Cheap and Best Food in Dubai

Cheap and Best Food in Dubai - Destination Overview

Cheap and Best Food in Dubai in less than 25 Dirhams ( Unexplored Best Restaurants in Dubai-Sharjah & Ajman)

Can you imagine the following Unbeleivable things in Dubai-Sharjah-UAE when it comes to Food?

  • In Sharjah Rolla Area, you can get - Big Size Pomfet/Sherry/Hummour Fry Fish with Separate Dal Curry & Chapati - Only for 17 Dirhams ( One Person)
  • In Dubai/Sharjah/Ajman, you can get buttery thick Big Size Fish Curry ( Humour or King Fish) with Chapati/Appam/Dosa - Only for 20 Dirhams ( Curry is enough for 3 people)
  • In Sharjah Rolla Area, you can get Big Vegetarian Thali ( End Less Supply) only for 10 Dirhams.
  • In Dubai Karama Area, You will get Excellent Kannad Sea Food delicacies in just 20 Dirhams, making to full and prompt you to come back again and again.

Continue Reading Below, to find these Unexpectedly Cheap but Best Quality Restaurants in UAE.

Cheapest Sea Food Eating Options in Dubai & Sharjah

Mama ji Machhi Wale ( Samra Restaurat )

Location - Near Rolla Sharjah, Al Nabba - Behind Clock Tower or Sarvana Bhawan Sharjah

Legend Behind Mama ji Machchi Wale - Deep Fish Fry Restaurant

Legend goes like this, A Keralite known as Mama Ji 40 years Ago Starts this Unusally small deep Fried Fish Restaurant in the kaccha parking lot in Al -Nabba Area near AlZahra Hostpital, He owned secret Recipes and art of secret deep frying and business grows by leaps and bounds. But this Pakistani does not have any childern, Before retiring to Kerala for good, He gives the Secret recipe to his Kerala servants and since then this joint is being run as it is with out any change in style of cooking and with same secret Herbs and frying style.

Today Same Restaurant Now owned by an Emirati is growing by leaps and bounds, today consumes, approx 400 kilograms of fish every day to serve about 200 visitors every day & more than 500 on weekends. Mostly Customers are Indians, Pakistanis, Arabic and even Westerners and Japanese.

Mama Ji Machi wale Restaurant Today

Today Same Kerala servant Hassan Abdul Khader has become manager of Mama Mache restaurant and he learnt the secret art from original owner for ten years and, after after mastering the specially prepared herb seasoning, has grown the business much more. Today clients prefer to take away pack fried hamour, sherry, king fish and pomfret

As Eating area in Restaurant is still small and filled mostly with Blue Collared staff, hence customers prefer to eat the fish in their car and most of them order fried-fish as take away, as these customers cannot eat in the restaurant for lack of tables and chairs.

Timing of Mama Ji Machhi Wale Restaurant ( No Lunch - Only in evening 6 PM - 12 PM)

Mama Machhe wale opens at 3pm and Indian workers start cleaning and preparing the fish, merinating specially prepared powder of herbs and spices Frying will start only at 6pm when customers start coming. Restaurant Closes at 12:00 AM.

Secret Art of Frying Fish by Mama machhi Restaurant

Firstly it is secret marination Recipes, then the frying style is also unique and secret. According to Mohammed, a chef, fish is cooked in Hayat cooking oil and Frying includes two sessions, The first sesson to cook the fish, second session to crisp it and marinate it more with secret herbs.It takes 15 to 20 minutes to fully cook the fish.

Suggested Menu for One Person at Mama Ji Machhe wale ( Cost AED 20-25)

  • A Medium Pomfret Fish (You can select the same from Marinated Tub filled with fish) - AED 15
  • Roti - 1 Dirham each
  • Dhal ( Pulse) - Free
  • Green sauce specialty made of fresh coriander leaves. - Free
  • Lemons/Onions Salad - Free

Fish Price Range from ( AED 15 to AED 30 depending on size) Restaurant has also a second floor for families, but it suggested to have the fish in the Car or do home delivery to fully enjoy the meal.

