Jain Tirth Yatra Package - Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi - Indore - Ujjain

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Jain Tirth Yatra Package - Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi - Indore - Ujjain - Package Overview

Jain Tirth Yatra Package India

Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi- Indore - Ujjain Tirth

Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi - Indore - Ujjain Tirth package: Overview

Holidaytravel.co is proud to offer a perfect jain tirth package only for Jainism who love to visit all the jain temple in all over the Madhya Pradesh. In this tour package you will cover the famous Jain temples of Madhya Pradesh which are Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, Bada Ganeshji ka Mandir, Shri Avanti Parshwanath Tirth, Shri Mahaveer Tapobhoomi Siddha Kshetra, Atishay Jain Temple, Shri Mohankheda jain temple, Mandavgarh temple, Gomatgiri temple,  Hinkargiri jain temple, Bhagawan Parshwanatha jain temple and Bhagawan Suparshwanatha temple. In this package we will give you a great chance to visit to the jain holy place for darshan in a cheapest price with comfortable accommodation and with a perfect tourist guide. Package is well designed and suited for Families with Kids and holiday makers.

Why you must embark on This Holy Jain Tirth Yatra

If you looking for jain tirth yatra than you are at the right place. The innumerable Jain Shrines in Madhya Pradesh spread the message of peace, non violence, love and enlightenment associated with the lives and activities of the Jain. The jain thirth means to visit all the holy jain places for worship and admire the knowledge and discipline in their life.  Jain holy places were situated in every corner of the world and all the Jainism were attract to visit all the temples of Jain shrines for the blessings of God Parshawnath. All the jains were gathered in jain tirth places to celebrate Mahavir jayanti and explore their religious and culture.

Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi - Indore - Ujjain Tirth package: Rates & Hotels

7 Nights Package Cost Per Person
Hotel City Peak Season Off Season
Mohankheda Dharamshala Mohankheda 13,999/- 12,999/-
Hotel Mittal Avenue - Ujjain
Temple Dharamshala - Jhalawar
Hotel Malwa Retreat - Mandu
Hotel Jainpath Maksi
Monarch Hotel - Indore

Package Inclusion:

  • Accommodation for 6 nights in AC room
  • Private Taxi for 7 days
  • Breakfast 
  • All toll taxes & Parking

Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi - Indore - Ujjain Tirth package: Itinerary

Day 01: Arrived at Ujjain railway station

Arrived at Ujjain railway station and our representative meet you with warm welcome and you will transfer to hotel. After freshen up and get ready you will visit to the most famous and ancient temple of Ujjain which are  Mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga, Bade ganesh ji ka mandir , Shri Avanti Pars Ahwanath Tirth, Shri Mahaveer Tapobhoomi Siddha Kshetra. In the evening back to hotel overnight stay in Ujjain.

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga: One of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India,most famous Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingams, which are supposed to be the most sacred abodes of Lord Shiva The idol of Omkareshwar Mahadev is consecrated in the sanctum above the Mahakal shrine. The images of Ganesh, Parvati and Karttikeya are installed in the west, north and east of the sanctum sanctorum. To the south is the image of Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva. On the day of Maha Shivaratri, a huge fair is held near the temple, and worship goes on through the night. In the precincts of the Mahakaleshwar temple is Shri Swapaneshwar Mahadev temple, where devotees pray to Shiva as Mahakaal, to realize the most important dreams of their lives

Bada Ganeshji ka Mandir:  Bada Ganeshji ka Mandir very much glorifies the city of Ujjain One of the most revered historical landmarks of Ujjain, Bada Ganpati temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity of Wisdom and Prosperity, 'Ganesha' and Bada Ganpati temple is situated near the reservoir of the Mahakaleshwar temple The place also harbors the only 'panchmukhi' (five-faced) statue of Lord 'Hanuman' inside it. Today, the temple is also a popular training center for imparting.

Shri Avanti Parshwanath Tirth: The moolnayak idol of Shri Avanti Parshwanath Bhagwan sitted in Ardh-padmasan position is about 1.2 meter (4 feet) in height. Shri Avanti Sukumal, the son of Bhadra Sethani has acepted Jainism and attained Moksha being in the Santhara in the forest hereJain God Desc An ancient.

Shri Mahaveer Tapobhoomi Siddha Kshetra: Bhagwan Mahavir did his deep meditation at this place. Muni Abhayghosh attained salvation from here as such this place is also a Siddha kshetra. It was here that Acharya Samantbhadra saluted a Shivling and an idol of Chandraprabhu bhagwan came out of it. This Mahaveer Tapobhumi tirth has already had the Pachkalayanak Pritistha of 21 feet long standing statue of Bhagwan Mahavir.

Day 02: Ujjain to Shwetamber Nageshwar Parshwanath temple, Jhalawar Rajasthan (175.9 km/5hours)

After breakfast you will proceed for Shwetamber Nageshwar Parshwanath temple which is 175.9 km from Ujjain. After reach you will visit Shwetamber Nageshwar Parshwanath temple and having lunch you will visit local temples of Jhalawar which includes Shwetamber Jain Temple. After having a lunch in a nearest restaurant you will visit Atishay Jain Temple. Overnight stay in Jhalawar.

