Gangotri Travel guide with Gomukh Trek

Gangotri Travel guide with Gomukh Trek - Destination Overview
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About Gangotri

  • Coordinates: 30.98°N 78.93°E
  • Country : India
  • State : Uttarakhand
  • District : Uttarkashi
  • Elevation : 3,415 m (11,204 ft)

The revered shrine of Gangotri is situated at an altitude of 3,200 mts.above sea-level amidst a narrow glacial valley covered by a Pine and Cider forest! The visit to the shrine of Gangotri is one of the most important things to do, for the devout Hindu. So important is this sacred river that it is a religious duty to touch the lips of a dying Hindu with the water from this river (called Ganga Jal – or water from the Ganga)

Visited by hundreds of thousands pilgrims every year, the 18th century Gangotri temple constructed by Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa , is located near the spot where the goddess Ganga is said to have first descended on earth from heaven, as an answer to the prayers of King Bhagriath! Lord Shiva received Ganga into his matted locks to break the great force of her fall, and gently uncurled a tassel of his hair thereby freeing her! From there the Ganga emerged into many streams and the one which started from Gangotri was called Bhagirathi.

The Pandavas, it is said, came here to perform the great 'Deva Yajna' to atone for the death of their kinsmen in the epic battle of Mahabharat.

The temple is situated on the bank of the Bhagirathi and there are a number of Ashrams on the far  side of  the river, many of which provide accommodation facilities to the traveller.

Gangotri to Gomukh Trek

Start as early as possible due to traffic congestion on way to Gangotri. Vehicles are allowed all the way into Gangotri only if the vehicles which have gone earlier make their way back. This is strictly enforced and controlled by efficient traffic police and volunteers.
Trek To Gomukh starts behind the Gangotri Temple, there are deep stairs, from where most trekkers choose to start their trekking, the first point enroute the trek is Gangotri National park...which opens at 6:00am…. This is where we need to show the permit to complete the formality to continue to Gomukh Trek.

After walking for 2-3km along the narrow trail which clings to the ever-changing mountain slopes on the way to the Bhagirathi, you will reach Devvan. After Devvan climbs become little steeper, Another 6 km followed by steep and gradual ascents and descents you will finally reached Chirbasa (pine forest) which is 9km from Gangotri…

You are suggested to break for 30 mins

Final Trek to Gaumukh
From Chirbasa to Bhojbasa (bhoj tree forest) it is 5km trek, enroute you see many landslides and steep climbs….Green cover starts thinning out with beautiful sights of Himalayan peaks, We reach Bhojbasa after 2 hours.

At Bhojbasa, you can stay at Ram baba ashram and stay in tent… Dinner is served in the night & enjoy your good sleep..If you are physically fit and not carrying too much luggage, then guide is optional. The road is straight and well-marked and it is very unlikely to lose your way.There are absolutely no refreshments available on the way, so carry some with you.

From: Bhojwasa to Gaumukh to Gangotri and back to Uttarkashi

Gaumukh can only be seen from a 500m barrier. It is for your own safety. Wakeup at 5:00am in the morning and start our trek for Gaumukh. The morning sun bring warmth, After Bhojwasa there is no definite trail that will lead to Gaumukh, instead one has to find his way through the glacial moraines and rocky boulders.

Finally you will reach Gomukh, On reaching Gomukh, a rocky boulder claims “the altitude of Gaumukh is 4000mt above m.s.l.”  There is a barrier of 500m beyond which it is not permissible to enter. You can take a comfortable place from where you can see the glacier which feeds the Mighty river Ganga.