Kumarakom Tourist Places Guide

Kumarakom Tourist Places Guide - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Staring from Rs 24999/- including 2 nights/3 days hotel stay and full Kumarakom site seeing and House Boat, excursions
  • Location: Kerala,India -
  • Nearest Airport: Kochi Airport
  • How to reach: Located at just 3 hours drive from Kochi International airport
  • Season to Visit: Best Season to Visit Kumarakom is from October till February

Kumarakom Tourist Places Guide

Kumarakom, the famous Beautiful backwater tourist destination in Kerala and undoubtedly whole world is located at just 3 hours from Kochi International Airport India. This place can be also reached through a back water journey from Alappuzha, if you intend to stay in a classic Resort after your over night House-Boat Journey in Alleppey.

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The Most Beautiful Destination - Kumarakom

Kumarakom is undoubtedly the most Beautiful, Most enchanting, Most invigorating, Most fascinating paradise in Kerala, God's own country. This rich green, sleepy little village of Kumarkom is located on the Vembanad lake amidst mangrove forests and coconut groves.

Kumarakom is an enchanting Island which provides Leisure, Relaxation, Proximity with Natureboating, fishing and sightseeing experiences that are truly exhilarating.

Once you are in Kumarakom and stay in one of its exotic Resorts, All you enjoy is acqua blue water on all sides, coconut palms standing everywhere, paddy fields, lagoons, backwaters, mangroves, nesting birds,Houseboats navigating in water, Beautiful sunset and sunrise. 

Only Reachable by Boat

Most Resorts in Kuamarakom are only reachable by boat, These resorts are located on the island On the scenic Vembanad lake, you will see many traditional country crafts or houseboats, boats and canoes. The fresh water of the lake runs into the mainland making a labyrinth of lagoons, brooks, canals and waterways.The backwater houses a variety of species of both fauna and flora and marine life.    

Kumarakom is also considered to be the gateway to the famous backwaters of Kuttanad. Kumarakom is also the home of various sprawling ethnic waterfront resorts. These resorts offer comfortable accommodation and exclusive leisure options like an Ayurvedic massage, yoga, meditation, boating, fishing and swimming. The adventurous could indulge in water sports such as windsailing and waterskiing. Kumarakom is also a center for houseboat cruises. 

Kumarakom is a tourist village in Kerala in India. It is a cluster of small islands on the Vembanad backwaters. It is popular for famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

Kumarakom and Baker House History - Now Taj Group Hotel

Kumarakom island was made by an English farmer Alfred George Baker in 1847 by reclaiming approx 500 acres of Vembanad Lake and made garden land and paddy fields. He built the Baker House (also known as the History House). Four generations of Bakers lived in the house until 1962. It is reported that they spoke Malayalam, the local language, and even wore the "mundu", which is the traditional formal wear of the people of Kerala (a plain white dhoti, with golden silk lining). 

The Baker Memorial School in Kottayam, was started around 1825, by members of the same family. The Baker House was taken over by the Taj Group and restored into a luxury heritage hotel.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakom is home to famous Bird Sanctuary, which have significant number of bird species. The park area covers around 15 acres and functions under the aegis of the government of Kerala. Originally known as Baker estate. One of the important migratory species here is the Siberian crane. Other tropical species such as the egret, heron, waterfoul, ducks, moorhens and kingfisher are commonly found.

The Vembanad Lake, is home to many marine and freshwater fish. Varieties of shrimp, prawn and fresh water fish are boutiful. The "Pearl spot" fish is found in relatively lower numbers, and is a local delicacy. There are a lots of tortoises also in lake.

How to Reach Kumarakom

Reach By car to shore of lake
Approximately 3 hours from Cochin International Airport till Jetty to reach Kumarakom.

By Boat
From Muhamma (near Alappuzha) to Kumarakom Jetty.

Things to do in Kumarakom

Bird Sanctuary. 

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary (also known as Vembanad Bird Sanctuary) is situated at Kumarakom in Kottayam district in the Indian state of Kerala, on the banks of Vembanad Lake. Set in the Kerala Backwaters the bird sanctuary is an ornithologist's paradise and a favourite haunt of migratory birds. 

Kumarkom - Back waters Boating - Sunrise & sunset cruise

One of the best options to do while your stay in kumarakom is to go for the sunset cruise. the Boats starts from Resort and takes you to the middle of the lake, where you see the incredible scene of the sunset, another thing you admire is the bird's flight back home to the Bird Sanctuary. The Trip usually lasts for 2 hours and you need to tell the resort immediatly after your check in so that your places are booked in the boat. You can do fishing also in the Boat in the middle of the lake.

Where to Stay in Kumarakom ( Best Options)

Coconut Lagoon - Kumarakom

Coconut Lagoon is an eco-friendly Luxury resort on water, located at approx 15 minute boat ride from Kavanatinkara boat landing. Facing Vembanad Lake, it features a spa, outdoor pool and sauna. Its villas include private pools in the backside. The resort’s tour desk assists in visits to Kavanar Bird Sanctuary, traditional Kathakali performances and sunset cruises. A game room and children’s playground are available. Car rental and currency exchange services are available in the resort.

