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The Himalayan Trout House - Tirthan Valley Holiday Honeymoon Package

Hotels Type : Home Stay

The Himalayan Trout House - Tirthan Valley Holiday Honeymoon Package
Village Nagini , P.O. Gahidhar, tahsil Banjar, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh India

  • From Rs 3500/
  • Rs 3200/-
  • Per Day
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The Himalayan Trout House - Tirthan Valley Holiday Honeymoon Package

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Why Holiday Travel Recommends Himalayan Trout House

1. Highly Recommended for adventurers and angling enthusiasts.
2. Great Place to have quite weekend or Extended weekend.
3. Plan minimum for 3 nights to really soak into the environments.
4. Go for all Meal Plans while you are at himalayan trout house as there are no hotels near by.
5. Wild Brown Trout is a must delicacy while at Himalayan Trout House.
6. Go for the Great Himalayan national park trekking.
7. Go for the trout fishing and angling activities.
8. Just relax and soak in the misty environs of the Tirthan valley
9. Enjoy the great hospitality offered by Mr. christopher.
10. Mr. Christopher does not negotaite, rates are fixed and services are excellent


About Himalayan Trout House

Himalayan trout House is basically a club house cum home stay experience nested deep in the Tirthan valley offering

comfortable stay as well as adventure in the world's most beautiful place - The Tirthan Valley. The place is run by professionals such as Mr. Christopher Mitra (Trout angler, trekker, camper, musician), Ms Shefali (Artist, traveler, jungle path wanderer) & Mr. Kabir (Explorer, entertainer,balloon master, learner of languages). The full Trout house family ensures full engagement with guests and at the same time ensure guests are left alone to enjoy the sun & river & Mist of Tirthan Valley.

About the Location of Himalayan Trout House
The Himalayan Trout House is located in Village Nagini  Tehsil Banjar, District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh India,

Longitude: 77°24'13.98"E
Latitude: 31°38'24.86"N

About Nagini Village

Nagini Village is a buffer zone of the Great Himalayan national park and located approximatly 265 kms from Chandigarh & approx 500 kms from Delhi.Nagni (and the Great Himalayan National Park) is off the route to Manali. Just before the Aut tunnel, you turn right towards Banjar via Larji.
Before Banjar, you turn left towards Goshaini. The route is long and narrow.

How to reach Himalayan Trout House- Tirthan Valley

Reach Himalayan Trout House By Air

Option -1 You can take flight to Bhuntar Airport from Delhi ( there are weekly 2 flights to Bhuntar from Delhi), From Bhuntar airport, there are regular prepaid taxi services which takes an hour and a half to the Trout House.You need to just tell the cabbie that you need to go to Nagini Village or Just tell Himlayan Trout House.
Option -2 Alternative easy way is to catch flight upto Chandigarh ( There are daily flights to chandigarh from Delhi), Then Holiday Travel luxury taxi service will take you to the Himalayan Trout house safely.
Reach Himalayan Trout House By Rail

Option -1 - Take Shatabdi express from Delhi to Chandigarh, Then Holiday Travel luxury taxi service will take you to the Himalayan Trout house safely.Travel Time approx 7-8 hours.
Option-2 - If Shatabdi Express is not the choice, you can take Himachal Express or Jan shatabdi express from Delhi and drop down either at Kiratpur or Una, then Holiday Travel luxury taxi service will take you to the Himalayan Trout house safely.Travel Time approx 6-7 Hours
Reach Himalayan Trout House By Road
By taxi or Self Drivern
To get to Nagini (550 kms from Delhi) one must turn off just BEFORE the Larji (Aut) Tunnel an hour before Kulu on the Manali highway from Chandigarh. From Larji ( the dam) it is 26 kms of a pleasant drive along the river via Larji, Chalogi , Bali , Manglore Targali , Sidhwa till Kundan Bridge just under Banjar. DO NOT GO UPTO BANJAR.. At this point turn left towards Goshain. The Trout House is 6 kilometres up this road in Nagini. Look out for our boards after Larji.
Delhi - Chandigarh- Ropar - Kiratpur - Swarghat-Bilaspur-Sundernagar-Mandi-Pandoh-Larji tunnel and dam - Nagini.
Another way to do it is to break journey at the Tourist Rest House in Bilaspur along the way . You could leave Delhi at 11 a.m. to be in Bilaspur by 7 p.m. in time to book in. An early departure at 6 a.m. the next morning will have you in the trout house by 10 a.m. with most of the day still ahead of you.

