Yukon - Destination Overview
  • Location: Yukon,Canada -
  • Nearest Airport: Whitehorse International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Greater Anglia, Overground


Yukon is the smallest of three territories in northwest Canada. Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon. Yukon Territory is a vast, big sky wilderness with a sparse population, rugged mountains, and high plateaus. It was famed for its Gold Rush past.

Yukon is known for its subarctic climate, overlong cold winter, and concise warm summers. While most of the territory is indigenous, here are some hidden gems of Yukon:


Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon is the largest city in northern Canada. Whitehorse experiences an average day temperature of minus 13.3 degrees in January and temperature drops to 22 degrees Celsius encountering dramatic icy landscape.

Top sights in Whitehorse are

Miles Canyon is renamed after General Nelson Miles which was originally referred to as Grand Canyon. Through the narrow channel of ridged rock, the wild waters of the extraordinary river gallop in a perfect mass of milk-like foam, with a resonance that is audible for a significant distance. There is a suspension bridge across Miles Canyon named as Robert Lowe Bridge.

How to reach Miles Canyon: Mostly the area is closed in the winter season. In the summers you can rent a cab and another alternative is to ride a bicycle and enjoy the view of the Yukon River.

Resorts and hotels to stay:

  • Northern Lights Resorts and Spa
  • Hi Country RV Park
  • Edgewater Hotel: guest rooms with free WiFi and restaurant and a bar.
  • Coast High Country Inn
  • The Town and Mountain Hotel

Hotels nearby:

  • Edgewater Hotel
  • Airport Chalet
  • Westmark Whitehorse Hotel and Conference Center
  • Sundog Retreat
  • Stop in Family Hotel


Takhini Hot Springs is one of the famous places in Yukon. The hot springs are relaxing having a temperature of 36 and 42 degrees. The water of hot spring is natural and enriched with minerals. The hot springs water comes about from intersecting faults in the earth-based on geothermal research. Rainwater and snow from the mountains penetrate the earth, where the water is heated and the minerals diffuse. The water then restores to the surface and out of the ground in a small hollow. It is one of the only hot springs in the world that is unfiltered.

How to reach Takhini Hot Springs: There are three alternatives available to reach Takhini Hot Springs from Whitehorse. First, one is riding a bus, second one book a taxi, and the last one is to drive yourself to explore more.

Resorts and hotels to stay:

  • SKKY Hotel – modern air-conditioned guest room with free WiFi and working space with TV.
  • Edgewater Hotel - guest rooms with free WiFi and restaurant and a bar.
  • Hawkins Sweets - accommodation with free private parking and free WiFi.
  • Airport Chalet- provides accommodation, restaurant, private parking, and a bar.

 Restaurants nearby:

  • Bean North Coffee Roasting Co Ltd
  • Antoinette’s Restaurant
  • Klondike Rib & Salmon
  • Baked Café and Bakery


 For the first half of the twentieth century, the sternwheelers of the British Yukon Navigation Company handled the upper Yukon River connecting Whitehorse and Dawson City. The S.S. Klondike was the largest of the fleet. Sitting proudly on the banks of the Yukon River in Whitehorse, she has been diligently restored and renovated, paying tribute to an era before roads, when riverboats and rail connected the Yukon to the outside world.

How to reach S.S Klondike National Historic Site: You can get to the destination by Transmit Bus or via a pedestrian trail along the Yukon River is a pleasant way.

Hotels to stay:

  • Coast High Country Inn
  • Beez Kneez Barparkers
  • Town and Mountain Hotel
  • Best Western Gold Rush Inn

Restaurants nearby

  • Pickapeppa
  • North Dragon
  • Sanchez Cantina
  • Airport Chalet


 Watson Lake is located nearly 4 miles from Prescott, this bright blue beautiful lake is an oasis when you are seeking to escape the desert heat. This bright blue lake is encircled by granite boulders and hiking trails. Though swimming is restricted, there are many other fun activities to undertake at Watson Lake including fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and rock climbing, hiking, and camping. The campgrounds include restrooms with showers, picnic areas, and parking. The campground is only available during the summer months.

 Watson lake is known for beautiful flowers and bringing hikers up near to native fauna. The most popular trail is the Pea-vine trail.  Watson Lake is not just a source of water, but a 13 minutes getaway from Prescott and a perfect destination where the family can enjoy!!

How to reach Watson Lake: The Lake is far from Whitehorse. So there are two alternatives to reach Watson Lake one is a car and the cheapest option is a shuttle.

