Hiroshima A Tragic world war 2 attraction

Hiroshima A Tragic world war 2 attraction - Destination Overview
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    Hiroshima a tragic tourist attraction of world war 2 starts from $350/- for 7 nights and 8 days

Hiroshima: The Phoenix City Of Japan

As a tourist, you would be compelled to say after visiting the spectacular and beautiful Hiroshima city, that the place is famous for the wrong reasons- the reason being nuclear bombing. There is much more to see and explore here in and around the gorges, the romantic inland sea and the heritage sites in the city.

In a nutshell, the important details for travelers are compiled below:

Package Price *: A standard 2 day train package of Hiroshima would be of JPY 31500-41000

Standard Price: USD 400 – 500 equivalent to JPY 40 976 to 51220

High Rate Price: USD 427.61 to 707.76 equivalents to JPY 43, 500 to 72,000

Low Rate Price: US 309.65 to 403.03 equivalents to JPY 31,000 to 41,000

Pin Code: 432       

Altitude: 51 m = 167 feet

Longitude: 132°27′33″ E      

Latitude: 34°23′46″ N

State:  Honshu

Country: Japan

Nearest Airport:  Hiroshima Airport, Iwami Airport, Matsuyama Airport

Nearest Train Station:  JR West

How to reach: You can reach by plane, by train and bus

Season to Visit: Spring and autumn months from March till late October

Located in the Chugoku province of Japan, Hiroshima is the symbol of peace. Situated in the region of Honshu Island, one of the main islands of Japan, the region has a population density of 1.174 million people.

Why you must go for the spot attractions

There are many places of interest in Hiroshima. You will get sites of beautiful gorges, legendary castles, world heritage sites, historical castles- which will cherish your heart. There are lots of places of attraction in the city like the Baseball Stadium, Calligraphic Brush Museum, Hiroshima Bomb Dome, Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima peace memorial, Hiroshima castle and Gokuko Shrine. Apart from city attractions you can also visit some places which are nearby and offers some great scenic view. There is the historical bridge which is very close to Hiroshima Stations.

Overview of Current Location

The place is well known for its calmness, serenity and off course the beauty which is an additional gain over its historical importance, for the tourists who come every year to visit the place.  After visiting Hiroshima, one can become very emotional about the history of the destination. There are magnificent sculptures, architectural heritage sites and gardens.  The city has a superb beauty of its own.

Suggested Package Itinerary for location        

There are several tour itineraries for Hiroshima tour, and tours originate from different parts of the globe and Japan. The commonly used and suggested plan is based on a 1 day or two day tour of the city. Tour plans that are made on 1 day, covers the city only and its attractions. The plans with 2 days are for Miyajima as well; first day being for Hiroshima and second day for Miyajima.

Inclusions of the package

Most of the Hiroshima packages that are standard include:

  • All tips and taxes paid twin bedded good room.
  • English speaking coach and tour admin
  • Luxury AC coaches for all transfers
  • WiFi internet at all important zones including hotels
  • Train from Kiyoto
  • Sight Seeing

Things to do there

Hiroshima as a tourist spot has enough options in its repository to keep one engaged for a good period of time. The Hiroshima peace memorial, Hiroshima Castle, The Hiroshima Peace memorial park, the Hiroshima peace memorial museum is places which will take one to the pages of history. Hiroshima has a lot to offer to the nature lovers as well in the form of the beautiful parks Shukkei-en, Momijidani Park and Itsukushima.

For those who want to stroll through the rooms of museums treating themselves with various artifacts of culture and history, Hiroshima has a galore of museums for them. Starting from the Hiroshima City museum of History and Crafts, there are as many as eight museums which include the Hiroshima City Museum of contemporary arts, Hiroshima prefectural art museum, Hiroshima Museum of Art, Honkawa Elementary School Peace museum, Fukuromachi Elementary school peace museum, Hiroshima children’s museum and the Hiroshima City Ebayama Museum of meteorology.

For those who love the game of baseball, the Hiroshima Mazda Zoom Zoom stadium awaits with a fantastic game of baseball on the roll.

How many days to stay there

Normally Hiroshima tour takes just a day or two. While a day is enough to see all interesting points around the city, another more day adds to the chances of hanging around the city while visiting markets and restaurants. To go for excursions in the nearby areas will need a day more.

How to get there

Hiroshima is well accessible by rail, air and road. The Hiroshima railhead is connected to Tokyo through regular trains. It takes almost 4 hours to reach the city through a direct Nozomi train. There are many more round and via routes connecting the city in 5 hours or more from Tokyo.

Travelers may also reach Hiroshima from Tokyo by taking an overnight bus. Fares normally range within JPY 12,000.

Besides, one can also avail flights from Tokyo to Hiroshima and back. Fares range from JPY 32,000 and vary widely based on several factors.