kurukshetra - Destination Overview
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About Kurukshetra
Kurukshetra is a small town and the modern temple here can be described as Kitsch, an artificial reproduction of earlier temple styles. But the site is important for its influence on the development of Hindi ideas, not Hindu architecture. Modern Kurukshetra has no trace of the period when it played the central role described in the Mahabharata as the battlefield where Arjuna learned the meaning of dharma. The flat plain around Kurukshetra is described in Sanskrit literature as Brahmavarta (land of the Sages) and is regarded as particularly sacred.

Tourist Attractions in Kurukshetra
The main tourist attraction in Kurukshetra is the Brahmasar or Kurukshetra Tank. There are also the remains of a Muslim Fort, including the Tomb of Shaikh chilli Jalal and Lal Masjid, a small red sandstone mosque. The carving on the domes is similar to that at Fatehpur Sikri.

Brahmasar or Kurukshetra Tank
This tank is about 1 km west of the town and about 1 km long. Many pilgrims came here to take a bath, but it is also visited by a wide range of wildfowl, during the winter. The tank is surrounded by temples and ghats (steps) leading down to the water’s edge. It also become the special focus of pilgrimage at the time of exceptional astronomical events. The solar eclipses in Kurukshetra are marked by special pilgrimages, when over one million people come to the tank from across northern India. It is believed that the waters of all India’s sacred tanks meet together in the Kurukshetra tank at the moment of eclipse, giving extra merit to anyone who can bathe in it at that moment.

Art and Culture Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra represents the art and culture of Haryana.  The art and culture of the villages revolves around agriculture, pottery, weaving, handlooms. Apart from that folk dances and songs are the another aspects of art and cuture.Pottery ArtPeople in villages show their skillful hands in pottery. The potter designs many vessels and the pots through his creativity and hard work  on the wheel . Utensils, decorative items, vessels and toys are the items that are sold from dusty lanes to the stalls. 
Embroidery, Weaving and Handlooms
Haryana is known for its woven work in the  form of shawls, durries, robes or lungis. Phulkari is the perfect and finest example of their weaving skills. It is a impressive piece of outfit with the use of superb colors and complicated embroidery is the winter wear of women. A deviation from the phulakri is the "bagh" (garden). In this case, the entire cloth is covered with embroidery. The phulkari is made by female members of a house.