Beautiful hidden gems of Alaska

Beautiful hidden gems of Alaska - Destination Overview
  • Location: Alaska,United States of America -
  • Nearest Airport: Anchorage International Airport

Alaska is a state in the northwest of the United States of the West Coast.   Alaska is famous for salmon, moose, caribou, bears, whales, bison, puffins, jellyfish, etc when it comes to wildlife. When it comes to landscape, Alaska is popular for glaciers and fjords, mountains, and more lakes, rivers, and waterways than one could dream of. It is famous for its considerable frosty landscapes, huge gorges, extraordinary glaciers, fascinating wildlife, shimmering fjords, remote wilderness, and cold conditions, wildlife spotting, fishing and cruising are some of the famous activities of Alaska.


Eklutna Lake is an artificial lake near the village of Eklutna in the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska. The inflow source of Eklutna lake is the Eklutna River. The maximum depth of this lake is 91 m. The lake contains considerable populations of Kokanee salmon and Dolly Varden trout. There are Park facilities around the lake that includes a great campground, picnic spots, and a substantial trail system providing entry to backcountry and Eklutna Glacier. The lake is located in the forest valley and surrounded by the peaks, this glacial lake is a mesmerizing sight. The lake is spectacular with beautiful landscapes.

How to reach: You can drive from Anchorage, taking the Glenn Highway  to the Eklutna, continuing into the mountains take the Eklutna Lake Road.

Hotels to stay:

  • Knik River Lodge -  A 3-star casual hotel that offers a restaurant and helicopter tour to the Knik Glacier.
  • Alaska Backcountry Cottages -  The place with extremely clean and modern cabins to stay.
  • Grand View Inn & Suites – A warm place with gorgeous mountain views.
  • Eagle Peak Guesthouse – Developed rooms with kind staff.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Burrito Factory
  • Jen’s Restaurant
  • Milano’s Pizza
  • Yummy Bakery
  • Pho Lena


 The garden is tucked inside the lush Tongass National Forest. It is one of America's unique botanical gardens and landscaped grounds. There is convenient vehicle access to the trails through the Tongass rainforest. The visitors experience panoramic views of Juneau. And there is wildlife viewing on the Eagle's Nest Cam.

Unique gardens set opposite a forest landscape, with guided tours and extensive views over Juneau. Visitors experience the mesmerizing view atop the mountains.  Afresh travelers loved their experience at the garden, glorifying the elegant blooms and views as reasons to schedule a visit.

How to reach:  You can advance Glacier Gardens taking a quick taxi ride or ride on a Capital Transit Bus.

Hotels to stay:

  • Aspen Suites Hotel Juneau – Close to Juneau International Airport with spacious rooms.
  • Best Western Grandma’s Feather Bed -  Comfortable rooms with on-site restaurant.
  • Best Western Country Lane Inn -  Close to the Juneau International Airport with shuttle service’
  • Frontier Suites Hotel – Offers free shuttle service to airport. Free WiFi and cable TV.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Starbucks
  • Fred Meyer Deli
  • Zerelda’s  Bistro
  • The Salmon Spot
  • Donna’s Restaurant
  • Deckhand Dave’s


 Chena hot springs are located nearly sixty miles from Fairbanks, which offers comfort and adventure. Travelers come for a soak in natural hot springs and spend the night to enjoy all that Chena hot springs have to offer. These springs are open all year days, but September to March is the best time to visit during the cold winter months. Many national, local, or international visitors love Chena's natural hot springs, adult rock lake, indoor pools, gorgeous view, and the spots of attraction. Earlier, it was famous for curing aches and pains.

How to reach:  Airlink Alaska's Chena Hot Springs Shuttle can take you to the destination.

Hotels to stay:

  • Chena Hot Springs Resorts : Inside Chena Hot Springs with on-site  restaurant.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Chena Hot Springs Resorts
  • Aurora Ice Museum


 Adak Island is an isolated destination nearby the western stretch of the Andrean of Islands group of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Adak is located on the island which is Alaska's southernmost town. Adak Island has a land area of 274.59 square miles with a rich history; rugged terrain and scenic landscapes. Adak Island marks the dividing line between the Bering Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the South. Vegetation is mostly tundra at lower elevations because of the harsh winds, frequent cold cover, and cold temperatures.  The highest point is Mt. Moffett, nearby the northwest end of the island, at an elevation of 3,924 feet. Adak Island is covered with snow the considerable part of the year!

How to reach: The only way to get there is by boat.

Hotels to stay:

  • Alyeska Resort – Beautiful place to stay.
  • The Lakefront Anchorage -  Affordable and clean place.
  • Hyatt Place Anchorage Midtown -  Hotel with Swimming pool and friendly staff members.
  • Inlet Tower Hotels and Suites – wide variety of amenities and spacious rooms.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Blue Bird Café
  • Mevlana doner
  • Adak Bar


The observatory perch on Anan Creek, which is well known for its pink salmon, run in Southeast Alaska.  During July and August, visitors can observe bears as they sustain on fish directly from the water.  See brown bears and black bears in the wild at the Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory.  The Anan Wildlife Observatory on the Wrangell District of the Tongass National Forest presents exceptional Alaskan wildlife observing experience where a  diversity of wildlife, including brown and black bears, can be seen.  The Anan estuary and Observatory is only approachable by boat or plane. The observation platform and photo blind overlook cascading falls where the salmon jump upriver and the bears grab their meal.

How to reach: Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory is reachable only by boat or plane.

Hotels to stay:

  • Thunderbird Motel –  Comfortable rooms with windows.
  • Stikine Inn – Rooms with beautiful water views!
  • Yes Bay Lodge – Beautiful lodge with natural scenery.
  • Wrangell Hostel – The hostel is in the Presbyterian  Church building.

