Kottayam - Destination Overview
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About Kottayam    
    Kottayam city is the district headquarters and an urban centre. However, by no means, can it be termed 'cosmopolitan', nor does it possess the bustle of a large city. As a local put it, 'the world seems to have bypassed Kottayam'. Chiefly known for its lakes, letters and latex, an undoubtedly unusual combination, Kottayam, in fact, is a land of many accomplishments.

Important Information About Kottayam: 

District Capital - Kottayam.
Area - 2,203 Sq.Km.
Literacy - 95.82%.
Climate - Tropical.
Coastal Area - Nil.
Language - Malayalam.

What is this city famous for? 

This city of southern India is mostly famous for rubber trading. The place is even known as one of the important trading center of commercial crops and spices. It is one of the locations of the panoramic backwaters of the country