20 Unique Tips for Manali Trip

20 Unique Tips for Manali Trip - Destination Overview
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    20 Unique Tips for Manali Trip

About Manali & Its Little Negative Side for travelers ( Positive Tips for Manali to follow in below link)

Manali is no doubt is India's best Tourist Destination & a hot favourite with Indian holidaymakers since the Kashmir trouble started in 1980 onwards. Manali is backpackers and Trekkers paradise with short local trekking routes to Malana over the Chandrakhani Pass or to Bhrigu Lake far above Vashist, also as a jumping off point for treks into the Lahaul and Spiti, Zanskar or Ladakh..

But tourism has taken its toll on it as follows :- 

  • Manali has gained financially from the huge tourist influx, but it has lost the attributes of peace and beauty that made sleepy town of Manali famous. 
  • Manali's lack of planning and non existent building laws mean that the main town has gone from being a small market town to a vicious and unattractive sprawl of concrete that is positively claustrophobic in high season. 
  • In a bare ten years, the once idyllic area below Old Manali village has gone from having six simple cafes and 20 or 30 small guest houses, to 50 or 60 restaurants and 150 or so guesthouses and large hotels, some with 20 or 30 rooms. 
  • The Manali village itself not changed much, but the road up from from the bridge is now a solid wall of concrete boxes housing Kashmiri carpet and souvenir peddlers, travel agents, money changers and some of the 40 or so "German bakeries" and 70 + Internet cafes.

But still, do not put off your mind, there are still positive sides too in this negativity.