Best Dhabas and Bars on Delhi Chandigarh Highway Shimla Manali Route

Best Dhabas and Bars on Delhi Chandigarh Highway Shimla Manali Route - Destination Overview

Best Dhabas and Bars on Delhi Chandigarh Highway Shimla Manali Route offers a Unique Experience in which we also take care of your gastronomical treats in Best Dhabas enroute Shimla Manali from Delhi. In this Virtual tour we offfer we suggest best breakfast , lunch, evening tea followed by drinks & dinner in the night. We have explored both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Options for Travellers.

To enjoy this tour fully, We suggest that You embarked from Delhi to Chandigarh to Shimla Manali Highway tour from Delhi at 7:00 AM, and Delhi to Shimla is approximately 420 kms and in this post, we are presenting Best Food-Drink options on Delhi Chandigarh Shimla Manali Highway.

Delhi - Shimla Food Tour with Site Seeing 2016 - Offered by HT

Day-1 - Delhi to Shimla with Lovely Dhaba Food

  • Tour Starts from Delhi in AC Innova
  • Breakfast/Snacks at Murthal - Sukhdev Da Dhaba ( Eat all what you Can..Included in package)
  • Butter Chicken ( Non-veg) or Butter Paneer ( for veg) , Dal Makahani with Butter Nan for Lunch at Pal da Dhaba Chandigarh
  • Beer and Tandoori Chicken at Gyani/Colonel Dhaba - Dharampur - Enroute Shimla
  • Reach Shimla by Late Evening
  • Dinner in Shimla at Mall Road - Shere Punjab
  • Night Stay in Shimla 3 star Delux Hotel.

Day-2 - Delhi to Shimla - Food Tour with Site Seeing

  • Breakfast/Snacks at Mall Road Bajlees Restaurant ( for Punjabi taste) or ICH ( for South Indian food &  Hot Coffee)
  • Visit to Major Shimla Attractions at Mall Road, Jakhoo Hill, Kufri , Wildflower hall, Woodvilla palace and other attractions
  • Lunch at The Davicos
  • Afternoon Site Seeing in Shimla & leisure as per your choice
  • Evening Coffee at Indian Coffee House
  • Dinner in Shimla at Mall Road - Sagar Ratna
  • Night Stay in Shimla

Day-3 - Shimla to Delhi - Food Tour with Site Seeing

  • Breakfast/Snacks at Mall Road Honey Hut or Wake and bake Cafe
  • Check out & return to Delhi 
  • Fast Food Lunch at Mcdonalds - Dharampur or Cafe Coffee Day
  • Evening Snacks & Chaat at Haveli Restaurant - Karnal
  • Early Dinner at Pahalwan Da Dhaba - Murthal
  • Drop in Delhi

Delhi to Shimla Highway Dhaba Guide 2016-2017

Veg Breakfast at Murthal - Delhi Chandigarh Highway

9:00 AM - Coordinates - 29°2′N 77°5′E

On the Grand Trunk Road (NH 1), Your can have breakfast at Murthal beyond Sonepat and on the way to Panipat, which is about 50 kms from Delhi. There are many good restaurants and Dhabas in Murthal. Murthal is famous for crisp Delicious Paranthas.  In the Breakfast, have paranthas with Youghart, Dollops of Ghee or kali dal. Murthal is a big village located on NH 1 linking Delhi to Haryana & Punjab.

To reach Murthal Dhabas, please avoid the newly built flyover and take the small road next to the flyover, and you wil start seeing Lines of Murthal Dhabas. Some of these Dhabas are air conditioned, good, clean, provide sanitation tissues with clean rest rooms. Some of the best Dhabas in Murthal are as below. All Dhabas in Murthal Offer only Pure vegetarian Food.

Best Dhabas in Murthal

  • Sukhdev vaishno Dhaba - Murthal  - HT 5 Stars - *****
    •  Best in Murthal with clean washrooms, air-conditioned hall, good staff, Fully developed menu with North Indian, South Indian, Chinese delicacies, Chaat, Sweets and shops selling pickles to toys right in the premises.Huge parking lot. A True 5 Star Place

  • Pahalwan Dhaba Murthal - HT 4 Stars - ****
    • ​Located just after the flyover, The Dhaba is famous for Tandoori Paranthas and have huge clintel, good for change, have a rustic look, if you get bored from Sukhdev dhaba, this one is the real alternate.

  • Gulshan Dhaba Murthal - HT 4 stars - ****


  • Ahuja Dhaba - Oldest Dhaba in Murthal - HT 3 Stars - ***

  • Jhilmil Dhaba - HT 3 Stars - ***



Legend Behind Vegetarian Dhabas in Murthal

It is a Real Surprise that Murthal has no non-vegetarian dhabas, even egg dishes are not offered. The tale behind their being vegetarian is equally charming. It is said that some 60 years ago, a Naga Sadhu came to stay in Murthal, he forbid the cooking and selling of any non-vegetarian food, including eggs by Restaurants and Dhabas. 