Note :- To Enjoy the crispiness and real taste of the Fish, it is strongly suggested to eat the fish in the restaurant itself or in the Parking. Taking fish home and eating after even half an hour will make fish soggy and wet and you will not enjoy it.Recently many other fish restaurants have come near by, but Mama ji machhi wale is still the King..

There is also a dispute if the original owner was a Keralite or Pakistani, if you ask any pakistani customer, he will tell you about Pakistani owner, but the bottom line is to enjoy the food, rest leave all....

How to reach Mama ji Machhi wale

If you are coming from Dubai, Reach Al Zahra Hospital, Take full round turn from Clock Tower and take the slip road after Sarvana Bhawan and go Straight, you will see a big Mosque, keep straight and turn left from the T junction, immediatly after 50 meters, take Right Turn to Kachcha parking area and look for the Board of Samra Restaurant, You will feel that no restaurant is here as area looks deserted and lots of Cars parked around, but you will see big iron Wok and definitly customers lining up the shop ( Also you will see Mama ji Machhi wale written in Urdu)

Canara Restaurant - Karama Dubai ( Serves Best Cheap Budghet Food but with Five Star Quality and Taste)

Contacts: Tel: 04 - 396 3966, Mobile: 050 - 6987068

Canara Restaurant, situated behind Iranian School, Karama, is known as best budget ( Accomodates 4 tables inside and 4 tables outside) but trust us, the mind blowing tasty food in whole Dubai. We never had such lovely food in Dubai..Though it offers Mangalorean Cuisine but all Dubai Residents can enjoy the food be it Arabic, African, Westerner, Punjabi or Maharashtrian or South indians.

Legend of Canara Restaurant

Owned by Mr. Leo D'Souza, The restaurant was started in year 2004, though restaurant started slowly, however due to quality food offered, the Restaurant has emerged as one of the best food outlets in Dubai loved by Mangaloreans or Non-Mangalorean equally.Restaurant serves walk-in guests as well as  outdoor caterings, it has already catered upto 1000 people in major church events and social gatherings at Dubai and Sharjah.

Today a team of 12 dedicated members headed by Leo D'Souza prepares and serve quality and tasty food to customers that has quality and taste.

What to order at Canara Restaurant to eat Levishly ( 2 persons, still per head is 20 Dirhams only)

if you are Mangalorean, you know what to order, Trust us, you will be surprised with quality, like grand Mom food..But if you are Non-Mangalorean, you can actually try all, but we recommend the following :-

  • Lady Fish fry as appetiser( Restaurant has a unique way of frying Lady Fish, they coat it with Samolina, The resulatant product is crispy delicious Lady fish which you eat all, no even bones remain on table).
  •  Main Course Food - Order Prawns curry, The prawns are cooked in tomoato and chilly gravy and you will be surprised at the taste of this simple food.
  •  Along with Curry - Order Neer Dosa ( You do not know neer Dosa, do not bother, just order it and Enjoy), Deep Red Prwan Curry gos very well with neer dosa.
  • 5. As a side dish order, you can order King Fish Fry Masala and enjoy the same..

Note :- We suggest you to keep visiting Canara again and again to discover more and more about it and its Dishes.. Our Promise, it will be a permanent eat out joint for you..

