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Top 11 summer April tour packages | Darjeeling holiday tour packages | Mini Switzerland of India tour packages | Udaipur Pushkar trip packages | Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort tour packages 



Where to Go in April

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Holiday Travel Presents Best Tour Packages for April Month. Choose our hundreds of Tours anad travel packages for your April Holidays

We offer April Packages for India, Dubai, Thailand and Europe.


TOP Holiday Destinations IN APRIL

Why Travel in April

In India, April is the month when kids exams are over and Whole family needs to have vacations. There are many places to visit in India, Here holidaytravel company is offering best of the best packages in India as well as abroad.We have made holiday selection in April a piece of cake for you. We offer you multiple choices including options of Mountains, Tropiocal Islands, Hioll Stations, Himalayas, Pristine beaches, Jungles, Western Ghats, hill stations in South India as well as Dubai , Thailand and Even Europe.

Family Holiday Travel in April

April is perfect time for Families with Kids, As School exams are over and Kids needs break, This is the perfect time for you to take kids on a well deserved holiday after the tiring schedule of schools and colleges. It is also a must for rebooting their energies after a tough year and also rejuvinate for the Next year.


Corporate Executive Holiday Travel in April

After financial year Ending March, It is perfect time to unwind, you need to have crisp mountain air and fresh green vistas to recharge your energies to prepare fresh for the next finnancial year. In addition, April is also the best time to reward your best performing staff with a holiday Package in Mountains, Jungles and Beaches.

Honeymoon Holidays in April

With the Marriages solemnising in March-April, Month of April is also becoming a perfect holiday season for honeymooners. April is also the season when it is not too hot and not too cold..Perfect for love Birds and Honeymooners. So Delay your marriage to March, so that you can enjoy the perfect honeymoon in April.

India Holidays in April - Visit India in April to Enjoy below Festivals


  • Rajasthan India Tour In April

  • Destinations :- Ranakpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer

  • Theme :- India Festival Tour in April

Godwar Festival ( March 30-1st April) Package - India

Enjoy traditional Indian Rajasthani folk dance and music performances, turban tying, horse racing, bullock cart rides, and wildlife safaris at the Godwar Festival. Godwar Festival is Held at Ranakpur which is approximatly around one hour from Udaipur, Ranakpur is famous for its Jain temple and rural mountain setting. Book Your Rajasthan India April Package from HolidayTravel.co 

Vanue: Mana Hotels, Ranakpur, Rajasthan - India

Gangaur Festival Rajasthan India ( 2nd - 4th April) - Rajasthan India package

One of the most important festivals in Rajasthan, Gangaur is all about honoring the goddess Gauri, manifestation of Parvati (Lord Shiva's wife), This festival is predominantly for women. Colorful processions of bejeweled images of the goddess Gauri wind their way all over cities and villages, accompanied by local bands.

Mewar Festival - Rajasthan India package April

The Mewar Festival welcomes the arrival of spring. Celebrated at Gangaur Ghat on the banks of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, images of goddess Gauri are transferred onto boats amidst much singing and celebrating, and taken out onto the Lake. The festival continues with a plenty of singing, dancing and cultural programs, and finishes off with a huge display of fireworks. 

When: April 2-4, 2014.
Where: Udaipur, Rajasthan.


Kerala India Tour In April
Destinations :- Kottayam, Trissur
Theme :- India Kerala Temple Tour in April


Attuvela Mahotsavam - Kerala Temple Festival in India in April

Explore Attuvela Mahotsavam, A typical Kerala Temple Festival in April, which is a delightful water carnival. Get Surprised to see procession of nicely illuminated canoes holding huge temple replicas through the water towards the temple. Book Your Kerala India April Package from HolidayTravel.co

When: April 1, 2014.
Vanue: Elankavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple, Vadayar, Kottayam District, Kerala.

Arattupuzha Pooram - The Famous Elephant Festival

Yet another Kerala temple festival this month, the Arattupuzha Pooram is a particularly large elephant pageant featuring around 60 elephants bearing brightly colored silk parasols. It's one of the oldest temple festivals in Kerala. Legend has it that on the day of the festival, 101 gods and goddesses from the neighboring villages visited Sree Ayyappan, the presiding deity of the Arattupuzha Temple.

