Chardham Pilgrimage Important Information

Chardham Pilgrimage Important Information - Destination Overview
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    Chardham Pilgrimage Important Information

Important Information about Char Dham Yatra

Duration of Char Dham yatra

Char Dham yatra Starts from May/June every Year and continues upto November.

Chardham Yatra Pilgrimage Road Route & Major Distances

  • Delhi to Haridwar 210 Km. - 6 hr
  • Haridwar to Barkot 220 Km. - 7 hr
  • Barkot to Yamunotri 36 km drive + 7 km trek
  • Barkot to Uttarkashi 100 km. - 4 hr
  • Uttarkashi to Gangotri 100 km. - 3 hr
  • Uttarkashi to Guptkashi 230 km. - 9 hr
  • Guptkashi to Kedarnath 20 km. drive + 14 km. trek
  • Guptkashi to Badrinath 225 km. - 8 hr
  • Badrinath to Rudraprayag 160 km. - 6 hr
  • Rudraprayag to Rishikesh 254 km. - 8 hr
  • Rishikesh to Delhi 230 km. - 7 hr

Note:- Driving not permitted in hills from 8PM to 5AM. 

Travel Tips for Char Dham yatra

  • Make prior Hotel Bookings.
  • Carry snacks with you in case of long traffic jams / land slides.
  • Carry Drinking Water, and medicines with you.
  • Respect customs of locals.
  • Carry Rain Coat / Umbrella, torch, minimum luggage with you.
  • Clothing
  • Summers - Moderate Woolen
  • Winters - Heavy Woolens

Driving Tips for Char Dham Yatra

  • Always keep your vehicle on left side of the Road.
  • It is possible that it might snow while enroute char dham yatra, hence always keep the provision of chains for the wheels.
  • Always prefer Big & Heavy SUVs as compared to Lighter cars.
  • Use Horn at curves on hills.
  • Never overtake the overtaking vehicle.
  • Use shoes instead of slippers while driving.
  • Never drive an overloaded vehicle.
  • Steering duty should not be more than Eight hours a day.
  • Use Dippers at night and appropriate signals on Road while Driving.
  • Check your Brakes and Hand Brakes before starting journey.
  • Check your speed while driving on hills.
  • Always give way to upcoming vehicle / vehicles.
  • Keep your valid vehicle's documents with you to avoid inconvenience.
  • Check the Headlights, Break light and Parking lights of your vehicle.
  • Before journey, make sure that fuel tank of your vehicle is full, in case of land slides you might have to take alternate long routes.
  • Ensure to refuel, where ever easily you get chance, during season there might be long queues in Petrol Pumps at main stations.
  • Carry first aid box with you.
  • In case of traffic jam, park your vehicle at the end of the queue. If you initiate a parallel queue, the traffic from other side might force you to drive in reverse gear, till you reach again at end of the original queue. And you may find it very difficult to drive long in reverse gear on a hilly road. 
  • Don't compete with local vehicles / drivers. They know the terrain very well.
  • If you are using public vehicle, never hesitate to ensure that the Driver of the vehicle is following all rules properly.
  • Don't Drink Liquor while driving.

In case of any serious medical emergency, call 108 (The Mobile emergency service from Government of Uttarakhand). Don't make fake calls, as it is punishable offence.