Specialties at Canara Restaurant Dubai

  • Samolina fried lady fish
  • Prawn Curry with Neer Dosa
  • Butter Chicken
  • Specialized for Mangalorean Sea Food
  • South Indian / Tandoori
  • North Indian / Chinese Cuisine

Canara Special Dishes ( Non Mangaloreans can explore slowly):   

  •     Mutton Curry Mutton Sukka / Sanna/ Neer Dosa
  •     Chicken Curry / Neer Dosa/Sanna ( Rice Idly)
  •     Chicken Sukka / Neer Dosa/Kori Rotti
  •     Kube Sukka ( Shells) / Neer Dosa
  •     Potrade (Thursday and Friday)

Canara Restaurant Timing:

11.30 am to 3.30 pm + 6.30 pm to 12.00 midnight

Arab Udipi Restaurant - Eating Fish Curry with Rice only for AED 10 Dirhams ( Fish Curry + 2 Rice - For 3 Persons  ) - Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman

Well! you are 3 friends, short of cash, yet want to enjoy five star quality food, here comes the tip, proceed to your nearest Arab Udipi restaurant and order the follwoing

1. Goan Fish Curry/Or Simply Fish Curry - AED 17 ( Get surprised by largest bowl ever of steaming piping hot fish curry of hummour or Pomfret - How they do it??)

2. Order 2 bowls of rice - AED 14

Enjoy the meals only at 10 Dirhams ( That too of 5 star quality) and remember us ( to tell you this great tip. Your stomach and heart will be full but still food is there on platter.Yes! Salad and Onions and endless supply of Lemons are free for you

Golden Fork Restaurant - Eating Fish Curry with Rice only for AED 10 Dirhams ( Fish Curry + 2 Rice - For 3 Persons  )  - Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman

Now you want ambiance, you want beautiful ladies in full lengh stockings to pamper and serve you, More over you are short of cash and still want to impress your Girl Friend or wife over a Date or a casual dinner, Now we tell you the secret, You want to make an impression but save cost yet want to enjoy five star quality food, proceed to your nearest Golden Fork restaurant and order the following

1. Billiboise Soup - Order 1/2 and get amazed to see the sea food soup Quality - AED 15

2. If you still want to save Money, Go for the Complementary Soup and you will be amazed to see Corn soup with cream and with Butter toasted Bread ( feel free to ask for more butter to get more calories)

3. Main Course at Golden Fork - Order Fish Curry with Rice - AED 18 ( Get surprised by largest bowl ever of steaming piping hot fish curry of hummour or Local Fish - How they do it??)

3. Rice off couse Comes Free of Cost - Just order another Cup of rice

Enjoy the meals only at  less than 10 Dirhams ( That too of 5 star quality) and remember us ( to tell you this great tip for expensive Looking Golden Fork Restaurant.

On the Top of Above. You will be pampered and served with Hot wet Towels before and after the food..Imagine the seven star Luxury just at 10 Dirhams at Golden Fork

Peshwa Restaurant - Sharjah-Dubai - Enjoy Best Authentic Marathi Food at lower than AED 25/-

Now Peshwa Resuarant has also Opened in Sharjah ( Near Gesco Super Market - Boat Round About), In Sharjah it is impressive two stories with good ambiance. Peshwa - Karama Dubai has become too much crowded and one needs to wait a lot before finding a table. Now you have option to Move to Peshwa - Sharjah to have a quite meals - Well if you are a couple and want good authentic tasty Indian or Maharashtra Food, Head to Peshwa Restaurant and order the following

  • Appretiesers - SabuDana Wada - 2 Nos - AED 10
  • Main Course - Goan Jhinga Masala - AED 30
  • Jwarichi Bhakri ( 2 Nos ) - AED 8
  • Steam Rice ( Half Plate) - AED 4

Total is AED 52/- ( Approx 26 AED per head)

Our Guarantee that you will be coming home satisfied with the Great Meals in Peshwa Restaurant..

Food of Dubai

The traditional foods of Dubai are known for their unique and rich taste. They are flavored with lots of spices like the Indian dishes.The main ingredients of their cuisines are meat, fish, and rice. In ordinary days, meat from goats and sheep is taken, but for special occasions, camel meat is in great demand. Tourists & travelers should not miss the tasty dishes when they come to Dubai.