When: April 11, 2014.
Where: Arattupuzha Temple, in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

North East India Tour In April
Destinations :- Nagaland, Assam
Theme :- North East India Tribal Tour in April


The Aoling Festival of the Konyak Tribe - Northeast India Festival Package in April

Celebrate Your India Travel with Konyak tribes of Nagaland in North East India with Excursions to Picturesque Darjeeling and Sikkim, who now lives peacefully, and celebrate after having completed the sowing of seeds each year, the tribe celebrates their most important festival, the Aoling Festival, which marks the beginning of spring season and a new year. Blend Your North East Holiday in North East with Darjeeling, Sikkim and Nagalad Tribal Tour.

When: April 1-6 each year.
Vanue: Mon district of Nagaland in North East India.

Bihu Festival Tour in Assam

Bihu is the main festival of Assam, in north east India. This agricultural festival occurs three times a year but the biggest celebration, known as Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu, happens in April. It's celebrated for three days and marks the start of the new year there, as well as seeding time in spring. The first day is dedicated to the cows, which are vital to agriculture. The second day is spent visiting friends and relatives, along with plenty of singing and dancing. On the third day, deities are worshiped.

When: April 14-16, 2014.
Where: Assam.


North India Tour In April
Destinations :- Ayodhya, Srinagar-Kashnir-Amritsar
Theme :- North India Tour in April covering Ayodhya, Srinagar-Kashnir-Amritsar

Tulip Festival - Kashmir India Package in April

Come to India in April and enjoy the beautiful Tulip Festival in Kashmir India. It is Spring time in Kashmir and is the most picturesque with full Bloom due to flowering tulips. Kashmir is home to Asia's largest tulip garden with more than a million blooms, the festival features daily cultural programs, Kashmiri folk songs, sale of local handicrafts, and traditional Kashmiri cuisine.

When: First two weeks of April each year.
Vanue: Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Srinagar, Kashmir. It's located in the foothills of Zabarwan range, overlooking Dal Lake.


Ayodhya India Tour In April to celebrate Ram Navmi

Ram Navami Festival Tour in April
The festival of Ram Navami marks the birthday of Lord Rama. It's celebrated in a religious manner all over India.

When: April 8, 2014.
Where: Religious celebrations and processions take place at Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh (there's a popular ceremonial wedding of Ram and Sita), and Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu.

Baisakhi Tour in April
Baisakhi is a harvest festival, a Punjabi new year festival, and commemoration of the founding of the Khalsa (Sikh religion brotherhood) all rolled into one occasion. It's celebrated with a great deal of feasting, bhangra dancing, folk music, and fairs. Major celebrations are organized at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, and it becomes carnival-like outside. There's also a street procession.

When: April 13-14 every year.
Where: Amritsar.



Holiday Travel Options in April

In Himachal and Kashmir, April is the start of the Peak Time, The Snow is melting or Thawing, Giving you an excellent opportunities to witness stunning white snow views of Himalayas if you head to Shimla Manali, In April, you can enjoy the clear view of highest peaks, Adventurous and spectacular treks and hill stations. If you are already in the North last year, you can head to South India, Other Options include north east India, Even Central India with its Stunning National Parks.

Below list of some most popular and excellent as well as hand picked, tourist places in India and word to travel in the month of April, We holidaytravel.co will provide you and help you plan the Best Holiday Experience in April to give you a perfect Family Break. 

TOP Holiday Destinations and Apackages IN APRIL


North India Holiday Packages in April

MANALI Shimla Tour Package

Manali is one of the most popular hill stations of North India, offering you stunning landscape and weather in April. April is also the start of the Peak season, so plan your vacation well in advance through HolidayTravel.co, so that yiu can have good cost benefit

Shimla is the Capital of Himachal Pradesh and undoubtedly the queen of hills. It is only 3 hours ride from Chandigarh and offers lots of excursions as well as enjoyments for the whole family, Snow line is still Visible in April and it may be little cold. You can travel upto Sangla in April.