An alternative stopover could be Sea Star Resorts on the Satluj canal just after Ropar six and a half hours from
the Trout House
By Bus ( Volvo service to Tirthan Valley)
Another good way is to catch a bus opposite Imperial Hotel on Janpath at 6 p.m. It stops for dinner enroute at 9.30 p.m. and reaches Larji about 7 a.m. The overnight journey can be quite painless. From Largi, take a taxi to the Trout House. Bus tickets cost approximately Rs. 500 each and the taxi, seating 5 0r 6 from Aut, another Rs. 600.
Important Information - HPTDC Volvo service (Manali – Delhi) , you can also catch the bus from Aut, instead of going all the way to Manali. You can Call the HPTDC office at Manali on the day of your trip, after 12 noon and they will give you the number of the bus as well as the mobile number of the conductor. You can coordinate with him to be picked up from Aut.

Activities at Himalayan Trout House

  • Fishing enthusiasts paradise
  • Fishing & Angling for Himalayan Trout Fish
  • Fly fishing
  • Trek to near by waterfall
  • Trek to Great himalayan National park
  • Overnight trek up the tallest hill in the valley
  • Camping by the river
  • Day trip to jalori pass
  • Beer & drinks on the Bonfire by the Tirthan river
  • Books reading in Hammock by the Tirthan River
  • Enjoying the company of Mr. Christopher & shifali & Lhasan espo Thumki..

Plus Points of Himalayan Trout House

  • Great location, Right on the Road head with Tirthan river on the side
  • The place is clean and the river tirthan has clean and clear water.
  • There's wildlife all over, all sorts of himalayan birds chirping around
  • Fruit orchards- apples, plums, cherries galore the place
  • Mr. Christopher, shifali and Mr. kabir are excellent hosts
  • wild Trout Brown fish available in Dinner.
  • Great Barbeque & Tandoori Dishes in nowhere's land
  • Enough Parking spaces
  • Homely food
  • Clean and well decorated rooms.
  • Gazebo - the Beautiful dinning area.
  • You can hear the roar of Trithan River from your room.

Negative Point of Himalayan trout House Tirthan Valley

  • No TV ( Actually Not required also but still in the night you will miss it, if you are a TV buff)
  • No geysers ( though Hot water is available whenever required but long shower is a leisure)
  • Expensive place in the Area ( But Really worth it)
  • Some Travellers complaint of cleanliness in the eating area ( Bur 99% of travellers were happy)

Tarrif & rates of himalayan Trout House

The Himalayan Trout House - Tariff -    Holiday Packages available
Accommodation Per couple per day Single Occupancy Extra Person
Mud Hut Suites( 2 ) 2300 2000 1000
Stone Cottage Suites(2) 3300 2950 1200
Eco Cabins (4) 1700 1450 800
Cost includes:

1. Accommodation as specified
2. Bed Tea , Indian /Western Breakfast
3. Use of facilities as available
4. Participation in Activities such as bonfires, celebrations etc.
Extras billed at the venue
1. Meals, soft drinks and specials off the menu
2. Laundry
3. Guides, Porters, Permissions and Licenses
Servants, Maids and drivers are accommodated at the Pradhan’s guest house 200 meters away. Costs are about 250 for
the room and 150 for meals. Prices may vary.

Extra Curricular Per day Activity Costs.

Barbel fishing rods with bait :    Rs. 500 each combo.
Fly Fishing Rods with flies  :   Rs. 700 each combo.
Barbel Guide / River Attendant :   Rs. 500
Fly Fishing Instructor (2 hours):  Rs. 2000
Please note that damages to equipment will have to be compensated for in full. Please ask for costs of equipment
before use.

Guide Rates for Treks and Walks
Waterfall Walk :       Rs. 300
Devta Visit :        Rs. 300
Swimming Pool  :       Rs. 300
Great Himalayan National park Entrance :  Rs. 500
Nadaar :         Rs. 500
Jalori Sareolsar :       Rs. 500