Restaurants nearby: No restaurants nearby.


 It is one of the most spectacular sights in Alaska. The path is well maintained which is best attempted from late July through early September. The vegetation through the trail is murky and passes through thickets of salmonberries, a favorite food of black bears. Black bears are spotted normally every day from the Harding Icefield Trail. Starting on the valley floor, the trail winds through cottonwood and alder forests pass though heather filled meadows. Visitors ultimately climb well above the tree line to a breath-taking view of the Icefield. Around 1000 feet is gained by the hikers with every mile. At the top of the trail it seems like there is a window to past ice ages; a horizon of snow that extends as far as the eyes can see. The view from the top of the trail is worth the effort.

How to reach: Turn on to the Exit Glacier Road at mile 3 of the Seward Highway. The road will take you to the parking lot of trail.

Hotels to stay:

  • The Breeze Inn – Great View and friendly staff.
  • Harborview Inn – Good place to stay.
  • Hotel Seward – Nice, clean and comfortable place.

Restaurants nearby:

  • The Cookery
  • Resurrect Art Coffee House
  • Woody’s Thai Kitchen
  • Zudy’s Café
  • Sweet Darlings
  • Smoke Shack


It's hard to beat the spectacular Dalton Highway if you love road trips. Dalton Highway is one of the coldest and remote roads in the world. The beautiful stretch of this highway extends more than 400 miles. The highway starts from Livengood and ends at Deadhorse on the Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. The highway is best traveled during the summers. The highway road is narrow and used by the trucks hauling supplies to Deadhorse or Prudhoe Bay. The highway is named after James William Dalton. Campers enjoy beautiful late July fireweed blooms along the Dalton highway.

How to reach:  The Southern terminal of Dalton Highway can be reached by car.

Hotels to stay:

  • Prudhoe Bay Hotel – Cozy rooms and long corridors. Best place is cafeteria.
  • Arctic Getaway Alaska Cabin Rentals -  Comes with breakfast and offers a sunny two-person cabin and antique laden four person cabin.
  • Aurora Hotel – Fitness room provided.
  • Yukon River Cap – Clean roadside motel with shared bathroom facilities.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Truckers Café
  • Coldwood Camp Restaurant


 Eklutna's historical park is located in Eklutna village. The historical park is featuring a Russian Orthodox log church and a fascinating cemetery with colorful spirit houses. The old cemetery is still in use in which each grave is enclosed by an extremely decorated spirit house the size of a large dollhouse. These small shelters thrill the imagination of a person in a way no normal marker would. They originally contained guns, cups, and other items the departed might need in the afterlife. There are two small Russian Orthodox churches in the Eklutna historical park, including the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. Tour guides recommend an orientation talk before leading visitors through the site and both churches. Services in the white church were built in 1962, are Sunday morning, and Thursday and Saturday evening Wear mosquito repellent to visit the cemetery, and also take the time to see Thunderbird Falls.

How to reach: You can drive from Anchorage, taking the Glenn Highway  to the Eklutna, continuing into the mountains.

Hotels to stay:

  • The Voyager Inn – View from the place is beautiful.
  • Grand View Inn and Suites -  The view from the place is nice.
  • Alaska’s Select Inn Hotel – Clean and toasty rooms with friendly staff.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Bobby’s Café
  • The Grape Tap
  • Krazy Moose Subs
  • Basil Ginger
  • Chugiak Café


The Miller Comb Museum in Homer showcases the immense collection of ornamental hair combs in the world. The museum owns more than 3,000 exhibits all part of a private collection owned by Mrs. Miller. Her obsession with decorative combs started when she was a beauty school student back in the 1950s. She fell in love with the attractive hairpieces, cherishing that a comb is not only an item to pull through the hair to make it look neat and tidy, but can also be a beautiful accessory.

The collection today accommodates almost every type of comb believable. Big and small, pretty, and practical, the combs are fabricated from all manner of materials and decorated with diversified decorative touches. Some are in intact condition while others show the signs of age. There are combs from all around the world in the Miler Comb Museum. If bizarre museum collections are your cup of tea, don't forget to call ahead and make an appointment to view the extensive comb collection in Homer.

How to reach: You can drive car to Miler Comb Museum.

Hotels to stay:

  • Ocean shores – Amazing views and clean rooms.
  • Beluga Lake Lodge – Small and quiet rooms.
  • Land’s End Resort – Friendly and clean place to stay.

Restaurants nearby:

  • Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine
  • Chena’s Alaskan Grill
  • Jazz Bistro
  • Pita Place
  • The Crepery


 An exotic home that stands solitary in the woods of Willow, the surprising Goose Creek Tower pokes up from the trees, approaching the sky in all its mysterious prestige. A narrow river meanders along with the tower and there are no other dwellings in the immediate neighborhood.

A lawyer called Phillip Weidner, officially named Goose Creek Tower. People who know of the tower sometimes mention it as the Doctor Seuss House. The 185-foot-tall home is the consequence of Weidner's imagination turned into actuality. It suggests that he also has a degree in engineering!

Mr. Weidner designed to construct a basic two-floor log cabin in the woods. Ambition and creativity quickly took over, though, with level upon level added to the growing building. There are several interior and exterior staircases and ladders to climb up through the unique building. The top of the tower provides panoramic views over the surrounding landscapes and front-row seats for the breathtaking natural spectacle of the Northern Lights dancingly illuminating the skies in various colors.

Unfortunately, the tower is not open for visitors so you'll have to marvel at the curiosity from outside. Do respect the boundaries as you gawk in wonderment and remember that it is on private property.

Hotels to stay:

  • Glacier Bay Lodge
  • Glacier Bay Country Inn
  • Gallery Lodge
  • The Lakefront Anchorage