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Kolkata Food Guide - Destination Overview

Kolkata Food guide

Kolkata is heaven for street food lovers and the fans of Bong food. Kolkata has many amazing eating joints. Kolkata is known for food items like jhalmuri express, ghugni dal, phuchkas and many type of sweets like Sandesh and Roshogulla along with coolers, mishit doi and chai. Food trail in Kolkata is as important as the heritage of this place.

Top Restaurants in Kolkata - Recommended

Everyone knows about Kolkata’s historical importance but the food here is as amazing as the heritage buildings and Eden Garden. The Kolkata Chinese and Anglo Indian food here is much appreciated that one can find at very reasonable prices.Restaurants like Arsalan and Oh! Calcutta are attracting foodies for long time now along with street food areas like Esplanade and Camac Street. Food of Kolkata consists of delicious Hilsa, Chicken Chap and Chinese food among the top favorites.


Arsalan is located in Park Circus area and is a famous restaurant known for the Biryani that is prepared using all the flavors. People come here to have a taste of Biryani from far away places of Kolkata.


Contact - 033 22813921, 033 22900487

Why visitArsalan–Arsalan is one of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata that follows a tradition of serving rich Biryani that includes Chicken and Mutton with chunks of soft potato added to it. Galoti, Kakorikabab, Mutton dahi and Chicken chatpata are a must have here.

Rates –The rates are very low in Arsalan and nominal to the pocket. The special mutton biryani will cost you 225 rs and normal biryani chicken or mutton would cost you only 150 rs. The Kebab platter costs 550 rs and is sumptuous.

Ambience – The restaurant is air conditioned and the dining area is clean and hygienic. The kitchen and serving area is clean too.

Street Food at Esplanade

Contact – N/a

Why visit Esplanade – Esplanade is known for the street food joints spread across the market. It is famous for JhaalMuri and Chinese food items made in special Kolkata style. Esplanade is an amazing experience for street food lovers who come to Kolkata.

Rates – The rates are very cheap. One can have a plate of JhalMuri for only 10 or 15 rs and Chinese items such as noodles and fried rice along with chicken chilli will not cost more than 100 rs per plate.

Ambience- These hotels are made in open seating area with average ambience. The seating area is limited and people can be seen standing and holding their plates in hand.

Russell Punjabi Dhaba 

RusselDhaba isloacated in Chowranghee road and is one of the few Punjabi experience Dhabas in Kolkata that is famous for serving stuffed parathas with flavoured tea. This hotel is crowdedDuring peak hours because of reasonable prices.

Contact- +91 9830023022

Why visit Russell Punjabi Dhaba–RusselDhaba is known for its hot chai and samosa. The paranthas here in this place are worth trying and can be complimented with a glass of chilled lassi.

Rates –The rates are very low and student friendly, Chicken Bharta is a must have that will cost 150 per plate paneer items range around 130 to 150 rs only.

Ambience - The place is pretty small but the seating arrangement is quite interesting as they have created a makeshift first floor with tables and chairs to sit and enjoy your meals.

Suruchi Restaurant 

Suruchi is located in Park Street area of Kolkata that is famous for its Bengali cuisine.

Contact - 033 22291763

Why visit Suruchi Restaurant–This restaurant is run only by women and is famous for the Bengali cuisine like Hilsa items along with chicken and mutton delicacies.

Rates –Rates are as low as a chicken roll is only 25 rs and Chicken chanp is 70 rs only. The pakoda items are a must have that will not cost you more than 100 rs for any of the chicken or mutton items.

Ambience – The ambience is average but the eating and serving area is clean. The all femalestaff is Extremely courteous, soft spoken and ever smiling.

Camac Street

The lunch time at Camac Street is full of street food vendors, you can get amazing JhaalMuri and Luchi here.


Contact – N/a

Why visit – For the amazing street food that is served in this area. There is a JhaalMuri vendor who sits outside Vardaan Market is very famous here.A few steps ahead at Bengal Home Industries you can try luchithat is served with a delicious lentil dish, cholaardaal.

Rates - 3 or 4 luchi's with the daalwont cost you most than 30 rs.

Ambience- This is a street food area but the joints are kept clean and hygienic.

Kohinoor Restaurant 

Again this popular restaurant is as Park Street popular for Chicken Bhartaand Biryani.

Contact - +91 9830455536, +91 8442909117

Why visit Kohinoor Restaurant - Kohinoor has been a popular biryani joint in the Park Circus area for years now. This place is also famous for Mutton Tikia and Mutton Tikia Rolls.

Rates –The rates are cheap, a plate of Tikia roll will cost you 35 rs and chinese food items vary between 45 to 60 rs only.

Ambience –The ambience is average, there is not big eating area and most of the visitors prefer take away.