Traditional Dishes of Dubai

Stuffed Camel- It is created by stuffing sheep, fish, eggs, and chicken in a roasted whole camel. This traditional menu reflects the luxury of the Dubai culture. It is present in every elite gathering and feast, just like in Bedouin ceremonies.

Matchbous- It is an exotic lamb dish which is also a pride of Dubai’s cuisine & is made from tomato,stew,rice and spiced lamb. Also, this is made spicier by loomi, a dip made of salt water and ripe limes. 

Hummus: It is a Middle Eastern and Arabic food  made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.Hummus is also a perfect partner for shawarma.

Shawarma: It is the most popular food in and from Dubai. It is made is from chicken or lamb meat with with fries, vegetable, garlic sauce, and pickles for added flavour. It is a favorite partner for banana-strawberry shake.

Al Harees: It is a  dish of meat which  is made more delicious with wheat. It is created by adding salt to a pot of meat and wheat. Then, after long hours of baking and cooking, a simple yet elegant dish of intermingled flavors is served.

Authentic & Best Marathi Maharashtra  Restaurants in Dubai


B1 Street 10, Sheikh Hamdan Colony,Karama, Dubai

  • Famous for serving authentic Marathi vegetarian Food in Dubai
  • Small Joint but delicious marathi Vegetarian food
  • Thalipeeth and dalimbi usal available
  • healthy Home food joint in Dubai
  • Reasonably priced Maharashtrain Restaurant in Dubai
  • Smiling, Trained & Hospitable staff

Peshwa Maharashrian Restaurant in Dubai

Near Karama General Post Office | Zabeel Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Real Food and Aroma of Maharashtra
  • Famous for serviving dishes from corners of maharashtra
  • Best Maharshtrian Vegetarain and Non-vegetarian Food in Dubai
  • Serves best Marathi Snacks in Dubai like Vada Pao and misal pave in Dubai
  • healthy Home food joint in Dubai
  • Serves Tasty Marathi Food like Soul curry,chicken malvani, puran poli, kandhe pohe, masale bhaat, Gralic prawns, brinjal veg, soon kadhi, chicken curry, Solkadhi,Kothimbir vadi,Kolhapuri Chicken tikka
  • Serves also marthi sweets in dubai like Modak
  • Maharashtra Thali also avaialable in Dubai like, Kolhapuri chicken thali,Malvani Mutton thali, Kolhapuri Mutton thali etc 
  • Must Try Options - Pandhra Rassa, Tambda, Kolhapuri Mutton curry

Restaurants serving Tracitional Food In Dubai

Al Hadheerah

Location: Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

Al Hadheerah gives you chance to immerse yourself in Arabian culture within the walls of a traditional fort where you will witness a dazzling falconry display, camel caravan, horse show, Arabic singer and Tanoura dancer.Al Hadheerah is so much more than a restaurant, it is an incredible event that you have to witness.

Al Makan - Location:Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Hyderabadi Food in Dubai

Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant

Location : Behind Jumbo Electronics, Al Karama, Dubai

Cuisine :  Hyderabadi  Biryani

Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant

Location:Opposite Al Mansoor Audio Video, Meena Bazaar

Cuisine:  Hyderabadi Biryani


Location : Al Nahda, Near Cambridge Star Hotel Apartments

Cuisine : Hyderabadi Biryani

Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant

Location :First Floor, Food Court 2, Near Nestle Roundabout,Jafza

Cuisine : Hyderabadi Biryani

It's Indi Restaurant - Regent Beach Resort

Location : Regent Beach Resort, Jumeirah

Cuisine : Hyderabadi, North Indian

Adaab Hyderabadi

Location : Opposite Astoria Hotel, Meena Bazaar, Dubai

Cuisine : Hyderabadi

Biryani Hut

Location: Beirut Road, Near Madina Mall, Muhaisnah 4, Qusais

Cuisine : Indian, Hyderabadi

Anmol Hyderabadi Restaurant

Location: Abu Hail, Near Abu Bakr Metro Station, Hor Al Anz

Cuisine : Hyderabadi

Haddad Hyderabad Restaurant

Location:  Beside Ministry of Labour, Qusais

Cuisine : Hyderabadi, Mughlai, Indian

Dastarkhwan Restaurant

Location:  3, Al Raha Bldg, Damascus Street, Qusais

Cuisine : Hyderabadi, Afghani, Indian,

Athidi Ek Sanskruti Restaurant

Location: International City, R-05 Building, France Cluster.

