Jama Masjid Delhi Tour- Brilliance of Mughal Architecture

Jama Masjid Delhi Tour- Brilliance of Mughal Architecture - Destination Overview

Jama Masjid Delhi Tour - A Tour to Admire Mughal Architectural Brilliance

Jama Masjid Delhi is largest and beautiful mosque in India. The mosque's foundation stone was laid by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1650 and work was completed in 6 years between 1650 and 1656 under the guidance & design of Ustad Khalil, a great sculptor of Shah Jahan's time,  and the cost of around 10 crores at that time by More than 5000 artisans and workers, who worked day & night for the Mega Construction. The majid bears typical Mughal architecture with white marble and red sandstone work.

You can enter Jama Masjid from gate 1 or 3.


Climbing on the Jama Masjid Minaret

It is permittted to climb the southern minaret for extra charge, it takes up to 121 steps. Once on top on minaret, you can enjoy the incredible views from the top of the minaret.

Visitors should remove their shoes at the top of the stairs. There’s no charge to enter the mosque, but you’ll have to pay the camera charge whether you want to use your camera or not.

Unique Features of Jama Masjid

1. Jamam Masjid has the hair of Prophet Mohammad PBUH and His foot-prints and the Holy Quran
2.The Jama Masjid can accommodate about 25,000 devotees at a time.
3. The Jama Masjid has The four towers on four sides are five-storied structures having beautiful calligraphy &  stone carvings as well as inscriptions.
4.Jama Masjid has two minarets, one on each side of the Jama Masjid, are about 130 feet high and are main dentity of the mosque.
5. the masjid' main platfrom is carved out of a single block of marble.
6. Admire the stunning view from the Jama Masjid minaret and realise the architect Edwin Lutyens's design of New Delhi – the Jama Masjid, Connaught Place and Sansad Bhavan (Parliament House) are in a direct line.

Festivals and Events at Jama Masjid

1. The mosque welcomes people from all the religions throughout the day, except between 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm when muslims gather at the premises of  to offer prayers.
2. During Friday Juma Prayers & Id-ul-Fitr and Id-ul-Zuha.lacs of devotees congregate to offer prayers 

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