Goa Food Guide

Goa Food Guide - Destination Overview

Goa Food Guide

Goa is popular between food lovers because of its exquisite and varied set of eating options that includes Sea Food, Continental, Maxican, Chinese and a lot more. Goa has many amazing eating joints both at the beaches and in the city.Goan cuisine is an important part of Goa’s tourism.


Where Enjoy Delicious food in Goa

Food of Goa is as amazing is beaches and night life. The sea food and indo international dishes are worth it and very much popular for the reasonable prices. Restaurants like Brittos and Tito’s are popular between tourists. More hardcore food lovers like to wander in parts of old Goa for Malvani cuisine and amazing Portuguese food.

Sheela Restaurant and Bar

This restaurant is located in Sancoale area and is awarded by one of the finest Goan restaurants by Timescity and hence is highly recommended. This restaurant is highly regarded for sea food and goan cuisine.

Contact - +91) 832 2555675, (+91) 9049158277

Why visit Sheela Restaurant and Bar–This legendary restaurant has been a local’s favorite for more than 30 years. Goa Sea Food such as Stuffed Crabs and Prawn Curry, Rawa Fried Prawns, ChonakRaechade Masala and Fried Bombay Duck are most recommended here.

Rates – Price is very nominal, a plate of highly recommended Prawn Curry wont cost you more than 150 rs and Stuffed Crabs are around 300 rs or so.

Ambience- The seating area is clean with Great views overlooking the zuari river. The restaurant itself gives a Goan style of feeling.

Bhatti Village 

Bhatti Village is located in Nerul is famous for Goan cuisine.

Contact - +91) 9822184103

Why visit – People visit here for the amazing Goan food that includes Chicken Cafreal, Pork Amsol, Ambotic, Pork Roast and Beef Roast, Sorpotel, SamaranchiKodi, Feijoida, all the different varieties of chilli fry and Fish Roe.

Rates – The rates are nominal, the fish items depends on the season while chicken and pork items wont cost you more than 150 rs.

Ambience – Ambience is great, The interiors give view of a wine cellar with amazing atmosphere and lighting.

Ruchi Pure Vegetarian Restaurant 

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant located in Panjim area of Goa. Popular between tourists for its North Indian, Punjabi and South Indian Dishes

Contact - 08322438575, 08322432025

Why visit –Vegetarian restaurants in Goa are very hard to find and Ruchi Pure Vegetarian restaurant is few of them. It has been attracting tourists who only prefer veg when visiting Goa and is popular with good North Indian and South Indian food.

Rates – The rates are very cheap, a plate of steam idly costs 25 rs and Masala Dosa is 40 rs only.

Ambience- This is an air conditioned restaurant with clean seating area and quick service.

Viva Delhi – This restaurant is located in Sangolda area of North Goa popular for Seafood and Tandoori dishes. Because of less prices and good food this place is very popular.

Contact- 08322411959

Why visit Viva Delhi 

Viva Delhi is a nice restaurant that also serves alcohol. This restaurant is famous for its well prepared sea food such as Mackerel Curry and Prawns along with regular chicken and Chinese food.

Rates – A plate of PaneerTikka will cost you 100 rs and Chicken SeekhKabab costs you 120 rs. The price of seafood menu depends on the season.

Ambience- This is an air conditioned restaurant and valet parking is available.

Cactus Bar and Restaurant 

This is a nice restaurant located near Candolim Beach. Popular between tourists who stay here because it serves good North Indian and sea food at reasonable prices.

Contact - +918007730555

Why visit Cactus Bar and Restaurant – This restaurant is located in the beach area hence is visited here by tourists for Cheap food and beer. The Promphet is very popular here.

Rates –Rates are not much high, a plate of fish curry is 150 rs and plain rice is 30 rs only.

Ambience- The seating area is clean and gives nice views of the Candolim beach.

Bhojan – Bhojan is a highly popular vegetarian food restaurant located in Panjim area popular for its authentic Gujarati food.

Contact - 0832 2226291

Why visit Bhojan

Bhojan a place for authentic Gujarati food preparations very much popular between tourists and locals. The food is non spicy and is famous for thalis which consists of rice, dal, curry, vegetables, along with farsan, pickles and chutney.

Rates –The rates is very nominal. A large plate of Gujarati Thali will only cost you around 200 rs and Bhakri and Dhokla items range between 50 to 80 rs.

Ambience- The ambience is nice, Parking area is available and the restaurant is air conditioned.

Viva Panjim  

Viva Panjim is located in Fountainhas famous for Prawns and fish curry. The USP of this restaurant is the buffet that is amazing.


Contact - (+91) 832 2422405, (+91) 9850471363

Why visit Viva Panjim– Viva Panjim will give you the taste of authentic Portuguese food. The chicken Cafreal and Goan Stuffed fish is a must have here. 

Rates – The rates are very nominal, a plate of Goan Stuffed fish is enough for two will cost you 250 rs. Veg Xacuti is around 180 rs and Pork Cabidel will also cost you around 200 rs.

