San Francisco Tourist Guide

San Francisco Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Location: Northern California,United States -
  • Altitude: 196 ft
  • Longitude: 122°25?09? W
  • Latitude: 37°46?29? N
  • Nearest Airport: San Francisco
  • How to reach: Indians are one of the most visited tourists in San Francisco and thus, there are many flights from India to here. Every air line is running the flights between these two countries. The approximate distance from every Indian state to San Francisco is 15,000 km. Here, are the two major flights from the top metropolitan cities in India to San Francisco. • Delhi-San Francisco-Delhi From Delhi to San Francisco it is 12,380 km and the flight price is approximately 64000 INR on a round trip. • Mumbai- San Francisco- Mumbai From Mumbai it is 13,510 km to San Francisco and the flight price is an approximate 70,000 INR on a round trip.
  • Season to Visit: September to November

San Francisco Tourist Guide

A consolidated city-country, San Francisco is the only one of its form in California. With the geographical coordinates being 37°46′29″ N latitude, 122°25′09″ W longitude and 196 ft altitude, San Francisco is the second most populated city in USA after New York City. Known for its educational and cultural belongings, this city cum country has a large never ending stock of talent and knowledge. Let us take a look at some of the must see locations.

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Major Excursions

  • Shopping Complexes

San Francisco has a number of shopping complexes which provide its people with varied forms of products from all across the nation. Few of the most famous shopping arenas being: Chinatown Shopping Complex, Downtown Shopping Area, Holiday Shopping Complex, Union Square Shopping Complex and Levi Strauss & Co.

  • Museums and Art Galleries

The two largest fine arts museums in here are the de Young museum and the Legion of Honor. Showcasing the country’s contemporary art and sculpture painting, these two museums are the “must visit” galleries in San Francisco.

  •  Exploratorium

Located at Pier 15 on the Embarcadero, Exploratorium is a place for new experiments and discoveries. It is also a clubbed museum displaying exciting works like manual exhibits etc.  It is the best place for the innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs to spend their productive and fruitful time with like minded people.

  • Eventful Happenings

San Francisco is famous for its art and cultural happenings. It includes drama, theatres, plays etc. on stage. There are many theatres for the same. Apart from that, there is a Golden Gate Park which hosts various regular events like planetariums, aqua life display and musical shows etc. to attract many a people in there.

  • Miscellaneous Places

San Francisco is too big a city to put it on a piece of paper and thus, it is divided into some basic zones to let tourists cover every area without missing any. The list is as followed:

  • Candle Stick Point
  • Castro Market
  • Hayes Valley
  • Embarcadero District
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Japan Town
  • Mission District
  • Nob Hill
  • North Beach
  • Night Life

There are many clubs and dance bars in San Francisco for the best night life ever. Clubbed with DJ, musical events and stage shows, it provides a fantastical night life with the world’s most exciting groups of people. Harlot, the Asian-style Infusion Lounge, Temple Nightclub etc. are some of the famous night clubs for the tourists to hangout in.  It also includes various night shows like music, dance, comedy nights etc. These shows also are the perfect place to spend the night, laughing and enjoying. Youngster in particular, have loads of fun in this city.

Now, we are done with the major tourist attraction spots. Now, is the time to have a look to the hotels and restaurants to spend the night peacefully after a hectic day.

Recommended Hotels for Indians

San Francisco is a very friendly nation and thus, apart from the regular expensive hotels which include the Airport Hotels, apartment Suites etc, there are many vacation houses in here.  These are the small apartment housing provided in the residential areas of san Francisco like Castro, SOMA, Sunset, the Mission District, Noe Valley and Haight-Ashbury, which gives tourist an opportunity to live in between the regular population of the city.

They can experience the culture and tradition more closely, living together with the San Franciscans.

Food is the most important things for which a person longs, especially in a foreign land. Let us have a look to what all San Francisco has to offer to the world.

Recommended Restaurants

San Francisco offers its tourists with every kind of dining options. From fine dining to beach side sea fooding, every option is available to the tourists depending upon their interests and budget. You can choose a luxury restaurant or a food speciality restaurant.

  • Fine Dining

Union Square is the place for the best fine dining in San Francisco. With restaurants like Le Colonia, Fleur de Lys, Anzu, Farallon, Bourbon Steak and LarkCreekSteaks, Union Square is known particularly for its French and sea food dining.

  • Steak Houses

Known for its world’s best beefs, San Francisco has a number of steak houses named Harris’ Restaurant, Russian Hill, Financial District, and Alfred’s Steakhouse etc.

  • Sea Food Restaurants

There are many sea side restaurants that provides with an extravagant food with marvellous beauty all around. Some of the famous bay side outlets are Bay Area’s restaurants, Fisherman’s Wharf, Fishermen’s Grotto etc. 

San Francisco Suggested Tour Itinerary

Every tourist looks for something that will guide him to the best way to travel any location. With minimum time in hand and maximum places to visit, and that too in a minimum budget possible with maximum fun, is a real challenge. There are many itineraries suggested by various travel companies and advisors. Let us discuss a three day itinerary to San Francisco which will surely help the tourist for the best of his holidays.

Day 1:

Give your first day to understand the city as a whole. Go on a walk on The Union Square. Stroll across the various shopping complexes discussed above like China Town etc. Once you are quite aware of the roads and marks, take a bicycle ride on the world famous Golden Gate Bridge and Park. With famous restaurants along side and various shows and events, this park is a real attraction of the tourists. This is how the first day will end.

Day 2:

Give your second day to understand the marvels of this city. Go for the museums and art galleries. Visit the world famous planetariums and aquariums and most important, the exploraniums.

This will give you the real picture of the city’s culture and traditions. Don’t miss the theatres and plays which are hosted in these big museums and places. End your day with a delicious sea food cuisine in Fisherman's Wharf, the oldest restaurant in the city. 

Day 3:

Day 3, the last day of your journey should be spent in such a way that your trip seems complete. And, thus, dedicate this complete day to the fun activities like cycling, biking, all across the country.

You can also devote some of your time in the financial district of this city to take a glimpse of San Francisco’s economy and governance. And, last but not the least; end your day in a pub or a dance bar enjoying the night life of this beautiful glowing city.