Mussoorie-Nainital Tour in April

These Gems of North India Uttrakhand Cities offers you Enchanting views, wonderful climate and exotic locations, It is a must Considered package in the month of April. Placed at an avreage altitude of 2000 m above the sea level, These two destinations, offer you an ideal getaway, by completely forget the hustle-bustle of your city life. Mussoorie Nainital are also a popular choice amidst honeymooners who wish to spend some alone-time, also offer you to visit popular temples, Ashrams, waterfalls of the region. You can also try your hands at trekking.


Spread in an area of 392 sq km, Ranthambore National Park boasts of being one of the largest and most famed national parks in the northern region of the country. The month of April is a favorable time to travel to Ranthambhor as it is still not that hot in Rajasthan and you have very good chance of catching a glimpse of wide variety of animals including Rotal Tiger during the safari. April is also the best time to visit Ranthambhor to see wide variety of birds, it is a paradise of Bird watchers.

Jim Corbett NATIONAL PARK Tour in April

Spread in an area of 400 sq km, Jim Corbett National Park lies in the Uttrakhand in Himalayan Tarai, boasts of being one of the largest and most famed national parks in the northern region of the country. The month of April is a favorable time to travel to Jim Corbette as winter is over and jungke has woken up from winter hibernation and you have very good chance of catching a glimpse of wide variety of animals including Rotal Tiger during the safari. April is also the best time to visit Ranthambhor to see wide variety of birds, it is a paradise of Bird watchers.


Central India Holiday Packages in April

Pachmarhi Holidays in April

Lying in the Satpura Ranges, The Pachmarhi is the best holiday Destination in April. Pachmarhi offers deep jungles, Jungle treks, Cottage life in woods, Stunning sunsets and sunrise scenes. Book your Holidays in pachmarhi in advance to save costs as April marks the peak season in Pachmarhi


Want to take your kids to Mowgli's Jungle, Promise your kids that what Lion King they had been watching on TV will become reality and they can see the same after Exams, After vacations head to the Pench National Park named after famous river Pench, Visit the park in April for spotting excellent wildlife and weather including 39 mammal species, 13 reptile species, 3 amphibian species and 210 avifauna species. HolidayTravel.co offers you excellent April Packages for Pench.


SAPUTARA Holiday in Manali

Saputara is a beautiful hill station to Visit in April, Saputara has been developed as a planned hill resort with all the necessary amenities like hotels, parks, swimming pools, boat club, theaters, ropeways and a museum to ensure an enjoyable holiday in the cool of the hill. Saputara is only 172 km. from Surat and 250 km from Mumbai. Saputara will soon have its own airport as state government is considering the plan. Maharashtra state border is only 4 km away from Saputara. Excursions from Saputara can be made to the wild life sanctuary in the Mahal Bardipara forest, 60 km. from here and to Gira Waterfalls 52 km away.


South India Holiday Packages in April

Ooty KODAIKANAL Holidays in April

Visit Ooty and Kodaikanal in April, in April, these places offer you cool breezes and wind swept holidays in Neelgiri mountains, Both are mesmerizing hill towns, attracting amazing number of traveler during the month of April. Fondly known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’. Ooty and Kodaikanal are equally popular and newly-wedded honeymooners and couples and family vacationers.

North East India Holiday Packages in April

Darjeeling Gangtok KALIMPONG Holiday in April

Away from the regular hustle-bustle of the city life, North Eastern Hill Stations of Darjeeling, Pelling, Kalimpong offer you perfect holiday travel in April. North East India is the best place place to visit in April, Plan a peaceful vacation and treat your eyes to the lush greenery of tea estates, enjoy an amazing weather in April and have a visit to the popular attractions. You can also partake in trekking, ropeway ride, hiking and rafting.

GANGTOK Sikkim Holiday Package in April

Lying in the eastern Himalayan ranges, in the north-eastern state of Sikkim, Gangtok Sikkim are the best tourist destination in April. It also boasts of a lot of religious importance for the followers of Buddhism because of being home to a number of monasteries. Gangtok has it all mesmerizing scenery, high mountain peaks, glacial lakes, monasteries, splendid weather, popular attractions.

