Dubai Reel cinema

Dubai Reel cinema - Destination Overview
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    Most Luxurious Cinema on Earth with largest THX-certified and Awe-inspiring 3D. A must visit while your trip to Dubai

About Reel Cinema Dubai

Reel Cinemas offers a truly unparalleled movie experience. As the largest THX-certified Cineplex in the UAE, you can choose from an unmatched variety of blockbuster movies. Experience the next dimension of movie entertainment in awe-inspiring 3D, critically acclaimed art-films at The Picturehouse- the first arthouse cinema in the region or indulge yourself in the most luxurious recliner seats at the Platinum Movie Suites. Reel Cinemas also offers the business class movie experience at Dubai Marina Mall's Premier boutique halls. Enjoy a wide range of gourmet food and beverages at the comfort of our recliner twin seats with a wider legroom. It is the ultimate destination for moviegoers in the UAE.