Breezes and Barbecues features outdoor dining serving a buffet spread of Kerala cuisine. Guests can enjoy specialty fish at Fort Cochin restaurant.

Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala, India is a CGH Earth Group Enterprise. There are so many facets to the Coconut Lagoon experience. The heritage of the old feudal villages of Malabar, The vast frolic of the Vembanad lake, The shimmering waters of the canals that criss-cross the property, all these together, they become an experiment in ecological living that remains startlingly different. 

Unique Bathrooms-Toilets at Coconut Lagoon

Imagine a Tree in side your Bathroom!! Also imagine watching birds and trees from the roof of your toilet, yet have full privacy..Coconut Lagoon is a different and only Resort which offers you open air bathrooms and Toilets with showers. the Bathrooms are huge with tree grown inside, and part of roof left open for the trees to grow, giving you a unique thrill and enjoyable experience. The pictures are given below, for your imagination to go wild..

Luxury Toilet Ameneties at Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom.

Open Roof Bathroom of Coconut Lagoon with a full grownup tree inside.

Location of Coconut Lagoon - Kumarakom

Coconut Lagoon is well hidden among the palm trees on the eastern shore of Lake Vembanad, at Kumarakom, at the mouth of the Kavanar River. It is set on an abandoned coconut plantation in the very heart of these fascinating backwaters, and has been designed to give visitors an authentic insight into Kuttanad life. The resort can only be reached by boat- A ferry leaves from one of several "mainland" embarkation points at scheduled times throughout the day, the closest being Kumarakom.

Water and history are the defining elements at Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala, India Water surges in clockwork rhythms on its shores, through its canals and pools. And history stands watch from the grounds above. . From the centuries-old beams of the heritage mansion to the carved woods of the reception, the past comes alive as liquid reflections, mirrored in ripples and shards wherever you look.

Facilities at Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala,India

  • Swimming pool.
  • Ayurveda.
  • Yoga and meditation center
  • Recreation Area
  • Kalari (Martial Arts) training
  • Library

Things To do at Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala, India

  • Boat rides, like the sunset cruise.
  • Explore life on the backwaters.
  • Relax at the Lake side on the easy chairs
  • Eat Village Food and Tea prepared by an old woman and brought Daily to the resort in the boat.
  • Fishing inside the Coconut Lagoon.
  • Watching Medicinal Trees and talking to staff about their benefits.
  • Watching Vachoor Cow and feeding it.
  • Visit the Kavanar bird sanctuary and farms.
  • Experience organic farming and fish cultivation.
  • Learn to cook with spices.
  • Attend a performance of Kathakali, Kerala's classical dance, or a traditional music concert.
  • Village Walk
  • Try your hand (and foot) at Kalari, Kerala's home- grown Martial Art.

Cooking Sessions at Coconut Lagoon
About Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala, India.
Coconut Lagoon, kumarakom, Kerala, India can be reached only over the water. The great Vembanad Lake, an inland sea that stretches clear across central Kerala, forms a breeze-laden watery highway. Your coach transfer happens via a generously clunky wooden boat with a little inboard motor (so as not to disturb the fishes).

Coconut Lagoon is only Reachable by Boat and Grand welcome by Flute Playing Artists and Coconut Water.

And the lobby, when you arrive, turns out to be a reconstructed 19th century mansion with a stone jetty attached. Your boat putters sedately through a narrow canal, its banks covered with flowers. Tiled-roof bungalows peer through the foliage. And with a reviving coconut cocktail in one hand, you step off the boat and up to the reception desk, all ready to check in..



Butterfly Garden in Coconut Lagoon - Kumarakom

In Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala, There is perfect harmony for nature, In the resort there is a small butterfly garden, which is a successful experiment and kids really enjoy here. On a cursary look, one does not see butterflies, but a closer look reveals hundreds of butterflies among the colorful wild flowers. 

Fish and Tortoise Pond in Coconut Lagoon

Just before the Butterfly garden is the Fish and Tortoise pond, One can see fish and tortoise by standing over the bridge, Some Tortoise here are at least 100 years old. Fish feeding is a favourite pass time of the guests and Kids.



In Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala, India the Kerala heritage spirit reflects in every structure. From the carved woods of the ceilings, to the brass work on the doors, it's all faithful to a forgotten graciousness. Those with an eye for detail will find much to delight in.

Conservation of Vechoor Cow at Cocomut Lagoon - Kumarakom

Coconut Lagoon has taken serious efforts to conserve the local cow and protect its DNA. This is indegnious breed which gives more milk than its weight and milk is very healthy for all. You can see many Vechoor cows by the streams in the resort.


Accommodations at Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala,India

 Heritage bungalows.
 Heritage mansions.
 Deluxe Pool villas. ( Located separately)

Cooking Lessons at Coconut Lagoon - Kumarakom

Getting There.

Coconut Lagoon is not accessible by road.
It's 10 km from Kottayam to Kavanatinkara boat landing by road, 10 minute boat ride to Coconut Lagoon.
45 km from Cochin to Puthenangadi boat landing by road, 25 minute boat ride to Coconut Lagoon.
Cochin is the nearest International Airport.

