China Top 10 Tourist Attractions

China Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Destination Overview

Top Ten Attractions in China

China is not only famous for being the most populous country in the world but also as a major tourist attraction. One of the very first civilizations bred in this country which is the major reason that all the places there dates back to its root beside the Hwang Ho river. With major ruling dynasties changing time and again in the country, every era has contributed to the beautiful landscapes and monuments. One of the masterpieces enlisted in the Seven Wonders of the World, this country has soothing beauty to offer to the tourists which they will never forget.

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Location to cover

There are various places to cover that will define both nature and man-made efforts a worthwhile trip. Some of them are Beijing, Shaanxi, Xi’an, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guilin, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Huangshan and Lhasa.

Ways to reach:

  • By air: this is the easiest mode of transport to reach China. Almost all the major cities have airports with the capital city having the largest serving domestic and international flights. Taxicabs and official taxis can be taken from there t reach major places.
  • By train: All the major cities cover wide tracks and connect within so that transport from one place to another is a piece of cake. Places like Huangshan and Hangzhou are best accessed by train. All the stations are connected by buses, taxis or shuttles.
  • Buses are easily available for long distance from Shanghai and Xi’an. There is accessibility to all the places in the country by road as well.


China is a heritage of culture and they celebrate festivals like Spring festival, Lantern festival, Chongyang, Laba, Dragon boat, Qingming, Double-seventh and mid-autumn. All of them carry forward their own importance and glamour.

Best season to visit: 

The most suitable time to visit the country is autumn season. The temperature is comfortable with the rains not casting its heavy spell. Winters can be extremely chilly in the north region. Spring is also viable given the soothing environment.

Family tickets cost

As a standard mode of costing 50,000+ rupees would be required. If one wants to go for lavish hotels, the costing is more. Package deals are better options.

Days open/close:

September is the only month where one can see the valuables of Beijing Palace Museum. It is better to book tickets in advance to be saved from the perils of restriction on visiting time or clamour.

Nearby hotels to Top 10 Attractions

Hotels of all standard are available. Near the Great Wall of China you can check into Commune for above standard hotels and Flora plaza for cheap ones. Li river retreat is a calm and comfortable lodging place near Li river. Jinyuan Mountain resort can be looked for near the Yellow Mountains. Huanghe hotel is affordable near the Potala palace. The stay at Westlake village hotel is sure to be a splendid one. There are many more hotels and resorts that can be accessed very easily.

While all the places are beautifully built according to the local choice, some sights standout in more than one way. These are the top ten must visit places in China which promises the tourists to look beyond beauty and soothe your eye with the aesthetic pleasure they offer.

The Great Wall of China

Dating back to the architecture of Ming dynasty, this is the largest stretch of wall one would find in the entire world. In fact, this is the one and only wall which is as ancient as the civilization of the country. It was built mainly to protect the inhabitants from foreign invasion. Built over rugged mountains and winding its course across the country, this never ending path would escalate your eyes with wonder. Having its place in both UNESCO World Heritage and Seven Wonders of the World, this artefact stands tall in the years to come.

Terracotta Army China

The armies of the first emperor Qin Shi Hwang were the terracotta and this army signifies their presence to protect the emperor in his afterlife. This is designated as funerary art and is believed that the emperor was buried along with his terracotta army. It was not discovered until late in 1974 by local farmers and since then is a major tourist attraction place. Enumerated as World Cultural Heritage, this masterpiece signifies the major army responsible for unification of the country.

Li River China

If you love lakes and scenic picturesque then you cannot resist yourself from visiting this place. This river is situated in between Guilin and Yangshuo and has a wide stretch of 83 kilometres. This lake is surrounded by beautiful hills and steep cliffs. Also encircled with caves and local village this place cannot get more beautiful in terms of beauty. Lined with bamboo groves gives it the authentic flavour of China. It is also ranked as World’s Top Ten watery wonders. Look out for Seven-Star Park and elephant trunk hill. The Reed flute cave and the Lingqu Canal is a major sightseeing place. Cruise on boats is a major favourite of people here.

The Yellow Mountains China

Huangshan’s best feature this exquisite mountain range is a splendid beauty during the winter season. The winter snows capes along with the pine trees makes it a must see. The peculiar shape of the granite peaks makes them stand out. There is hot spring here and the dreamy clouds speak larger than beauty. This cloud is known to touch the mountains for more than 200 days in a year. Also, watching the sunrise from here is considered as a routine for those who visit this place. This place has around 140 sections open for visitors. The place is easily accessible.

Potala Palace China

This structural palace is located in the south west of China in Tibet. It is built over 130 metres above the Lhasa Valley. This has been basically the residing place of Dalai Lama. All artefacts from the Tibetan history depicting their culture, religion and art are presented here. This place is famous for the murals and sculptures of Buddha. One may also find jewelleries of ancient time displayed here. There are many places to visit here- the white palace, the red palace which has many more sites to explore and the Lhasa Zhol Pillars.

Forbidden City China

This place was built over a period of 1406 to 1420 and was the major reigning place for the rulers of Ming dynasty till the end of Qing dynasty. A major place of household for these emperors, this place is spread as far as 73 hectares on ground. It houses 980 buildings and now has the Palace Museum. It is a major tourist attraction from all over the world. They come to the see the magnificent architecture of the traditional Chinese culture located just in the heart of Beijing.

Yungang Grottoes China

This is the area where the Buddhist culture in ancient China is depicted by means of carvings done on the cave. There are about 252 caves. The carvings of 51,000 Buddha statues are done. Ancient culture and familiarity of carving in caves in those times comes out from this beauty. The art of making sculptures with precision in the 5th and 6th century can be seen here. The masterpiece is no less than a rich cultural heritage to China located in the town of Datong. Culture blended with art was a part of life in ancient times and these Buddhist statues represent that vividly.

Mogao caves China

This famous rock cut temple of China is also dedicated to the Buddhist religion. This was built around a period of 366 AD. It was basically built as a place to store manuscripts and artistic carvings. It forms a chain of 492 temples stretched around a platform of 25 metres located in the southeast region of Dunhuang. It is known by the name of ‘the cave of thousand Buddhas’. The art of this cave encompasses ten major diverse genres of ancient history of architecture, silk paintings, wall paintings, embroidery, music and dance, stucco sculpture, calligraphy, literature, woodblock painting and other popular entertainments.

Leshan Giant Buddha China

The cliff of Sichuan is carved out to form this giant statue of Buddha which is 233 feet tall. It was built during the Tang dynasty and is a major tourist attraction in the country. It is the tallest statue in the world of pre-modern era. The protective sheath formed to accommodate protection to this tall statue was removed by the end of Yuan Dynasty. Depicture of art shows the mastery of craftsmen and the religious sentiments of people of China. This statue still sits on firm ground with people from all over the world admiring it.

West Lake China

It is a man-made structure in the east of China. The fresh water lake of Hangzhou is a major recreational place for the urban population. If one is looking for peace and tranquillity in the humdrum of the city, this is the best place to sit and enjoy the man-made nature around. Surrounded by flora and fauna and overlooking mountains on the other side, this place a sure visit place for all tourists who love serenity and landscape. There are numerous pagodas, temples and gardens built within the lake.

China is a rich cultural heritage apart from being a tech-savvy country. To explore both the ancient and modern traditions of the country not only soothes the eye but also gives a life time of aesthetic experience. There are many more places in China which is sure to uplift your tour to the place to several notches high in terms of pleasure.