indian school.UAE government tool strong action &  In response to the violence, UAE police arrested and deported many expatriate Pakistanis and pathans who had participated in the violence. It is said that special protection of Dubai Temple was done and it was protected by armed batallion of soldiers. The Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai police force, Dhahi Khalfan, condemned the violence by foreign nationals in his country.