Delhi Food Guide - 25 Best Eating Points in Delhi

Delhi Food Guide - 25 Best Eating Points in Delhi - Destination Overview
  • Location: Delhi,India -
  • Nearest Airport: New Delhi - Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: New Delhi, Old delhi, Hazarat Nizammuddin, Sabji Mandi
  • How to reach: Delhi is well connected with all international airports. Delhi has busiest International airport named "Indira Gandhi International Airport"
  • Season to Visit: Best Season to visit Delhi is winter months from October till March, Even April is good a bit.

Delhi Food Guide - 25 Best Eating Points in Delhi

The food of Delhi consists of amazing and diverse array of eating joints. There are a lot of eating joints in Delhi that is often ignored by the mainstream travel sectors. Delhi’s food trail is seriously a rewarding experience to the foodie who is willing to venture away from the mainstream path.

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Where Enjoy Delicious food in Delhi

Apart from Delhi’s nightlife and historical importance the food of Delhi is very much famous, and despite of a number of high class restaurants people of Delhi prefer their street foods that one can get it at very reasonable prices, which makes Delhi one of the best place to finding mouth-watering foods in India.

The Chandni Chowk and Purani Delhi area of Delhi consists of some mouth-watering dishes like Paranthe, chat and pao bhaji along with delicious non-veg food includes Biryani, quorma and nihari that one can find in restaurants like Kareems and Al-Jawahar.

Apart from Purani Delhi one can visit Majnu Ka tilla to enjoy authentic cuisine from Tibet and Sikkim. The Parathewala at Moolchand is visited by food lovers from faraway places.

Enjoy delicious parathe at Paranthe wali gali of Chandni chowk 

Gali Paranthe wali literally means the lane of fried bread, it is located in one of the narrow streets of Chandani Chaowk area. This place is crowded with many small hotels that is one of the popular culinary destinations of the city.


Contact -+91 9811572664, +91 9313773576

Why Parathe wali gali - Paranthe wali gali is a famous foodstall-lined lane off Chandni Chowk popular for delicious parathas (traditional flat bread) served hot. The stuffing vary from potato, paneer, brinjal, tomato, onion, cauliflower and many more items. Served with green chilli and chutney these breads are a must have delicacies loved by many. 

Rates of Paranthe at Paranthe wali gali hotels - A plate with two aalo ke paranthe served hot with chutney, curd and pickles will cost you around 45 bucks. An extra plate of curd costs around 15 rs and there is standard rate for mineral water and cold drink

History of Parathe wali gali- The Parathe wali gali was once for the Silverware shops before the parantha shops moved in. The oldest shop here is Pandit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan Paranthe wala shop that is running since year 1872. Once upon a time there were about 20 shops running in this small lane, but many closed down during the 1980s. As of now there are three shops running proudly and feeding hundreds of costumers on daily basis.

Ambience - The ambience is not so great. The shops are old with open kitchen area with a huge waiting time from the costumers. The shelves of these shops proudly display framed picture former Indian Prime Minister, Late Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru along with many Bollywood personalities who have come here.

Come have a cup of tea at Jugmug thela Chai & Coffee

Jugmug thela is located at Andheria Modh near Chattarpur metro station. One can get varieties of coffees and tea like 12 spice masala chai, Chocolate Cinnamon Iced Chai, Raw Mango Iced Tea being a few of them along with Espresso, Latte and Americano type of coffee.

Contact - 9810 681 212

Why one must visitJugmug thela - Visit here to enjoy the hot and cold beverages that is prepared with love and passion at this place

Rates of Jugmug thela - The rates of Jugmug thela are very nominal. Price for a tea ranges from 20 to 50 bucks and coffee will cost you around 60 to 100 rs. Cost for two people visiting here is as less as 250 rs.

History of Jugmug thela- Jugmug thela is relatively a new addition to the street food of Delhi but in short time they have become very popular.

Ambience - This is a small cart with a brilliant design and concept. The preparation area is beautiful; it is made of wooden planks on wheels with some labeled jars storing cookies for sale, and a little working area.

Chinese food van at Vikram Vihar  

This is a famous and popular food van that is parked near Vikram Hotel in Vikram Vihar. Known for the quick service this van serves some great Indo-Chinese food. This van is very much popular among the locals and people who drive to this place from far corners of Delhi to have the flavor of Indo Chinese food here.

