Goa Bachelor Wild Party Tour Package for Guys and Gals

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Goa Bachelor Wild Party Tour Package for Guys and Gals - Package Overview

Goa Bachelor Wild Party Tour Package for Guys and Gals

 Goa Bachelor Wild Party Tour Package for Guys and Gals: Overview

Goa is a great destination for Bachlors and Youngs, It has some of the best night party culture and hideouts making it one of the best party destination in India. Famous for the culture of partying hard and full night out reverberating and gyrations on rock beat, Goa is the destination for party duie hards.

Though all guys party in Goa is ongoing for years, The concept of Bachelorette is fast catching up.There can be no ideal place than GOA. So Ladies and gentlemen, what you are waiting for!! 

head out to Goa for having a party of life time. Holidaytravel.co makes it possible for you to offer you bachelor and Bachelorette parties packages for 4 nights 5 days or full week dancing and partying holidays, may be you will get your dream partner or lover in one of the such tours..

Also find your ultimate freedom in Goa, Enjoy the loud decible rock, Exotic cocktails, wild night parties,and in the day, sun-kissed beaches to get over the hang over, Again when the sun sets, dine in at best Goan restaurants, dance the full night away..So, Before it gets to late, head for the bachelor or bachelorette party in Goa with holidaytravel.co and have a party of a lifetime..


Inclusions of the Package

  • 2 Nights Stay in a Great Goa Club or Casino

  • Free Flowing Booze - on the house

  • Every Night is a party night

  • Relaxation by the day in the cool pools to charge up for the night party

  • All meals included

  • Airport & drop from the Airport by limo or Luxury car.

2 Nights Wild Party in SinQ Beach Club Goa - Candolim North Goa

SinQ Beach Club at Candolim, North Goa, is a party haven for food, dance, music and leisure lovers. Launched in December 2012, SinQ Beach Club has Classy Nightclub, an Open-Air Lounge Area with a discotheque (1st of its kind in India) and Poolside area with stylish cabanas.

It is an all time party club, lets you take a break from keeping your party either to the day or the night. It has become not just one of the most promising nightclubs but also a premium dayclub in Goa. With guests flocking in from across the country and other parts of the world, it has already taken Goa’s party scene by storm.  

Go ahead and pick the newest and one of the best party hot spot in Goa - "The SinQ Beach Club" in Goa. SinQ offers a personal pool cabana to have your craziest bachelorette party. There are always special offers ongoing for the All ladies night outs here,


                                                                            (SinQ Beach Club)

Venice like fun at SinQ Goa

You can wear a Carnival mask, A Party Hat and all set to go for a wild night. you will be given inputs from Under Cover Lingerie for props and SinQ Beach Club, Goa for special pool cabana deal and also may be you can pick any other resorts/restaurants also with any such deals. 

Unlimited Booze at Open bar

SinQ Beach Club offers a Personal Pool Cabana for having a fun-filled bachelorette party. Entry is Rs. 500 per head with unlimited pouring of premium brands from the open bar. Also, SinQ offers 15 % off on a la carte food ordered and drinks purchased from the VIP Bar. 

Pool Cabana for party

SinQ are brew beer and guests can enjoy tasting of their very own beer, brewed in-house at SinQ, in association with HouseBrew. All the guests at SinQ can come taste a batch of Dark Ale.

Other Bachelor & Bachelorette Heavens in Goa ( Choices)

  • Club Cubana Night Club 

  • The World Famous Decades Bar

  • Club LPK - Love Passion Karma


                                                                          (Club Cubana Night Club)

Visit Goa to Drink & Enjoy Feni ( Fenny) 

Goan Feni or Fenny is regarded as one of the strongest drinks according to Time Magazine 2010 edition. Feni is the traditional organic liquor of Goa, which has a cult status, It is made from cashew apples or coconut sap, is a trademark of Goa. Here are the top reasons as why you must drink Feni

Why Feni is the Best Drink in Goa

Feni is intrinsically linked with the Goan culture and is as an appetizer, a digestive, a sedative, a stimulant, diuretic, curative, laxative, also an aphrodisiac!”

The most unique characteristic of Feni is its intoxicating smell, that can arouse you from quite a distance when Feni is being distilled. The quality of genuine Feni is determined by its aroma. The Feni that is produced after the third distillation is known for it best taste, excellence and highest quality. This Feni is quite strong and has gerat aroma. It Spreads when the bottle is opened and Feni is poured in a glass. So when you do visit Goa, make sure you enjoy Feni - the intoxicating drink.

Enjoy the First Distillation of Goa - The Urack ( April-May)

Urak is a seasonal Goan country liquor available only during April and May. It is made by first distillation of the cashew fruits and has a sweet, fruity taste. 

Enjoy the Second Distillation of Goa - The Feni ( All year)

After April & May, you can try Feni, which is made with the second distillation process and is available throughout the year. It is a strong liqour but still has fruity taste and smell. Both Feni & Urck are best for cocktails, lemonades, a pinch of salt.

Save Money by drinking Urak or Feni

In Goa Feni and Urak are not taxed and good brand Urak or Feni you will get below Rs 100, So you can save lot of money on booze and still enjoy your vacations drinking out in Goa, with No Hangover..Fenny can be enjoyed neat as well as a cocktail since it has a versatile base. 

Feni is Healthier then Blended Scotch

Goan elders know the medicinal properties of Feni, it is better than Brandy, Another reason is that Feni is made completly from Cashew Nuts with no preservative or artificial flavor in the drink which makes it a healthy drink.

Party all night but No hangover
Urrack and feni give zero hangover or headache the next morning.The best reasons to drink them.

Eat Fish and Drink Feni in Goa

While in Goa, Drink Feni and Eat Fish and become a Goan, This combination and drink can be enjoyed only in Goa. Fried fish and feni are the perfect match to fire your taste buds.Cashew feni is unique to Goa, the only place on earth where it is distilled. 

Best Feni Brands In Goa

Cazcar Heritage Distilleiries :-  Old-time ‘bhaticars’ and distills best cashew feni in his modern distillery in Nanora, Bicholim. He is the first, and probably the only distiller in Goa to go for some modern technology.

Feni Distilled here has less pungent smell, Distillary has a special method for enhancing the aroma, without losing the feni’s distinctiveness.

Distillary crushes around five tons of cashew apples every day during the peak cashew season, buying the apples from cashew growers all over Goa.

Madame Rosa Distillery - ( Big Boss Feni) -  Madame Rosa procure feni from traditional distillers around Goa and further refines and distills it to produce best quality Feni. The owner, Valentino Vaz is credited with putting cashew feni on the high table in restuarants and with elite.

Visit Feni Festival in Goa

Visit the annual Feni festival in Loutoulim to enjoy the real cashew feni. 

Park Hyatt in South Goa,also started the Cashew Trail Festival, which is a huge hit.

How to Ensure that Feni you are offerd is Pure

Take a spoonful of feni and ignite a match over it – real cashew feni will be aflame. The other test is pouring a few drops of cashew feni on a piece of wood. It should leave sugar-like crystals when it dries up.