Scotland Tourist Guide

Scotland Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Longitude: 3° 12' 0" West
  • Latitude: 55° 57' 0" North
  • Nearest Airport: Edinburgh
  • How to reach: Scotland is 10,000 km far from India. India is itself a big country and has more than 28 states within it. Thus, every state takes different time duration to complete its journey to Scotland. Yet, an approximate time taken is 9 to 10 hours. The flights are available from all the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

Nearby Places Scotland is a large island city and is surrounded

Scotland Tourist Guide

Scotland, located in United Kingdom, with Edinburgh as its capital, is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean. The capital city of Scotland is outnumbered in population by Glasgow. Scotland has an oceanic climate. With geographical coordinates of 55° 57' 0" North latitude and 3° 12' 0" West longitude, Scotland is one of the most beautiful island cities in Britain. Because of its good environment and culture, it is one of the best tourists’ spots. Interestingly, Scotland’s national animal is not a real animal. It is Unicorn, a fictitious symbol used since the early days in history. Scotland’s currency is sterling and is issued by three Scottish banks. Most of the population is Christian. Another major religion there is Islam followed by Jewish, Hindu and other communities. Scotland participates in many sports worldwide, not necessarily under the Great Britain team. They have independent teams for many sports like FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup and many others. Let us see what the major excursions of Scotland are.


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Transport in Scotland

Scotland is connected to England by a roadrail and air network. The airports Glasgow-InternationalGlasgow-PrestwickEdinburgh and Aberdeen serve as the main international gateways to Scotland, with an expanding route network. In terms of international air links with Europe, the country is generally well connected, with daily flights from a variety of European cities, There are also direct flights operated from the main Scottish airports to destinations in North America such as New YorkPhiladelphiaToronto,Vancouver and Calgary. The expanding budget airline network from Scotland's airports is making a significant contribution to bringing more visitors to the country.

The country is also connected to mainland Europe by a car ferry service operating daily from Rosyth in Fife to the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. Ferry services also connect Scotland with Northern Ireland, operating between Stranraer and Belfast and Cairnryan and Larne.

The ferry to GothenburgSweden, from "Newcastle" (actually North Shields) in northern England (currently run by the Danish company DFDS Seaways), ceased at the end of October 2006 "DFDS scraps Newcastle-Gothenburg line", The Local, 7 September 2006: "Danish shipping company DFDS Seaways is to scrap the only passenger ferry route between Sweden and Britain, with the axing of the Gothenburg-Newcastle route at thekey route for Scottish tourist traffic from Sweden and Norway. The company cited high fuel prices and new competition from low-cost air services, especially Ryanair (which now flies to Stansted from Gothenburg City Airport), as being the cause. DFDS Seaways' sister company, DFDS Tor Line, will continue to run scheduled freight ships between Gothenburg and several English ports, including Newcastle, and these have limited capacity for passengers, but not private vehicles. It is unclear if the Newcastle-Kristiansand, Norway, route.

Recommended Hotels

Scotland is filled with resting places for the tourists. Be it a guest house or a five star hotel or a resort or an inn, this place has all the possible varieties of hotels. To name some we have: Blythswood Square Hotel, Anstruther harbour, Aberdeen City and Shire etc. All these hotels are equipped with full time room service and all the required basic facilities like comfortable beds, good food, proper water and electric supply etc.  

Recommended Restaurants

There are many types of food cuisines available in Scotland. They are basically divided into various trails. Here is the list.

·         Seafood Trail: It includes all the sea foods like figs, crab, scampi, oyster etc.

·         Malt Whiskey Trail: It includes various bars and pubs which provides the Scotland’s best whiskey.

·         Scottish Cheese Trail: It provides you with the best quality cheese. Some of the inns are: Highland Dairy, Sgriob-                 Ruadh                 Farm Dairy etc.

·         Chocolate Trail: This provides with the Scottish chocolates rich in cocoa and sugar.

     Few restaurants that are very famous in here are: Vegetarian and vegan, Michelin-star and many more.

How to reach Scotland from India

Scotland is 10,000 km far from India. India is itself a big country and has more than 28 states within it. Thus, every state takes different time duration to complete its journey to Scotland. Yet, an approximate time taken is 9 to 10 hours. The flights are available from all the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

Suggested Itineraries

There are many itineraries available for any location. Similarly, Scotland too has a number of itineraries like New Years Eve itinerary, food and drinks itinerary, history itinerary etc. Here we will discuss about the Scottish cities itinerary. In this itinerary we will discuss every famous city you must visit on a trip to Scotland. It will be unlike any day wise trip which will tell you the exact schedule. This itinerary will only tell you the famous cities across Scotland and “must visit” spots in those cities. The remaining scheduling etc would have to be done by the tourists itself.

City 1: Stirling

A historic city rich in historical monuments and belongings, Stirling is famous for its National Wallace Monument. Also, the Stirling Castle is famous in here for its amazing architecture and past legendaries.

City 2: Aberdeen

A beautiful coastal city in Scotland, Aberdeen is an educational centre of Scotland. It has all the famous universities in here. The famous one is the University of Aberdeen which offers courses of various trades.

City 3: Dundee

Dundee is a place which is a perfect spot for fun in holidays. Indulged into shopping, dining, clubbing, dancing, drinking, people enjoy a lot here. In addition to its social life fun, it also has various famous centres. One such centre includes Dundee Science Centre which is located just in the centre heart of the city ad attracts many tourists. It is a very big centre which is completely devoted to the science enthusiasts and lovers.

City 4: Perth

Located on the banks of river Tay, Perth was the ancient capital of Scotland. It has a large historical significance in the history of Scotland freedom and independence. Perth Concert Hall is one of the most popularised buildings in Perth, which must be seen by the tourists.

City 5: Inverness

The capital of the Highlands, Inverness is a beautiful place with colourful scenic beauties. It purifies the soul and gives a sense of peaceful pleasure. One of the famous spots in here is the Inverness Castle across the river Ness. It is an old castle located in the centre of the city and is a perfect place for isolated pleasure and solace. 

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