Contact- N/aNearest metro - Moolchand

Why visit Chinese food van  - People visit here for the amazing food that this place offers. The order is quick served and a half plate of chicken fried rice is enough to relish you like anything. One must try momos and soups here as starters. The chicken chilli is also good.

Rates of Chinese food van - Half a plate of chicken fried rice will cost you around 60 rs, the mo mos will cost around 40 rs and Chicken chilli’s price is 120 rs only.

History of Chinese food van- The Chinese food van near Moolchand metro station is standing opposite for around 5 years or more. The place’s popularity increased after Metro train started running in this area and Moolchand became a major stoppage drawing people from far corners of Delhi.

Ambience  - The ambience is simple, the sitting area is outside on the footpath. You can take the plate in your hand and stand on the footpath and eat. The kitchen area is inside the van and the food is served hot straight after preparation.

Sitaram Diwan Chand

This place is famous for Choley bhaturey and is nearby New Delhi railway station. As it is situated in a busy side of Delhi that is always bustling with tourists and business men this place is always crowded.


Contact - +91 11 2358 7380,

Why visit Sitaram Diwan Chand – For their delicious choley bhaturey that is served with curd and pickle. Choley Bhaturey is the heart and soul of Delhi and Sitaram Diwan Chand are old the masters who have marveled this art.

Rates of Sitaram Diwan Chand – A plate of Choley Bhature will cost you around 50 rs.

History of Sitaram Diwan Chand - Sitaram Diwan Chand is an old and renowned street-side shop in Chuna Mandi, serving delectable Chole Bhature for over three decades.

Ambience  - . They open at 8 in the morning, which makes this a perfect breakfast spot. The Paneer Bhature and seasoned pickles are delicious.

Bishan Swaroop Fruit Chat Corner

This chat place is located in Chandni Chowk . This place is very popular for a variety of chats that includes an exclusive and special fruit chat in their menu.

Contact - +91 9818 364 070

Why visit Bishan Swaroop Fruit Chat Corner - you can taste the best Chat of the city along with aalu k kulle and amazing fruit chat the one cannot miss. The small plate of chat is well made with all the love poured from the serving staff.

Rates of Bishan Swaroop Fruit Chat Corner–Meal for two costs around 50 rs

History of Bishan Swaroop Fruit Chat Corner – It’s a very old shop running in Chandni Chowk area for last 10 years. People have been visiting here for many years and take this place’s name with high regards.

Ambience–Its an open area stall where one can stand and eat. The premises are clean and the fruits are kept in glass boxes.

Bitto Tikki Wala 

Bittoo Tikki Wala or BTW is a famous food outlet in the capital serving delicious Indian street food located in Rohini East.

Contact - +91 11 4247 0865

Why visitBitto Tikki Wala –For its delicious and cheap street food items like chat, samosa and kulche and many sweets. They have developed their own style of cooking and spices to make chats and pao bhaji because of it people visit this outlet.

Rates of Bitto Tikki Wala – Cost of two is only around 200 rs, the food is well made and served.

History of Bitto Tikki Wala–Bitto Tikki wala or BTW started in Rohini as a simple food outlet and soon grown with many outlets all across Delhi with increasing popularity.

Ambience - The chats and pao bhaji are prepared and served in an open area and the seating area is clean and hygienic.

Shikara Lovely Chuski 

This shop is located at India gate popular for great Chuskis like Khatta Gola and Meetha Gola cannot be missed. This shop is loved by everyone who visits India gate for its flavored chuskis and ice golas.

Contact - +91 9810 843 902

Why visit Shikara Lovely Chuski –For the lovely chuskis that the owner prepares with great enthusiasm. People here stand in queues on a busy day to have a taste of the masala golas that they make with great pride and what they are famous for.

Rates of Shikara Lovely Chuski – Rates are as less as 100 rs for two people.

History of Shikara Lovely Chuski – Its relatively new but the popularity has increased with time because of preparation style and being situated in one of the most busiest areas of Delhi like India Gate.

Ambience– There is a crew of 8-10 people serving the chuskis from an open area.