Ambience – The ambience is nice and clean with dim lighting and interiors with remind you of a traditional Portuguese restaurant.

Vapor Liquor and Spice 

Located in Calangute this restaurant is popular for Italian and Continental cuisine.

Contact- (+91) 9323834890

Why visit Vapor Liquor and Spice – For its authentic Italian food in the menu  along with Pasta, hummus and pita are must haves.

Rates –Rates a very nominal, the price of soups ranges between 110 and 160 rs. Pasta wont cost you more than 150 to 200 rs.

Ambience –Ambience is nice and clean, there is a movie theater attached to the restaurant.

Amingo’s Sheetal 

This restaurant is near Santa Inez Church in Panaji area of Goa. This is a very popular family restaurant as it doesn’t serve alcohol.

Contact - (+91) 7387757326

Why visit – For its Vegetarian menu that wont burn a hole in your pocket and still prove worth it.

Rates – The rates are very cheap both Idly and Masala Dosa will cost you 30 rs and a plate of aalu matter will only cost 70 rs.

Ambience – The ambience is nice and the interiors are clean with a nice seating area and serving staff.


Tavir is a popular Goan restaurant also popular for Mughalai Dishes. Located in Verna near MargaoPanjim highway Tavir attracts many food lovers who drive on this area.


Contact - +91) 832 6721111, (+91) 832 6721222

Why visit Tavir–Apart from Goan food one can also visit Tavir for its amazing Mughali and North Indian food likeIndian KoliChettinad, the IraniTikka and Prawns Seekh Kebab.

Rates –The GoanThali is most recommended here that only costs 110 rs for a plate full of Chicken Roast, Chicken Xacutti, Chicken Goan Masala, a vegetable and rice. Also North Indian Thali is good that comes with nimbuwalikukkat, a sweet-sour curry, a chicken kebab, Aloo Gobi, mint rice, rotis, gulabjamun, etc for 110 rs.

Ambience – This restaurant is the 6th floor of the building that gives amazing views of Margaocity.

Café Bhonsle

This multiple awards winning restaurant is located in Panaji area popular for its vegetarian food.

Contact - (+91) 832 2426000

Why visit Café Bhonsle - Café Bhonsle is one of the most busiest and popular eateries in Panaji and is famous for its snacks like samosas and PooriBhaji. Chinese dishes like Gobi Manchurian and BabycornChilli are very popular here.

Rates – the restaurant has value for money, a plate of masala dosa is only 40 rs and Gobi Manchurian is 50 rs.

Ambience–The seating area is clean and hygienic, the chairs are also large and comfortable.

Peep Kitchen

This is another famous Goan restaurant in Panjim area famous for the amazing fish thali.

Contact - (+91) 832 6454474

Why visit –one can visit here for amazing Goan food both Vegetarian and non vegetarian. The local pumpkin dish Sol Kadi is lot popular along with fried fish,Prawns Masala fry and Chicken caferia are must haves.

Rates –The price for authentic GoanThali is 150 rs, a plate of Biryani all three chicken/veg or prawns will cost you 140, 185 and 240 rs each.

Ambience –The ambience is fine, the interiors are nicely decorated and sitting area is clean and hygienic.

German Bakery 

German Bakery is one of the most popular restaurants in Goa. Popular for its amazing Italian Cuisine it is located right on Anjuna Beach.


Contact - (+91) 9096058775

Why visit German Bakery – German Bakery is Popular for its breads and 'alternative', organic food. The Avocado Prawn Pasta Cocktail is a must try.

Rates – The rates are minimal a humus plate is approx. 200 rs and Healthy bowl with mix sea food is around 300 rs.

Ambience - There's floor type sitting for those who want to stretch out and lounge. Table sitting is also available here.

Tea Café

Tea café is an all American Breakfast place located in Panjim.

Contact–(+91) 832 2223050, (+91) 9326110385

Why visit –One must visit here for choice of coffee along with Hot Dog with cheese, Greek Salad and Turkey Sandwich with caramelized onions are must haves.

Rates – price of coffee ranges from 100 to 150 rs, cold coffee is of same price and Greek Salad that is a must have will only cost you 200 rs.

Ambience–Tea Café is made in a historical 'sala' of a hundred year old house. This restaurant is air conditioned with wood paneled ceiling and confortable sofa lounged.

Baba Au Rhum

This is a famous pizza place located in Arpora.


Contact - (+91) 9822078759

Why visit –The small village of Arpora specializes in preparing the famous specialty of Paris Baba au Rhum, that is a small yeast cake saturated in liquor. Along with this cake the pizzas here are a must have.

Rates – The prices are not that high, Baba Au Ruhnwont cost you more than 350 rs and the wood fried pizzas range from 200 to 600 rs maximum.

Ambience – The ambience is cool that looks like an old Goan village with clean hygienic sitting area and wooden chairs. 

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