Taj - Kumarakom ( Old Baker's bunglow)

Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom has a 140 year old story to tell. The natural beauty of the area inspired English Missionary Henry Baker, to build a charming colonial bungalow in the late 19th century. Often called the little jewel of Kumarakom, it still maintains the beauty of its rustic surroundings on the banks of Vembanad Lake. Explore the garden retreat where guests have been very successful at doing absolutely nothing. Now there's a nice new buzz all over. In the renewed heritage rooms, charming cottages and luxury villas. In the nouvelle restaurant, the refurbished bar, and the spa where you'll go Ah! The Chef remains as eager to wow you with specially designed meals.

Soak in the space that spreads over acres of style. Drive in enjoying backseat surprises (we're not revealing here). The short drive from the airport and the railway station will be a breeze for sure, with Vivanta by Taj delight moments all the way.

Feel the Vivanta by Taj vibe as you find little surprises delighting you all the way during your stay. Where fun lovers come again and again for a fun retreat. 

 Accommodations at Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom, Kerala RETREAT

This idyllic retreat that allows you to lead a still life. Or if you prefer to go from nature to adventure, from culture to cuisine, and from rejuvenation to religion.

Deluxe Delight | Superior Charm | Superior Charm Heritage | Deluxe Allure Villa | Premium Temptation Villa w/ Private Pool 

Motifs at Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom, Kerala MOTIFS

Each Vivanta hotel and resort offers unique Vivanta motifs. These are curated "must on your list" experiences that represent an imaginative take on the destination and its culture. These are "must dos" and "must sees" presented with the Vivanta signature of hospitality. Unveil the motifs at Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom , Kerala

Backwater Ripples, Kumarakom PO, Kumarakom -

It is Located in 10 acres of beautifully landscaped ground, Backwater Ripples offers spell binding encounters with nature. Relish a psychedelic sunset on a montage of clouds, or the flying flurry of evening birds, or just relax and enjoy the cool afternoon breeze  edit

The Zuri Kumarakom 

If heaven was a place on earth, it would be on the banks of a breathtaking Vembanad Lake that spreads serenely over 205 square kilometres of picture perfect beauty. And it is. Set in 18 verdant acres on the shores of the Vembanad Lake and just 2 hours from the Cochin International Airport, The Zuri Kumarakom Kerala, Resort & Spa is a five–star deluxe spa resort in Kumarakom, set at the heart of the beautiful Southern state of Kerala–fondly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. Standing directly beside the Lake, this Kerala resort offers spacious living–dining rooms, traditional Indian–style bedrooms and individual gardens with private plunge pools.

Kumarakom Lake Resort - One of the best resorts in India

Kumarakom Lake Resort, acclaimed as the finest luxury heritage resort in India, nestles on the serene banks of the Lake Vembanad, the vast stretch of tranquil, emerald green backwaters, in one of India’s popular holiday spots, Kerala. 

Sprawling across 25 acres of lush greenery and set in soul-stirring ambience, Kumarakom Lake Resort, the winner of the much acclaimed World Travel Award as India’s Leading Resort for four years, exudes the charm of Kerala’s true heritage while offering a complete range of New Age amenities for a luxuriously comfortable stay. Luxury-laden rooms, villas and suites; Ayurmana, the Ayurveda Spa; swimming pools galore; health club; multi-cuisine and specialty restaurants; traditional Kerala teashop and countless other attractions in and around the resort offer you the simple luxuries of life, in the grandeur of the royalty of yore.

The Kumarakom Lake Resort is a beautiful luxury resort in the district of Kottayam. Options range from pavilion rooms to villas with private pools to staying overnight on a traditional houseboat. One of the greatest attractions is the meandering pool, which runs throughout the entire resort and looks like a river. The resort has numerous attractions, from a traditional Kerala teashop to fishing in one of the lakes to feeding the rabbits on one of the small islands in the many lakes on the property to pottery or weaving. Albeit expensive, the resort offers a very luxurious stay in Kumarakom.  

Location of Kumarakom Lake Resort

None less than the National Geographic Traveler have acclaimed Kerala as one of the must-see paradises of the world. 

This narrow strip of land, blessed with abundant greenery, is situated between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. With innumerable attractions on hand - serene backwaters, beckoning hill stations, unspoiled beaches, exotic wildlife, colourful festivals, magical Ayurveda, amazing heritage, tantalising cuisine…you name it, Kerala has it. 

Kerala has other advantages aplenty as well - hundred percent literacy, world-class healthcare systems, high living standards and quality of life, India's lowest infant mortality and among India’s highest life expectancy rates. Peaceful and pristine, Kerala is also India's cleanest state. 

Traders and travelers have been sailing to this land of infinite riches from time immemorial, seduced by her charm and abundant natural resources. 

For administrative reasons, Kerala is divided into fourteen districts, each boasting its own unique bouquet of tourism products. Kumarakom, and Kumarakom Lake Resort, are in the district of Kottayam.