Kasturi Restaurant  

Kasturi restaurant is one of the oldest  restaurants in the city serving Bengali food that is located in free school street of New Market area. Bengali food items such as Kochubhapachingri, Chingri/chicken/loityasheel-e-baata, Mourollachorchori, Mocharghonto, Pui sager chorchori, Sorseilish, Prawn malaikari, Chitolmachermuithya, Chitolpeti, Bhetkipaturi and Kasha mutton are some of the must have dishes here.


Contact - +91 8334922221

Why visit Kasturi Restaurant–This is one of the oldest restaurant in Kolkata famous for its typical and traditional Bangali food. You will get a variety of fish items likeKochuPatarChingri, Chitolmachermuitha, Pabdamaacherjhol, ChingriMalaicurry, Ruimacherjhol, IlishMachershorshepaturi or patlajhol along with Chicken Chanp and Bharta and much more.

Rates – The rate is very nominal, a plate of rice is only 20 rs, murgpulao is 150 rs and RuhiJhol and Ruhiquorma are 65 and 150 rs each.. Their famous HilsaShorse is 290 rs for a Jumbo plate enough for two people.

Ambience – The ambience is simple to the best. They don’t have a menu card and one has to choose from the bowl of sample food. The service is quick and restaurant is hygienic.

Golden Dragon 

This restaurant is a must visit for anyone and everyone who loves Chinese food without burning a hole in their pocket. One can visit here and must not miss Golden dragon special cantonese noodles and Roast chili pork along with Thai Soup and Chicken Drumsticks.

Contact - 033 22293507

Why visit Golden Dragon–For the amazing Chinese cuisine that one can have here without burning a hole in their pocket. The place is famous the Chicken chow chow rice and roasted chilly pork.

Rates  -A sumptuous meal will cost you around 500 rs for two people, their special soup is only 85 rs and Golden fried prawn is 280 rs. The roast chilli pork is a must have and it will cost you only 120 rs.

Ambience - The ambience is of a typical Chinese joint with lanterns and dimly lit. Its clean and very hygienic.


This restaurant is located in Park Street area and is famous for  Chinese and North Indian cuisine available at very nominal price.

Contact - 033 30288689, 033 22299916

Why visit Bar-B-Q–This is a must visit place for the people who really like Barbeque. chilli garlic pepper chicken and red pepper fish are some of the must try here. Each plate of their food is so large that it can be shared among 3 people.

Rates –The rates are not that high, one can have a bowl of Chinese Salad for 160 rs, fried prawns are 240 rs. Their famous mandarin fish is also 240 rs. The fried chicken wings is a must have that will cost you 200 rs only

Ambience - The ambience gives a very British feel and is well maintained but seating arrangement is little bit congested.

Peter Cat 

This restaurant is located at Park Street. This place serves the best Cello Kebabs in town. Peter Cat is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in the city.


Contact - 033 22298841

Why visit –Peter cat is famous for its Chelokabab that is a complete meal in itself.The sizzlers are great and delicious. Along with these their Iranian Kebab, the chicken steak sizzler and the Tandoori Sizzler are must haves.

Rates –The place is not that costly and a meal for two can be finished in 700 rs only.

Ambience – This restaurant retains that old 70's ambience with dim lights minimum decor and old staircase that is nostalgic for people of this city.The interiors are a reminder of the old Calcutta dining culture. The seating with heavy chairs and sofas and the dim lighting is the sign of this restaurant.


Located in New Market area this place is famous for  North Indian and Chinese food items

Contact - 033 22296541, 033 22297436

Why visit Gupta’s – This is a good place to have food with nice ambiance and service. Food items like fish baroda and veg harabhara kebab are a must have here. Brain Pakoda is one of the most recommended food items at this place.

Rates – Non veg soup items cost around 80 rs and the veg ones cost you 65 rs. Fish Baroda is a must try and it costs 200 rs.

Ambience - Ambiance is fine, the restaurant plays English songs in background music the staff is nice and the dining area is clean.


Flury’s is located on Park Street area famous for bakery and desserts. This place is famous for Chicken and mushroom quiche and the variety of sandwiches.

Contact - 033 40007453

Why visit Flury's – For those who are looking for have a sip of coffee with sandwiches and cakes this place is a must visit. A plate of chicken mustard sandwich comes with fries and chips is a must try.

Rates – English breakfast that is a full course meal will cost you 425 rs and puffs and patties cost between 45 and 60 rs only. The sandwiches are a must try and the price ranges between 120 and 150 rs.

Ambience - Ambiance is in English style with dim lighting and chandeliers.

Denzong Kitchen 

Denzong Kitchen is located in Jadavpur area of Kolkata and is famous for Chinese and Tibetan cuisine.

Contact - +91 9874667427

Why visit Denzong Kitchen – Denzong is a simple looking restaurant in Jadavpur area that is famous for its momos and Thukpa. The prices are unbelievably low and the quality is much better than other Momo joints.

