Ireland Tourist Guide

Ireland Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Longitude: 8 00 W
  • Latitude: 53 00 N
  • Nearest Airport: Dublin
  • How to reach: Ireland is much far from India. An approximate distance being 4925 miles and the approximate cost of travel on a round trip is nearly 1 lakhs rupees. The flights can be boarded from any of the metropolitan cities of India. These are as followed: • Delhi-Dublin • Mumbai-Dublin • Kolkata-Dublin • Chennai-Dublin

 Ireland Tourist Guide

Third largest island in Europe, Ireland is located in North Atlantic which is situated to the west of Great Britain, Europe. Ireland is divided into two zones, the first being the Republic of Ireland and second, the Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. Ireland’s climate is oceanic. Ireland and Great Britain have the Irish Sea and North Channel between them. People in Ireland speak either English or Irish. Less than 10% of people speak Irish regularly. Christians form majority of people living in Ireland. It also has a large population that belongs to Muslim community. Ireland attracts a lot of migrants. People from Poland are one of the biggest migrant communities. If one has to look at non Europe migrants, Chinese and Nigerians form a large part.  As per geography, Ireland is located at the following coordinates: 53 00 N latitude, and 8 00 W longitudes. Red deer is the largest wild mammal in Ireland. Ireland is one of the major tourist spots in Britain. Let us have a look to its major excursions:

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Major Excursions

  • Belfast Citys

The capital of Ireland, Belfast city is a place of maritime history. With various musical shops and other spots of attraction, this city is a “must visit” land mark  arena in Ireland.

  • Connemara

A beautiful place in the lands of Ireland, this place, Connemara comes under the category of Romantic Ireland destinations. Beautiful hue and colours are what that defines this place.

  • Aran Islands

Located on the Galway bay, there are three islands namely Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer. Peaceful lands with beautiful fields, sand, beaches, monuments and mountains, these islands also house some archaeological sites which can enthralling for history lovers.  

  • Boyne Valley

It is a world heritage site. There are megalithic tombs which date to a period before the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. It is unbelievable to see such large stones transported to this location during an age that was before the invention of wheel.  


  • Cliffs of Moher

The huge and high mountain cliffs in County Clare, is one of the best tourist spot in Ireland. Located in Moher, the city looks different from this height.  


  • Rings of Kerry

An amalgamation of beautiful landscape and a large village community, this spot is located in Killarney. It is a beautiful place to stay in, for few peaceful days.

  • The Rock of Cashel

It is a fortress and archaeological site. It is made up of limestone and goes 200 feet high up in the air. Belonging to 4th century AD, the rock has both, historical and religious significance. There are only ruins of church and chapels around now but the site is a must see for history lovers. 

  • Glendalough

It is a green valley in Wicklow. It has glacial lakes and beautiful scenery consisting of fields, mountains and waterfalls. It was discovered in 700 AD, there are also tall towers and monuments which add a sense of ancient history to the site. 

  • Beaches

This land of is full of beaches. Big and beautiful, these beaches are of varied varieties. Some of these beaches are white sand beaches, while the other ones are of simply brown salted sand. It includes all the beach and water games too. Some of the famous beaches are: Cohore Beach, Ballymoney South Beach, and Redbarn Beach etc.


  • Art galleries

Long narrow galleries and every wall of these galleries are adorned with marvellous master pieces. These invaluable art works are just out of this world. There are many art galleries and centres in Ireland such as Teach Bán Art Gallery, Gallery 126, An Clachan Art & Craft Gallery etc. Regular exhibitions are held in these centres by world’s greatest art lovers and creators.

  • Musical Events

People of Ireland are very creative, every individual is so engrossed in the artily pleasure that there are hundreds and thousands of musical events of various genres hosted every now and then. Some of them are: International Choral Festival, Music in the Parks 2014, Sound Tracks Exhibition 2014 etc. These events are week long or days long events which attracts a huge crowd from all across the nation.

So, these were the major places to visit in Ireland and various shows and events which must be attended. Now, we must know what is available in the food inns and accommodation arenas.

Recommended Restaurants

Ireland is filled with various types of food outlets. Be it cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, street food, etc., Ireland has no limits to the availability of food. Here are some of the famous food inns:

·         Irish Pubs: Grace Neill’s pub and M O Shea are the two famous pubs in Ireland. These pubs have all the facilities like dance shows, stand up comedians etc. for full fledged entertainment and enjoy the night hours.

·         Food Shops: Green’s Berry Farm Shop, the Apple Farm, Cavistons Seafood Restaurant and Food Emporium  etc. are some of the famous restaurants in Ireland.

·         Cafes: Deirdre's Cafe, the Lemon Tree Catering & Cafe, Sundaes Ice Cream Parlour etc. are the day hour cafes available for snacks like tea, coffee, ice creams etc.

Recommended Hotels

Ireland offers various types of accommodation services like five star hotels, guest inns, lodges, resorts etc. All these hotels have the A class facilities like swimming pools, fitness centres, lobbies, evening shows, casinos etc. Some of the famous hotels and spas and accommodation names include: Lough Cowey Lodge, Belmore Court and Motel, The Courtyard, etc.

How to reach Ireland from India

Ireland is much far from India. An approximate distance being 4925 miles and the approximate cost of travel on a round trip is nearly 1 lakhs rupees. The flights can be boarded from any of the metropolitan cities of India. These are as followed:

·         Delhi-Dublin

·         Mumbai-Dublin

·         Kolkata-Dublin

·         Chennai-Dublin

Suggested Itineraries

Ireland is a big place to be explored in just 3 days. It has so many places and tourists’ spots that it is quite impossible to explore the whole of the Ireland in just 3 days. Sometimes it is said that Dublin is itself too big, that it needs more than 3 days to visit this place. Come let us know how much we can explore in these 3 days.

Ireland in 3 days

Day 1:

The first day of your trip should be devoted to the Belfast city and Dublin City. Being the metropolitan cities of Ireland it is needed to be explored first. This place has all the museums, art galleries, parks, gardens, famous restaurants, cafes, shopping markets etc. Some of the famous tourist spot are national museum of Ireland, Merrion Square (Archbishop Ryan Park)Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, ,the Chester Beatty Library etc. This will take you a complete day to travel these two cities on a hop on hop off bus, for most of your convenience.


The second day must be given to your heart’s pleasure. You must visit the Romantic Ireland part of Republic of Ireland. The places like County Club, etc should be visited to experience the beauty of nature. Ireland is very famous for its scenic exposure and romanticism. Thus, this day will the best day of your life. And, an additional element is added if “the love” of your life is with you at that very moment.

Day 3:

Though, Ireland has many pubs and clubs for night life, people prefer to stay on beaches. The beaches of Ireland are very pretty and ecstatic. They make you feel so engrossed in nature and your soul that you will not need any drink to get relaxed. The natural breeze and icy cold winds will soothe your face and caress your hairs. It will be a real time life changing experience. Thus, this last day of the trip should be spent on the famous beaches of Ireland, as discussed above.  

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