Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai - Destination Overview
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    Make your Dubai Expences Nil by shopping in Dubai & enjoy never seen Price Bargains. Dubai is the shopper's paradise on Earth. Do not forget to make shopping list before coming to Dubai

About Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is called  the "shopping capital of the Middle East", Dubai draws tourists simply by its irresistible shopping opportunities.It has  great reputation in shopping.It boasts of world class malls,numerous souks,traditional markets and above all the Legendary Dubai Duty Free Shop at the Airport.It is a shopper's paradise with airconditioned shopping malls that have triumphed over the immense heat outside.In the recent years the malls at Dubai have just not become destinations but they have become centres for socialising & entertainment.All the malls built recently feature some world class facilities with a large number of restaurants, multiplexes and many more. 

The gold souk in Dubai is quite unlike anything you will see in the world. Row upon row of shops, glitzy and glittering with gold ornaments – the souk is a must visit even if you aren’t shopping for gold.

Although most shops display “fixed price” signs, in most cases bargaining will reduce the price especially if you are paying in cash. Start with quoting half the price and gradually go upwards!