Guangzhou Tourist Guide

Guangzhou Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Rs 64,000(7 days/ 6 nights)
  • Location: Guangdong Province,China -
  • Altitude: 21 m
  • Longitude: 113.2667° E
  • Latitude: 23.1333° N
  • Nearest Airport: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN). Operating airlines are FedEx Express, Lufthansa Cargo and Turkish Airlines Cargo that reach different places in India within some hours.
  • How to reach: Flights scheduled to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) can be taken from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaisalmer and Goa to reach there.
  • Season to Visit: October to December

Guangzhou Tourist Guide

Guangzhou is the largest city of the Guangdong Province of China and it is also the capital of the province.  As it is known to all today, Guangzhou city is the center of economy, politics and culture in the southern part of China. It is also known for its historical importance and heritage. It possesses different places of interest which are very popular among the tourists. It has gradually developed as a popular tourist destination for both domestic as well as international travelers. Convenient, easy and fast sea, ground and air transportation network is available in the city which allows the travelers to move from one place to another easily. The public vehicles which are available here interest the tourists to enjoy their ride around the city.

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Best time to visit Beijing

Guangzhou city is situated in the semi- tropical region which is influenced mainly by the Asian monsoon. The best time to visit Guangzhou is From October to December during the autumn season. Excessive rain is experienced by the natives of the city from the month of April to June during the rainy season. The time from August to September should be avoided to visit Guangzhou as during this period it is harassed by typhoon. Summers are very wet with high temperatures and humidity.

Getting in to Beijing

  • By Flight

The best way to reach Guangzhou city is by taking a flight to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN). It is located on the border of Baiyun and Huadu district and is 28 kms away from the downtown area of the city. It is one of the three largest airports of China. It serves more than 110 air routes and 100 domestic and international cities. One can easily avail the services of business centers for long distance phone calls, fax and photocopying services. Post office and banks are also located within the terminal area and is easily accessible. Car parking facility is also available for the visitors. Foreign currency exchange can also be done at the international arrival hall of the terminal. Taxis can be hired from the airport to reach the city area.

  • By Train

Guangzhou Railway station is one of the hubs of the rail transportations in China. It is also an economic way to reach to the city of Guangzhou. Tickets can be purchased directly from the railway stations or from ticket agencies which are available all around the city. The city has other three passenger railway stations namely- Guangzhou East, South and North Railway station. It is located at a convenient place which is well connected through taxis, subways and buses.

  • By Car

The city of Guangzhou is well connected through road network. It allows individuals to reach easily through their car. Daqing–Guangzhou Expressway, China National Highway 030 and China National Highway 050 pass through the city. There are other road ways through which one can reach the city through different places of China.

  • By Bus

Public transport is very popular in the city of Guangzhou. Presently it has more than 450 bus lines that are operating here. The four bus transportation hubs in the city are Railway Bus terminal, Zhongshan Balu Bus Terminal, Tilanpingjia Bus Terminal and East Railway Station Bus Terminal. For long distance travelling there are 15 bus stations in the city including the Yuexiu South Bus Station, Tianhe Bus station and Fangcun Bus station that helps the passengers to easily reach to their destination. All buses are equipped with comfortable seats and these are regarded as the most convenient and economic mode of transport.

Although the people of the Guangzhou city are welcoming and warm in nature but not all of them are well conversant with English language. The tourists should take the assistance of a local guide to understand the diction and language of the natives of the city. Print outs of route maps can also be taken so as to get acquainted with the pathways of the region. Taxis and buses are the more preferable options for transportations as it provides comfort to the passengers and also helps them to reach their destinations.

Tourist attractions and Must Visits

  • Monuments and Landmarks

Guangzhou is home to many ancestral buildings and architectures which are the hot spots for the tourists to visit. It explains the history of the region and also grabs the attention and interests of the tourists. Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, Sanyuan Palace and Zhenhai Tower are some of the best landmarks of the city that cannot be missed. Chingang Pagoda, Yuyin Shan Fang, South China Botanical Garden and Grand World Scenic Park are the some of the interesting locations that one must pay a visit to. White Cloud Mountain which is considered as the principal peak of Guangzhou must also be visited. It occupies a position among the top eight sights of the city and is also a National Key Scenic Spot.


                                                                                                (Zhenhai Tower)

  • Islands and points of interests

The Shamian Island is one of the leading points of interest for the tourists as it is a historical site as well as a beautiful territory that is bordered by the Pearl River in the south. The Pearl River is the third longest river of China. The view of the river is excellent and fascinating for the tourists as they can see the light shows that surround the river and the reflection of the light in this water body gives a marvelous sight to experience. The Canton Tower, Chimelong Paradise and Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park also grab the attention of the tourists to visit the place and enjoy their trip.


                                                                                             (Shamian Island)

  • Events and Excursions in Beijing

Being there at the right time allows the tourists to experience the wonderful culture and tradition followed by the natives of the city by being a part of their festivals and events. Guangzhou international Food Festival, China Tourism Art Joy Festival, Kite Festival, Christmas and other events and exhibitions are held during the period of October to December.


Excellent trips and excursions are organized by different travel agencies to help the tourists to visit nearby places like Beijing, Hong Kong and Foshan. Night cruise on the Pearl River through private transport is also an interesting activity to indulge in which will cost the tourists $48.99.

The tourists should make their plan of visiting the Guangzhou city well in advance to avoid any problem during the trip. Detailed information must be acquired before the trip so as to have a good idea about the places they need to go and visit. This will give the tourists a memorable trip to the Guangzhou that they will cherish forever.