Arjun’s Pao Bhaji 

Arjun's pav bhaji is a very buzzy small shop in model town 3 rd. People are seen standing and gulping in varied varities of pav bhaaji it serves.


Contact - +91 9868068779

Why visit Arjun’s Pao BhajiEverything about the dish is mouth watering.. A lot of Bhaji with butter and Pao stuffed with tomato chutney adds a different flavour to the mouth. Moreover the vada pao is also not to be missed.

Rates of Arjun’s Pao Bhaji –A plate of Pao Bhaji here costs 60 rs, Vada pao is 40 and extra bhaji is 60.

History of Arjun’s Pao Bhaji– This place is still new compared to a lot of places but the popularity is increasing.

Ambience – The inside of the restaurant is clean with a proper seating area. The kitchen and the dining area is cleaned on regular basis.

New Punjabi Dhaba

New Punjabi dhabha is located near Hanuman mandir near Pahadganj North Indian style dishes like kofta and paneer items along with Naan and paranthe.

Contact - +91 9810922247

Why visit New Punjabi Dhaba – The food here is delicious and cheap that wont burn a hole in your pocket. A plate of Palak Paneer with tandoori roti or naan is a must try.

Rates of New Punjabi Dhaba – The food is very cheap a plate of palak paneer only costs 35 rs, malai kofta is 50 rs and one can get variety of naans in range of 10 to 20 rs.

History of New Punjabi Dhaba– It’s a very old restaurant in the hustling bustling streets of Pahadganj area and is visited by many tourists who come to Delhi and stay in the hotels around this place.

Ambience –The ambience is small but clean. The kitchen area is well maintained and tables are regularly cleaned.


Located near Jama Masjid Karims’ is an old legendary place serving Exquisite Mughlai Kebabs and mouthwatering Currie.


Contact  - 011 23264981

Why visit Karim’s- Situated near Jama Masjid, one must visit one of the oldest restaurants in this area to experience delicious mughlai cuisines.Chicken Mughlai, Badam Pasanda, Mutton Qorma, Sheermal and Kebabs are some of the must haves here.

Rates– The non veg items like Chicken saag and chicken curry costs 320 rs that is well fed and full plate and can feed two people in one go. The mutton items too costs around 340 rs, a plate of biryani will cost you 190 rs for a half plate.

History of Karim’s–Karim’s is one the oldest restaurant in this Delhi. With its popularity increased with time they have spread across Delhi but the original one is still popular.

Ambience –The dining area is clean and hygienic. The kitchen is cleaned after every half an hour.

Khan Chacha

Khan Chacha is a popular food destination located in Khan Market. Famous for the authentic non vegetarian food including Biryani, Kebabs and Chicken Rolls the food outlet is very much famous among the food lovers of Delhi who come visit here from every corner of the city.

Contact -  (+91) 11 43680449

Why visit Khan Chacha- Khan Chacha is popular of all the Khan Market restaurateurs. Rolls are the only component of the menu. Each of them is wrapped in Roomali Rotis. Some are chicken, others are mutton and still others are paneer. The meat is soft. And then there is Fish Tikka. All are spicy, the way the legions of customers like them. You can try the Mutton Korma. The Chicken Tikka Roll is superb. And Chicken Hariyali Tikka in new on the menu.

Rates of Khan Chacha–Rates of dining at Khan Chacha is as nominal as it can get. A plate of non veg tikka or Kebab wont cost you more than 170 to 180 rs. Fish items cost around 250 rs and a plate of Biryani chicken or mutton is around 220 and 225 rs each.

History of Khan Chacha - In the plush Khan Market – Javed run Khan Chacha shall certainly outscore many other eateries for being the funkiest, most original restaurant. This restaurant was started as a small food outlet in 1972 that grew in popularity and today stands as an iconic food joint of Delhi.

Ambience - The interiors are ruggedly surrealistic, especially the thousand-pin installation that appears to be made out of the 'sheekhs'!The revamped eatery is now off-the-street at a new address, replete with tables, chairs open kitchen. It can accommodate up to 40 people at a time. But considering the never-ending queues that this once-a-takeaway eatery has seen in the past, a second floor is already underway.