 Atishay Jain Temple : This Jain Temple was built in the 17th century and is primarily known for its religious, historical, archaeological and architectural value from Jhalawar

Day 03: Shwetamber Nageshwar Parshwanath temple to Shri Mohankheda jain temple (310.3 km/ 6hrs)

After breakfast you will proceed for Shri Mohankheda jain temple which is 310.3km away from Shwetamber Nageshwar Parshwanath temple. After darshan of Shri Mohankheda jain temple you will visit to Bhojanshala for dinner. Overnight stay in Mohankheda jain Dharamshala 

Shri Mohankheda jain temple: Mohan Kheda is a Svetambara Jain tirtha (pilgrimage place) located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh in India. It was found by rajendrasuri This tirtha has a 16-foot-tall (4.9 m) statue of the first Tirthankara A fair is held here every year on the fifteenth day of the bright half of the month of Kartika, the month of Chaitra and the seventh day of the bright half of the month of Pausha and Bhojanshala are available for devotee and Dharamshala for rest.

Day 04: Shri Mohankheda jain temple to Mandavgarh temple (84.4 km/ 2hrs)

After breakfast you will proceed for Mandavgarh temple which is 84.4km far away from Mohankheda jain temple which is famous jain temple and it is Shwetamber jain temple. After darshan you will visit temple’s dharamshala for rest and in the evening you will visit bhojanshala for dinner. Overnight stay in Mandavgarh  Dharamshala

 Mandavgarh temple: The moolnayak idol of the temple made up of white stone of Shri Suparshwanath Bhagwan is in Padmasan position (mudra) and is 91,4 cms (3 feet) in height. The temple is present in a big campus in Mandavgarh fort situated on the peak high of Vindhya parvat. Every newcomer Jain family was provided with a gold coin & a brick at the time of his settling in this city. There are Huge dharamshala is present near the temple. Bhojanshalas are also available in the temple.

Day 05: Mandavgarh temple to Indore (96.7 km 2.30hrs)

After reach Indore and having breakfast you will visit to the famous jain temple which includes Gomatgiri temple, Hinkargiri jain temple. After lunch in a nearest jain restaurant and later you will visit Kaanch mandir and Shri Hinkargiri Jain Shwetamber. Overnight stay in Indore.

Gomatgiri temple:  Gomatgiri is a sacred place for the devotees belonging to the Jain religion. Located just 10 minute drive away from Indore airport,Jain shrine of worship,  Gomatgiri is a holy place for the Jain religion worshippers its houses a huge 21 feet statue of Lord Gomateshwar or Bahubali There are also 24 marble temples with shikars.The Gomateshwara statue that stands tall on the hill’s top is an imitation of the Bahubali statue that is present at Shrawangbegol. Opening & Closing :- All days of the week: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

                Hinkargiri jain temple: Hinkargiri is located on a small hill.it is  located at Indore district. A famous and interesting Jain shrine  Its architecture is amazing and speaks a lot of the fabulous Jainism architecture of the earlier days. Timings:- Opening & Closing :- All days of the week 05:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Kaanch mandir : The Kanch Mandir, as the name suggests, is a temple which is entirely made up of glass and mirrors it is actually a Jain Temple located at Indore. Indore abounds in numerous temples and heritage sires. One of them is the Kanch Mandir It is also known as the Seth Hukamchand Temple, as it was built by the "Cotton King" Sir Hukamchand Seth in the early 20th century.Its uniqueness arises from the fact that it is too showy and splendid to be the shrine of a religion which advocated simple living.

Day 06: Indore to Maksi (92 km/2:30 hrs)

After breakfast you will proceed for Maksi which is 92km far away from Indore dist. After reach you will visit famous jain temple which includes Bhagawan Parshwanatha jain temple, Bhagawan Suparshwanatha temple. Overnight stay in Maksi.

Bhagawan Parshwanatha jain temple:  Bhagawan Parshwanatha jain templeis also knopwn is Bada temple in which the principal deity are Lord Parsvanath, this is supposed to be more than 2500 Years old. According to archaeologists this temple is approximately 1000 Years old, built in the period of Parmars.
Timing at Bara Mandir (Big Temple) time for Digambars is 6 AM to 9 AM
Bhagawan Suparshwanatha temple:  Bhagawan Suparshwanatha temple is known as Chota temple there is a miraculous idol of Lord Suparsvanath installed in Year 1842.This temple is only for Digambers 

Day 07: Departes from Maksi

After breakfast you will drop to Maksi railway station or bus station for happy onwards journey. Tour end

How to reach Ujjain

By Air

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore caters to domestic flights and is well connected to Bhopal, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Raipur and Srinagar. The airport is about 57 km away and there are many options like cabs, buses and private vehicles to reach the airport.

By Train

Ujjain railway station is just over one km from the city centre. It is connected to several cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. There are rickshaws, buses and taxis available to reach the city.

By Road

The developed roads of Ujjain smoothly connect many neighbouring places. Buses ply a regular services to the visitors and also affordable to ones pocket.

Best time to visit for jain tirth Yatra

It is important to know when to visit a particular point of interest, best season to visit Jain tirth in Oct to Mar because it is most preferable month by devotees. Mahaveer Jayanti is the main time when thousands of devotees come through out the India for darshan as well as celebrate Mahaveer jayanti.

Pure Veg Food Provided in the Package

Jain objections to the eating of meat, fish and eggs are based on the principle of non-violence so we will provide pure veg food in this package and jain food on request. The Jain cuisine is completely vegetarian and also excludes onions, potatoes, brinjals (eggplants) and garlic, similar to the shojin-ryori Buddhist cuisine of Japan. Holidaytravel.co will provide you any type food on special request before confirm the package.

Jain Tirth Yatra Package - Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi - Indore - Ujjain - Package Rates & Dates
Jain Tirth Yatra Package - Nageshwar - Mohankheda - Mandavgad - Makshi - Indore - Ujjain - Package Inclusion