Hotels to stay:

  • A Nice Motel
  • Andrea’s Hotel
  • Big Horn Hotel
  • Air Force Lodge

Restaurants nearby:

  • Nugget Restaurant Ltd
  • Tags
  • Archie’s Fast Food
  • Kathy’s Kitchen
  • Dragon’s Den


Burwash Landing is a small community on the Alaska Highway in Yukon, Canada. The area experiences a typical subarctic climate, bordering on a dry winter subarctic climate. Burwash Landing is well known for its black spruce burls. Burwash landing is 2,647 ft (807 m) above sea level. Burwash Landing stands with elegant Kluane Lake on one side, and the treasured Kluane National Park and Reserve on the other side. For centuries, people of the First Nations of the area used this spot on this beautiful lake as a summer camp.

If you are reasoning about living, working, or visiting Burwash Landing, we invite you to explore the Community Profile.  It provides information varying from the quality of life to economic opportunities, including statistical data, videos, photos, and more.

How to reach Burwash Landing:  You can drive from Whitehorse to the Burwash Landing.

Hotels to stay:

  • Talbot Arm Motel
  • Cottonwood Park Campground
  • Tincup Wilderness Lodges
  • Destruction Bay Lodge and RV Park

Restaurants nearby:

  • Golden Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant
  • New Asia Restaurant
  • Big Bear Donair
  • Tokyo Sushi
  • Airport Chalet


Kluane National Park and Reserve is located in the southwest of the Yukon, in Canada. It has a vast wilderness of ice fields, forests, and sky-scrapping peaks like Mount Logan. Trails include the King's Throne, which winds above Kathleen Lake to a substantial enclosure. The glacier-fed Alsek River snakes through areas populated by grizzly bears. The park also shelters and protects Dall sheep and more than 100 bird species.

Kluane National Park and Reserve is amazing. A  fortified location that is home to the huge non-polar icefields in the world, and 17 of Canada's 20 tallest mountains—including Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada. Ancient glaciers nourish the Alsek River that flows through the sprawling Alsek Valley. Dall sheep, mountain goats, caribou, wolves, grizzlies and black bears all roam various parts of the massive park.

Flightseeing tours are a quick way to get deep into the park and soar past mountains, over valleys, and up to the icefields. Land and step out onto a glacier to take in the vast, breathtaking surroundings. Some adventurers decide to experience Kluane on the water, by rafting a Canadian Heritage River to see grizzlies, eagles, and glaciers.

How to reach: You can reach by driving from Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway.

Hotels to stay:

  • Parkside Inn
  • Alcan Motor Inn
  • Stardust Motel
  • Raven’s Rest Inn

Restaurants nearby:

  • Guys & Dolls Bistro
  • Village Bakery and Deli
  • Frosty’s Restaurant
  • The Raven


Klondike highway is pleasing and thrilling. This beautiful stretch of highway extends more than 708 km from Alaska Panhandle through the province of British Columbia and the territory of Yukon in Canada, connecting the marshy borough of Skagway, Alaska to Dawson City, Yukon.

September is the time when the fall colors are aflame.   The highway accompanies the rugged Chilkoot Pass and through an oft-changing, pristine alpine country of rugged fields, mountains, wildflowers, waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and winding rivers, and finally to historic Dawson City.

How to reach: You can reach the Klondike Highway by driving and enjoy the view of rugged mountains, wildflowers, and waterfalls along the road.

Hotels to stay:

  • Hotel Carmacks
  • Westmark Hotel
  • Skky Hotel
  • Best Western Gold Rush Inn

Restaurants nearby:

  • Gold Panner Restaurant
  • Coal Mine Campground &Canteen
  • Braeburn Lodge


Carcross desert is located outside Carcross, Yukon. The Carcross Desert is usually mentioned as a desert, but in reality, it is a stream of northern sand dunes.  The climate of the Carcross Desert is too humid to be considered a true desert. The sand was deposited during the last glacial period when large glacial lakes formed and settled silt. When the lakes dehydrated, the dunes were left behind.  This very day, sand advances from nearby Bennett Lake, carried by the wind. The dunes accommodate an extensive variety of plants, including curious varieties such as Baikal sedge and Yukon lupine and many others. Carcross desert has snow-covered mountains and sand dunes at the same place which is a very unique place to spot.

How to reach: Jeep tour is the best way to explore the wilderness of Carcross Desert.