Cuisine : Hyderabadi Biryani , Indian, Chinese,

South Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

Location:  Near Lulu Supermarket, Al Karama

India House

Location: Al Hisn, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd., Bur Dubai

Indian Treat

Location:Trade Centre Road,Opposite Spinneys, Karama

Nallukettu - Dubai Grand Hotel

Location: Dubai Grand Hotel, Qusais

Saravanaa Bhavan

Location: Abdul Aziz Mirza Building, Al Karama


Calicut Notebook

Location:Aboobecker Al Siddique Road, Hor Al Anz


Location: Al Khaleej Centre, Rolla Street, Mankhool

Bengre Kamat Restaurant

Location:Khaleed Bin Waleed Road, Shop no: 4,Dolphin Hotel Apartment bldg,Bur Dubai


Location: Al Karama. Behind Park Regis Hotel

Saravanaa Bhojan Shala

Location: Zen 2, Building No. 19, Discovery Gardens.


Saravanaa Bhojan Shala

Location: Dubai Marina, Ground Level, Marina Pearl Building

Woodlands Restaurant

Location: Al Karama, S Block, Shopping Complex.

Malabar Seashell

Location:Al Raha Building, Qusais, Dubai

Madurai Mahal

Location:C 10, China Cluster, International City


Location: Satwa ,Concorde Building 2

Kairali - Ramee Royal

Location: Al Karama,Ramee Royal Hotel, Khalid Bin Walid Road


Dubai Amaravathi

Location:Al Quoz › Behind Old Grand Mall, Al Quoz, Dubai



Location: Belhasa Building, Next to Shaika Hamdan,Al Karama


    Aachi Chetinad Restaurant

Location: Al Raha Building, Damascus Road, Qusais


    Kalavara - Nihal Hotel

Location:Nihal Hotel, Near Clock Tower Roundabout,Al Rika


    Madhura Sweets & Meals

Location: Near Clarks Hotel, Meena Bazaar, Dubai


    Kerala Bhavan

Location:Near Marcopolo Hotel, Al Muteena, Dubai


    Kolavam - President Hotel

Location: President Hotel, Trade Center Road, Al Karama


    Sagar Deluxe

Location: Post Office Road, Hor Al Anz


    Palm Grove - Marco Polo Hotel

Location: Mezzanine Floor, Marco Polo Hotel, Naif



Location:Next to Metro Station, Al Karama, Dubai


    Gafoorka's Thattukada

Location: Sheikh Colony, Qusais,



    Arya Bhavan

Location:› Zen Cluster, Building 20, Discovery Garden



Location: Opposite Lulu Supermarket, Al Karama



Location:Qusais › 4, Bin Dhaahi Building, Near Dubai Grand...


    Mystic India

Location:International City, C-15 Building, China Cluster


    Achoos Thattukada Restaurant

Location:International City › M-1 Building, Persia Cluster,



Location:Al Amiri Building, Karama



Location:Al Khazna Building, Karama


    Kerala Kitchen

Location:Near Mashreq Bank,Karama



Location:Palm Beach Rotana Inn, Khalid Bin Waleed Rd, Bur Dubai


    The Suryas Travancore Kitchen

Location:Opposite Day to Day centre near General Post Office,Karama


    Veg World

Location: Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai



Location: Opposite Lulu Center,Karama


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