Ram tirth

Ram tirth - Destination Overview
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Ram tirth 
An enormous fair is held here for five days which will begin a fortnight after Diwali. Great importance is given to this holy tank - Ram Tirath which is believed to have been dug by Lord Hanuman himself. The perimeter of this holy tank is about 3km and there are few temples on the bank of this tank. A majority of the devotees believe that it fortunate to have a dip in the holy tank in the early hours of the Pournami (full moon day - also called as Puranmashi in local language). After a holy dip in this tank, the devotees make a circumbulation  around (Pradakshin) the tank while chanting Mantras as Ram Ram . On the full moon day night, women light the lamps made up of flour and filled with pure ghee, place them on leafs or any other boat shaped Pramidas (Tulla), and leave them to float in the holy tank, and sing devotional songs and mantras. This ritual is called as Tulla Toarna, means floating of Tullas . During the fair, about one lakh devotees visit Ram Tirath. Numerous long haired saints (jatadhari) also go to this Ram Tirath fair and sit in meditation. There is a well (Baori) named Mata Sita di Ka Baori, people at Amritsar believe that women  conceive  if they take a holy bath in this well on a full moon day. Various activities such as wild animal exhibition, acrobat s feats, merry go rounds, singing minstrels and magic shows are held during this fair. And meetings are also held by various religious and social bodies.

About one lakh devotees visit Ram Tirath during the fair. Numerous Jatadhari (long haired) Sadhus also visit this place during fair and sit in meditation. A large number of Sikhs, mostly from remote villages, also contribute and pay reverence at the various temples.

Devotees from all over the Punjab come to participate in the fair with great pomp and joy and take special interest in organizing the events at the Balmiki temple. All the pilgrims take out a procession on the final day of the fair. During the fair, religious meetings, and group worships are held at Akal Takhat, Manji Sahib, and Baba Atal for three days. Numerous poets and singers also participate in this fair. At this fair people are habitually found distributing cloths, money and food items to the vagrants who gather around the site. Helping the poor and needy is believed to be  virtuous act for those who visit the Ram Tiarth Fair