Rates – A plate of Chicken Steamed momo is only 30 rs and so is meatball.

Ambience – The ambience is simple not worth anything noticing but the inside is clean and well maintained.

Sholoana Bengali 

Located just besides the south city mall, 16 anabangali is a pure authentic bengali food Joint. thevetkipaturi& mutton dakbanglow are some of the must haves here.


Contact - 033 24294460, +91 9051301111

Why visit Sholoana Bengali – 16 ana Bengali is a famous Bengali food joint whose main aim is to provide the proper Bengali food with authentic taste and style.

Rates –The restaurant is not much pricy, Starts cost around 150 rs, Veg soups are only 90 rs and non veg chicken soups are 110 rs. The braised Promphet is a must have and its price is 275 rs which is enough for two people. Bengali Fish items like ChitolPeti’s price is 275 rs per plate and Rui Korma is 80 rs only.

Ambience - In the interior, the restaurant is decoratedlike a traditional Bengali village hut.


JyotiVihar is a pure veg South Indian restaurant located in Camac Street. Their masala dosa with the yummy coconut chatni is delicious. The restaurant is so popular that there is a huge waiting time for costumers here.

Contact–033 2282 9791

Why visit JoytiVihar

People visit here for the pure veg South Indian delicacies here. The food here is legendary in Kolkata. Food items like Dosa and Idly are a must have. They specialize in Onion Chutney that is very famous.

Rates –Onion Masala Dosa is 72 rs Idli is only 27 rs and SadaVada is 30 rs per plate.

Ambience – The ambience is like typical South Indian tiffin joints and is as simple as it can get. The interior is air conditioned and dining area is clean. 


  • Bistro by the Park 2A, Middleton Row, Kolkata-71 | Near Loreto College, Kolkata 700071, India (Ranked #580 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
  • The Bridge The Park | 17, Park Street, Kolkata 700001, India (Formerly The Bridge ) (Ranked #6 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
  • One Step Up 18 A Middleton Row, Park Street | Park Hotel, Kolkata 700016, India (Ranked #81 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)


•    Gopal's Planet 7 Tottie Lane | Ground Floor, Kolkata 700016, India (Ranked #61 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
•    Paris Cafe 1/1, Ground Floor, Rishikesh Apartment, Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue | Ballygunge, Kolkata 700019, India (Ranked #357 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
•    Elphin Jessore - Multi Cuisine Restaurant 71/1 Jessore Road, Near - Nataji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata - 700081.


•    West View Restaurant 1 JBS Haldane Avenue | ITC Sonar Bangla Sheraton Towers, E M Bypass, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700064, India (Ranked #3 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
•    Marco Polo 205 Sarat Bose Road | Near Sarat Bose Road Post Office, Kolkata 700029, India (Ranked #31 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
•    Fire and Ice Piccolo 209 A Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata, India (Ranked #330 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
•    Flame & Grill Maniktala Main Road, Mani Square Mall 403 & 404 | Fourth Floor 164/1, E.M. Bypass Kankurgachhi, Kolkata 700054, India (Ranked #40 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)


•    Fish Fish 13/5 Swinhoe Street | Ballygunge, Kolkata, India (Ranked #168 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
•    Elphin Jessore - Multi Cuisine Restaurant 71/1 Jessore Road, Near - Nataji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata - 700081

Recommended Chinese restaurant in Kolkata

  • Mainland China3A, Gurusaday Road | Uniworth House, Ballygunge, Kolkata 700016, India (Ranked #14 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
  • Zen - The Park No 17, Park Street | The Park Hotel, First Floor, Kolkata 700016, India (Formerly Zen (The Park) (Ranked #2 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata )
  • Mocambo 25B, Park Street, Mirza Ghalib Street | Taltala, Kolkata 700016, India (Ranked #15 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)

Recommended Japanese restaurant in Kolkata

  • Tamara by Pipal Tree Hotel Rgm-AS/465, Main Arterial Road, New Town, Kolkata 700 157,  (Ranked #74 of 1,358)
  • Zen - The Park No 17, Park Street | The Park Hotel, First Floor, Kolkata 700016, India (Formerly Zen (The Park) (Ranked #2 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
  • Sushi Oke Hungerford St, Kolkata 700017, India  (Ranked #548 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)

Recommeded Thai restaurant in Kolkata

  • Tamara by Pipal Tree Hotel  Rgm-AS/465, Main Arterial Road, New Town, Kolkata 700 157, (Ranked #74 of 1,358)
  • Zen - The Park No 17, Park Street | The Park Hotel, First Floor, Kolkata 700016, India (Formerly Zen (The Park)(Ranked #2 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)
  • Sushi Oke Hungerford St, Kolkata 700017, India (Ranked #548 of 1,358 Restaurants in Kolkata)

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