Hinglaj Mata ShaktiPeeth Darshan Guide

Hinglaj Mata ShaktiPeeth Darshan Guide - Destination Overview
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About Hinglaj Devi Shakti-Peeth in Pakistan

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  • Coordinates: 25.0°30′50″N 65.0°30′55″E
  • Country:    Pakistan
  • State:    Balochistan
  • Important festivals:    Four Day Pilgrimage -Theerth Yatra in April

Location of Hinglaj Shakti-Peeth

Situated in a mountain cave "HINGLAJ" on river bank of "HINGHOL" in  " KHEERTHAR" maintains called " KANRAJ" in TehsilLyari of Balochistan the province of Pakistan. It is considered one of the famous and biggest "TEERATHS" of Indo Pak subcontinent.

It is about 170 miles(250 KM) fomr Karachi city - one has to go by road on main" Karachi - Quetta" Highway upto zero Point for about 75 miles and then by road towards west through Lyari town and then to signal Fauji Camp Stop, crossing Aghore River then through GoongiRiver and last stop to " Asha Pura " Sarai ( INN ). one can reach Mata Hinglaj from Karachi in 6 to 8hours in a private vehicle (Preferably 4 Wheel Drive).

Hinglaj Teerath is famous and old in human history. The devoteesfrom all part of the world used to come for Hinglaj Mata Teerathsince centuries. Even Hindus Ram Avatar. Great Saint GuruGorakh Nath, Great Saint Guru Nanak Sahib, Dada Mekhan,Avtar of Laxman, and other great Saints, Rishes and Hindu scholarspaid visits to Hinglaj Teerath. In recent few years devotees from Africa and European countries have visited and performed HinglajMata Teerath.

Pilgrimage to Hingula Mata in Pakistan (4 Day Yatra)

The annual four-day pilgrimage to the Hinglaj Mata Temple is organized every year in April. The major ceremony in the pilgrimage occurs on the third day, when the priests of the shrine recite mantras to invoke the gods to accept the offerings brought by the pilgrims, and bless them.

Pilgrimage to the site is traditionally begun from the Nanad Panthi Akhada in Karachi. During the pilgrimage, pilgrims from all over Pakistan and even India visit the temple, holding traditional red-coloured banners and wearing red-gold decorative head-scarves, which are associated with sanctuaries of Hindu goddesses, in this case Hinglaj Mata. What was once a journey of more than 150 kilometres (93 mi) by foot through the desert from the nearest road, is now made easy because of a new coastal highway built connecting Karachi with Gwadar. Consequently, the number of pilgrims visiting the shrine has substantially increased over the years

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