International Holidays in April

In April, it is the threshold of spring, heading into Summers, April is a great time for a getaway.Some international Holiday Destinations outside India are as below

  • Spain at this time of year, where the streets of Seville serve up a spine-tingling spectacle; 
  • China, exuberance - and, of course, a good soaking - is the hallmark of Yunnan's Water Splashing Festival.
  • South Africa's mighty 'Battlement of Spears', 
  • Dive in the company of manta rays off the coast of Indonesia. 
  • Explore uber-cool Copenhagen before the crowds descend, 
  • Explore New Orleans and enjoy shrimps with oysters, Explore the Spirit of jazz?

Whatever your taste in travel, Lonely Planet's destination experts have advice in abundance.

Indonesia Holiday Package in April

Visit Indonesia in April, Perfect for Honeymooners, leisure Travellers, Soak in Indonesia , Explore Java, Sumatra, Bali, Jakarta...As April offers comfortable temperatures for holidaying in Indonesia, Beaches of Java Sumatra are ideal for diving and snorkelling.Head to Raja Ampat in April as it is one of its most unspoiled corners of the world, It has more than 10 times the number of hard coral species found in the Caribbean. In February, the government decreed that Indonesia’s entire aquatic territory will now act as a sanctuary for manta rays, so it’s the perfect time to come and get acquainted with these gentle giants of the sea.Also visit Gili Islands to get prior experience before heading to Raja Ampat. 

Seville Borcelona Holiday Package in April ( 13-20th April)

Visit Seville Spain in April to Enjoy the Catholic feast of Holy Week, Here the event is known as Semana Santa.Every day there are events, Celebrations, Processions from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday,events from Christ's Passion are carried through the streets from Seville's churches to the cathedral, accompanied by processions that may take more than an hour to pass. The celebrations continue in the city’s bars and restaurants, so book ahead with Holidaytravel.co 

Seville has some of Spain’s most creative tapas - Explore Vinería San Telmo, which offers traditional and modern varieties in Spain, such as squid ink spaghetti with scallops. On the same street, Catalina is another good option, with plenty of alfresco seating for a lazy lunch.


Yunnan, China Holiday package in April

Proceed to China in April, April marks the new year for the Dai minority in China’s Yunnan province. The event is celebrated by The Water Splashing Festival in the Xishuangbanna region in the far south of the province, It is a three-day festival, which includes parade, open-air market and sand sculpting on the banks of the Lacang River.



South Africa Holiday Package in April

Visit South Africa to Enjoy World's Most Dramatic Landscapes , The Battlement of Spears’ (Quathlamba) in the Zulu language, These ranges are also perfect getaway for Hikers, offering them great adventrous treks in April with perfect weather, Trails within the 243,000-hectare uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, a Unesco World Heritage-listed site, vary in difficulty and length, allowing you to take on anything from easy morning strolls to strenuous full- or multi-day hikes.

Witnessing the park’s most staggering sights, such as the Amphitheatre, Cathedral Peak, Devil’s Tooth, Eastern Buttress, Monk’s Cowl and Sentinel.

Copenhagen, Denmark Holiday Package in April ( Birthday Celebrations 16th April)

Visit CopenHagen in April, To enjoy the eco-friendly, Historical and beautiful Denmark and wonder as why it’s known as ‘the world’s most liveable city’.

Enjoy the iconic city-centre attractions like the Tivoli Gardens open up for the summer season this month, Explore the free-spirited streets community Christiana or, witness the pageantry of Queen Margarethe’s birthday celebrations on 16 April, when monarch greets thousands of well-wishers from a balcony of the Amalienborg Slot.



Louisiana, USA Holiday Package in April ( French Quarter Festival - 10-15 April)

Visit USA Specially Louisiana in April to celebrate The French Quarter Festival (10-15 April) in New Orleans is one of southern America’s largest free events, and hundreds of local jazz, blues, Cajun and funky brass musicians play at outdoor stages. 
Explore New Orleans and also visit to the cotton plantations of famous Movie "12 Years a Slave" and the swamplands of Cajun Country, home to the largest French-speaking minority in the US.