Other Breakfast Options - Delhi Chandigarh Highway ( After Murthal)

1. Sukhdev Da Dhaba - 

2. Pipli - Haryana tourism run Restaurant - near Kurukshetra - Not very good quality.

3. Haveli in Karnal (Food options Good, however many travelleres complaint about the quality, Also Located on opposite side of Road, Service is quite slow)

After Murthal, it is about 3-4 hours drive to chandigarh, Below are the Lunch Options in Chandigarh.

Lunch options - Chandigarh on Delhi Chandigarh Highway 12:30 Afternoon

  • Sethi Da Dhaba - The Most famous vegetarian restaurant on the Zirakhpur Highway, right on National Highway, famous for Makki Di Roti -Sarson Da Saag, Dal Makhani. The sitting arrangements are unique with Village type environs and rustic look. The menu is written on the musical Dafli. Great place for families. A daru theka is just 30 meters away so as to enjoy the veg fritters along with alcoholic sips.
  • Pehalwan da Dhaba (Location - Sector 15 Rehri Market) Famous for its non-vegetarian food, Must-have Any of the wide range of chicken dishes.
  • Tehal Singh's Chicken and Singh's Chicken - Sector 22 Despite being located close to each other, Both Dhabas are excellent,  Both have a large seating capacity, but you might have to wait long.  Both have good cleanliness. Must-have Almost any of the chicken dishes.
  • Pal Dhaba, Sector 28 -  If you do not want to wait long and need family environs, proceed to Pal Dhaba, Known for excellent food options in veg & non-veg,  Pal Dhaba is also popular among families. Must-have The mutton curry , The masala chicken, Butter Chicken
  • Nukkar Dhaba, Sector 32  - A Vegetarian's delight, this place offers limited seating. This Dhaba was very good ranking in past, but in recent past, the quality has gone down drastically.Must-have Try the shahi paneer, a gravy dish of Indian cottage cheese.
  • Swarn Dhaba - Sector 30 - Finally A Great Dhaba which is very very famous, In the night, the whole menu items finishes by 8:00PM, here both vegetable and the Mutton dishes are exceptional, Swarn dhaba used special spices which is different  in comparison to most dhabas.Must-have The mutton curry, said to be the best in town. But be prepared that you might not get it due to extreme demand, so arrive early to avoid being disappointed.


Lunch Option at Dharampur (70 Kms before Shimla Delhi Shimla Highway)-1:30 PM

1. Gyani Da Dhaba
Located at NH-22, offeres best delicious veg and non veg food with fast service, though many other restaurants have crowded Dharampur, Still Giani da Dhaba have its nitche. Gyani Dhaba is known for its best Chicken Curry & Chicken Pickel ( Murga ka achaar) on complete stretch of road to Shimla It is located 200 mtrs ahead of the Kasauli T-Point. Menu includes Dal Makhani, paneer dishes, Lemon Chicken The spcial dish of Gyani Dhaba. Must-have A must try for vegetarians are the kadhi-chawal (rice with a curry of gram-flour dumplings in spiced yoghurt) and paneer dishes. Non-vegetarians can't go wrong with the lemon chicken, tandoori chicken and butter chicken.

2. Colonel Da Dhaba, is run by a retired army officer. Though smaller than Giani's Dhaba, the food is comparable in both taste and quality. 

Best Ahata-Taverns-Pubs - Delhi Chandigarh Shimla Manali Highway

On a Hot Humid Drive on Delhi chandigarh highway, Who does not want to have few Sips of chilled Beer, Well, You are lucky and  you will find many liqour shops ( Whiskey, Chilled Beer Etc ) right on national highway. Well Air conditioned Bars are less, but Once you enter city of Chandigarh City alone there around 10 Liqour-shops with Taverns within 15 km and that on national highway connecting delhi to shimla.

One famous Airconditioned Tavern on Chandigarh Highway is Moon Light Tavern, +(91)-9872089248 near Near Baltana Road, Nh-21, Zirakpur.  ( enjoy but No Drink Driving Please..)  

Evening Supper/Dinner Options -  Delhi - Shimla Highway-04:00 PM

We recommend following options for late evening supper/Dinner enroute to shimla

  • The Apple cart Inn - kairaighat ( 22 kms before shimla)
  • Sharma Prem vegetarian Dhaba - Shogi 

If you feel, it is still very early for Dinner, You can reach Shimla and Enjoy Dinner in any of the below Joints in Shimla

Recommended Dinner Options in Shimla Town-08:00 PM

  • - Devicos (located at the foot of the Mall Road) - Fast Food & Formal Dining. 
  • - Indian Coffee House - South Indian food & Snacks.
  • - Baljees Restaurant - Chhola bhaturas, Indian Chinese on the first floor).
  • - Combermere - when you have a craving for sizzlers.
  • - Dim Sum - For Chinese Food
  • - Sher-e-Punjaab - Mughlai on a budget.

FAQ - Best Dhabas and Restaurants - Delhi Chandigarh Shimla Manali Route

Questions - What are best restaurants on delhi chandigarh highway?


  •  Sukhdev Da Dhaba
  •   Karnal Haveli

Question - why no non veg dhaba on haryana highway?

Answer:- As legend says, a Peer baba has blessed the whole route and also warned that his blessing will be working as long as there are no non-veg restaurants on this route.

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Question - Which are best dhaba from simla to manali road?

Answer:-Gyani Da Dhaba
         Colonel Da Dhaba