Haldirams is a famous food chain of Delhi with several food joints located across the city. The important ones being in Chandni Chowk, Spice World mall in Noida and Netaji Subhash Place in Pritampura. This is another pure veg food joint famous for Delhi style food items like Choley Bhature, Pao Bhaji and Paranthe.


Contact –Pritampura - +91 11 4768 5401

            Vasant Kunj – DLF Promenade mall +91) 11 46609018

Why visit Haldirams–Haldirams is an an excellent food joint suitable for entire family, Haldiram's offers a range of namkeens and mithais, along with a variety of snacks as well as simple vegetarian meals like choley bhature, paranthe and pao bhaji.

Rates of Haldirams – The rates of Haldirams are nominal, a plate of pani puri costs around 48 rs, Pao Bhaji will cost you 100 rs and Choley Bhature is 110 rs per plate.

History of Haldirams - It was founded in 1937 as a retail sweets and namkeen shop in Bikanet Rajasthan. Slowly its branches spread to Delhi and became highly popular.

Ambience - The service is quick and the ambience is good with a large dining area and an open kitchen that is spacious to fit as many guests as possible.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan

One of the famous South Indian cuisine restaurnts in Delhi this is the largest food chain in the country with more than 300 branches. In Delhi its branches are at Janpath and Connaught place.

Contact - +91 11 2334 7755, +91 11 5535 4405

Why visit Saravana Bhavan- If love South Indian Food then Saravana Bhavan is a must visit. With its branches spread worldwide, you can locate one at Connaught place.

Rates of Saravana Bhavan–Rates of Saravana Bhavan are nominal, all the food items cost you between 80 to 120 rs per plate only.

History of Saravana Bhavan – The restaurant was founded in 1981 and slowly spread all across the country and then the world. Extremely popular for the South Indian food Saravana Bhavan is one of the most popular food outlets in Delhi.

Ambience - The setup is clean and efficient. Saravana Bhavan is known for a frills-free decor, swift and systematic service. This is one of the the few restaurants that opens for breakfast as early as 8am.

34, Chowringhee Lane 

34, Chowringhee Lane is located in Model Town is popular for authentic Bengali food.


Contact - +91 9717 034

Why visit 34, Chowringhee Lane–This place is famous for different variety of rolls. This outlet is famous for chicken rolls, egg rolls, chicken seekh rolls and different kind of paneer, aloo and veggie rolls

Rates of 34, Chowringhee Lane–The basic egg roll will cost you 40 for single and 50 for double. Chicken roll items vary between 80 to 150 rs and so do mutton roll items.

History of 34, Chowringhee Lane –Is one of the oldest Bengali fast food outlets in Delhi, located here for last 10 years and now spread across different parts of Delhi,  34, Chowringhee Lane has come a long way since its inception and has won a lot of awards and accolades all across media.

Ambience - This outlet provides no seating space. The service of the eatery is quick. The customers are also given a choice to choose from two dressings of Mayonaisse or Tandoori Delight to add a little zing to their rolls.

Beliram Degchiwala

Beliram Degchiwala is the city’s famous eating joint known for its delicious Mughlai food. Beliram Degachiwala has one of its prime outlets in Jangpura area of New Delhi.

Contact - +91 11 2431 0001, +91 9958 709 991

Why visit Beliram Degchiwala–This food outlet located in Jangpura is popular for North Indian and Mughlai dishes that they use the traditional recipe for prepare. These dishes are real and authentica that is made using the best ingredients and expert cooking staff.

Rates of Beliram Degchiwala –Rates of Beliram Degchiwala is not very high and food is worth the price one would pay for. The fish tikka and fish amritsari costs 320 rs for a plate that is enough for 3 people and Mutton Burra and Chicken Tikka will cost you around 265 and 210 rs each. The rolls are highly recommended and the price of rolls varies between 120 and 150 rs. The curry items of mutton and chicken start from 250 rs and is not more than 350 for the best food item that they serve that is Beliram’s special mutton.

History of Beliram Degchiwala- The eating joint is named after Beliram who pioneered the recipe for Ghosht in the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

This restaurant chain is dedicated to 'Beliram of Lahore' who was a famous chef during era of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, today his legacy lives in this restaurant chain that is serving his recipies to the food loves for ages now.

Ambience - They don’t have a dining area but takeaway and home delivery of the food items is available.

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