Dubai Dragon Mart

Dubai Dragon Mart - Destination Overview
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    Dubai Dragon Mart Shopping Complex - A Must visit for all travellers to Dubai, if you want killer deals on specialized chinese Items/goods. Your Dubai Trip will become free with discounts offered at Dragon Mart

About Dragon Mart Dubai

Dragon Mart dubai is a very famous shopping complex for high quality Chinese Goods ( Furniture, domestic, electrical, IT, Industrial goods etc), it is called Dragon mart because its overall structure resembles the shape of a Chinese dragon. It is located next to Famous International City on Dubai Emirates Road. The complete range of products include fashion, jewelry, home accessories, toys, gifts , home and office appliances, communication and many other Chinese products for great bargains. 

The goods in Dragon Mart are very cheap ,It is worth a visit for items you may not see in the main shopping malls in Dubai. It has 3,900 shops and  is huge.

Restaurants in Dragin Mart

Dragon Mart Dubai has a few restaurants where you can sit and relax after a day of walking around in the mall. Located at the main entrance is an excellent Chinese restaurant, Suntour Restaurant that provides delicious authentic Chinese Cuisine to complete a day out in “China land”.