Hotels to stay:

  • Coast High Country Inn
  • Skky Hotel
  • Best Western Gold Rush Inn
  • Edgewater Hotel

Restaurants nearby:

  • Caribou Crossing Coffee
  • The Bistro on the Bennett
  • Spirit Lake
  • Frisky Fresh Fish
  • The Cinnamon Cache
  • Hitching Post


Jack London museum is located in the quiet corner of Dawson city. This picturesque museum is completely devoted to the life and writing of White Fang author Jack London. White Fang and Call of the Wild? Both classic novels appraise the world's vision of the Yukon, its spirit, and the tough adventurers who dared try to docile it. Ruminate through the photographs and historical archives while learning about London's experience about the Klondike Gold Rush. Explore the museum out of curiosity on your own or come upon during informative and interactive presentations.

How to reach: Driving is a comfortable option or you can book a cab to reach the museum.

Hotels to stay:

  • Trending Inn
  • Z Hotel Jack London Square
  • Hampton Inn Oakland Downtown City-Center
  • Oakland Marriott City Center
  • Courtyard Oakland Downtown

Restaurants nearby:

  • Glen Ellen Village Market and Deli
  • Yeti Restaurant
  • The Fig Café
  • Glen Ellen Star
  • Glen Ellen Inn
  • Tips Roadside
  • Les Pascals
  • The Saloon at Jack London Lodge
  • El Molino Central
  • VJB Vineyards & Cellars
  • St. Francis Winery & Vineyards
  • The Depot Hotel Restaurant


 Dezadeash river trail is a pleasurable flat walk along the Dezadeash River Valley in Haines Junction. It has spectacular views of the Auriol Range and amusing boardwalks and interpretive signage along the way. Dezadeash trail would be great for any schedule of year, counting for cross country skiing, nordic touring, or fat tire bike riding in the winter. The trail has a wide variety of vegetation including parklands, wetlands, young and mature spruce forests. One gets an amazing experience of hiking through one of the wildflower meadows. The view is breathtaking.

How to reach: From Haines Junction drive past to the Alaska Highway.

Hotels to stay:

  • Raven’s Rest Inn
  • Parkside Inn
  •  Wanderer's Inn Backpackers Hotel
  •  The Cabin
  •  Alcan Motor Inn

Restaurant nearby:

  • Mile 1016 Pub
  • Guys & Dolls Bistro
  • Village Bakery & Deli
  • Frosty Freeze
  • The Raven


Marsh Lake also is known as mud lake is an expansion of the Yukon River that is southeast of Whitehorse, Yukon. Marsh Lake is over 30 kilometers overlong and ranges from three to four kilometers broad. It is 2,147 feet above sea level. 

While cottages, homes, and guest lodges line different areas on Marsh Lake's rivage, what allures many locals and visitors is Army Beach. Despite its dedicated name, there is no required boot camp. Instead, you'll find a tempting place to relax how you choose. Descend your feet into the sand or paddle into the water for a refreshing swim. In the spring, a trifling bay at the north end bestows open water for thousands of migrating swans. Their arrival is considered the sincere sign that spring has returned, and the admired Celebration of Swans festival each April draws bird enthusiasts of all ages to the Swan Haven Interpretive Centre. 

While there is a lot to love regarding Marsh Lake, part of its fascination is how easy it is to reach for those desires to stay longer, we don't blame you. Various options include camping, lodges, B&Bs, rental cottages, and cabins.

How to reach:  Two ways to reach Marsh Lake from Carcross by taxi or car.

Hotels to stay:

  • Inn on the Lake
  • Boreale Ranch
  • Northern Lights Resort and Spa
  • Southern Lakes Resort
  • Kaleido Lodge Yukon

Restaurants nearby:

  • Six Mile River Resort
  • Jakes dinner
  • Casa Loma Motel


The northern lights are one of the several astronomical phenomena named polar lights (aurora polaris), are curtains of colored light visible on occasion in the night sky.

Polar lights or aurora Polaris can be experienced in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Northern lights are also named by their scientific name, aurora borealis, and southern lights are called aurora australis.

The best environment to view the Northern Lights is when the sky is clear and there are no ambient lights around you. Auroras take place throughout the year, but you cannot see the Lights in the summer months because it does not get dark enough.

January to mid-April is the most famous Yukon months for Aurora hunting because they accompany long, dark nights. You require the sky to be dark to see the amazing view of the Northern Lights.

 Hotels to stay:

These are the best Northern Lights hotels in Canada.

  • Northern Lights Resort and Spa
  • Aurora Inn
  • Grace Lake Villa
  • A-Frame Chalet
  • Iceberg Inn
  • Emerald Lake Lodge
  • The Frobisher Inn

Restaurants nearby:

  • Gold Pan Saloon
  • 506 All Day Grill
  • Antoinette’s
  • Wayfarer Oyster House
  • Red Devil Pizza
  • Walking Raven
  • New Asia Restaurant
  • Burnt Toast Café
  • Oishi Shushi