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Pachmarhi Local Sightseeing Packages & Trekking Adventure Tours - Package Overview

Pachmarhi Local Sightseeing Tour - Pachmarhi Trekking Adventure + 4X4 Gypsy Tour + Guide Included

Pachmarhi Site Seeing Tours by Petrol Gyspy & Pachmarhi Adventure Trekking Tours  

Pachmarhi Site Seeing Tour with Little Trekking ( For Families with Kids, Couples)

  • 2 Days Site Seeing Tour Plan ( Easy for families/couples)
  • Cost only Rs 9000/- or US $150 Per Person ( Min 2 Pax),
  • Group Price (4-5 Pax) - Rs 5000/- or US $100 Per Person.
  • Tour Starts at 9:00 AM Sharp & Concludes at 07:00 PM ( 10 Hours)
  • Pick up & Drop from your Hotel
  • Social Bonding with Locals & Adivasis.
  • Assistance in Herbal Medicines Shopping at authorised shops
  • Forest Guide Included in package
  • Petrol Gypsy Included for all attractions

Pachmarhi Site Seeing Tour Itinerary - Easy Plan for Famililies/Couples

Pachmarhi local site seeing tour is covered by Local Gypsy 4X4 Vehicals, Private cars are not allowed to enter in the core Satpura National Park Area, hence all tours are handled by local Gypsies. 

Pachmarhi Local Site Seeing Tour- 5 top Important Points to note

1. No Private cards/SUVs are allowed in Core Satpura National Park, All main points are within the core area, hence one needs to hire the local Maruti Gypsy.

2. Tours are split into 3 day Tours, First Day is normally Pandav Caves + Water Falls , 2nd Day Temples & 3rd Day is optional treks between Duchess Falls or Chauragarh tenple

3. First Day covers Pandav Caves + Apsara Falls + Rajan Pratap ( Located close to each other) followed by Lunch break, After Lunch break it is Normally Bee-Falls ( Jamuna Pratap) followed by Reechgarh and Dhoopgarh ( Highest point on MP & CG Central India).

4. Second Day Covers all temples & vantage view points - Priyadarshini Point, Handi Khoh, Green Valley, Jata Shankar, Bare Mahadev , Gupt Mahadev, Parvati Cave, Amba ji temple, Begum Palace

5. Third Day is either trek to Duchess Falls or Chauragarh, both of which normally take full day.

6. Two points are allowed by Local Private car , which are Pachmarhi Lake and Rajendragiri Park, which also offers a great Sunset View.

Pachmarhi Local Site Seeing Itinerary - Maruti Gypsy & Trekking - Day -1 

Day -1 :- Start from your Hotel at 9:30 or 10 AM.

Morning (9:30 AM - 5:30 PM) - Lunch Break - 1 hour ( Drop to Hotel for Lunch Break)

Morning Time Schedule

1. Pachmarhi Catholic Church -

Pachmarhi Catholic Church is a colonial era Church in Pachmarhi near town centre. It is famous for its tained glass work. It was built by british in 1892, it has a cemetary and graves from the world war 1 & 2. there is sunday mass in the church.

2. Pandav Caves - 1-2 kms - 30 minutes

Located just 1-2 kms from the resorts area, These Caves were made by Buddhist Monks, who Meditated in these caves. there are 5 caves over a hill, each cave can be visited by climbing the stairs over the mountain, the steps are steep but easy, however cave gates are closed by bars, however each cave is well marked. 

3. Apsara Vihar Failry pool + Rajat Prapat  - 3-4 kms - 2 Hours ( Minimum)

Next Destination is Apsara Vihar or Fairy Pools. These pools are approachable by a bit long trek, you need to navigate at least 100 stairs followed by approx 1 km trek in the dense jungle. First you see is the Rajat Prapat ( Silver Fall), It is known as Rajap Prapat because in the early morning, the waterfall glistens like silver. It is one of the highest waterfalls & approx 350 feet high. You can view the Rajap Pratap from a high evevation,

Apsara Vihaar is further half kms away from Silver Fall . It is known as Apsara Falls as these pools were used by British women, Locals named these as Fairy Pools. The waterfall is approachable via a short walk.

Afternoon Schedule

4. Bee Falls - 1 hours ( Best Water Fall)

One of the popular waterfalls in and around Pachmarhi. Bee Falls are approachable via a steep downhill walk. There are tea stalls around Bee falls serving soft drinks, noodles and some snacks. The trek below the hill is worth rewarding with a spectactular view as well as bath in the bee Falls. Water is pure and fresh. A Bath is a must.

Natural Feet Spa by Fish

After Bath you trek up, there are pools on the top near to viewing point, where you can dip your feet in water and see the magic of natural feet Spa, hundred of small fish suck away the dead skin of feet and provide health benefits. So while the bath in the Bee Falls below provides you refreshing shower ( 100 feet drop water), Pools at the top provide refershing Feet Spa..

You need to leave the Bee Falls by 4:30 to reach Dhoopgarh in time, as gates close by 5 PM ( half an hour before sunset)

5. Reechgarh -

After Reechgarh, proceed to Reechgarh, which are set of caves enroute to Sunrise / Sunset point where Bears used to take shelter earlier. It is a natural wonderful amphitheater aproached through a cave like shelter.

6. Dhoopgarh Site Seeing Tour

  • No Trekking Involved
  • No Stairs
  • Full end to end Gypsy Tour

After Bee Falls, you are taken to Dhoopgarh site, Located at 11 kms away from pachmarhi, Doopgarh is one of the prime attraction for all visitors to pachmarhi. Kindly ensure that Dhoopgarh is a part of itinerary, otherwise you will be left out of the eternal beauty. Dhoop garh is highest point of MP at 4600 feet and motorable drive is very steep.

Dhoopgarh offers incredible sunset and sunrise views on both sides, In addition from Dhoopgarh you see incredible overlapping Satpura Ranges and view extends till tawa Dam.

You can have a sunrise view in the morning and proceed to see other site seeings and return back in the evening at approx 3 Pm to have the sunset view.

Most of the Tourists come to Dhoopgarh to see the sunset view and for incredible photography.

Day -2 Pachmarhi Site Seeing Tour:- Start from your Hotel at 9:30 or 10 AM.

Morning Tour

Handi Khoh Tour

  • No Trekking Involved
  • No Stairs
  • Full end to end Gypsy Tour

Morning visit to Handi Khoh (Deep Valley), named after colonet Handa, who did suicide feom here. It is a 300 deep precipice and steep revine, also offers great views. There is horse riding offered at Handi Khoh.

Pryadarshini Point

Also known as Foreyth point, lies after Handi Khoh, you need to walk at least 200 meters from the main road, offers incredible views of valley as well as Chauragarh Temple top. In 1964, this point was renamed after Indira gandhi - the PM of India.

Gupt Mahadev

After Priyadarshini Point, Move to Gupt Mahadev, Gupt Mahadeo is a cave temple at the foothills of Churagarh trek at about 200 meters walk from parking area, You need to cross narrow cave for the Darshan. At the gate of the cave there is a statue of Lord Hanuman.

Bada Mahadev

Bada Mahadeo is located near Gupt Mahadeo is a Lord Shiva Temple set in a large cave with water dripping on the Shivling as well all over inside the cave.

Regarded as holiest of holiest site for Shiva bhaktas, every year millions visit here on Shivratri mela, This is located approx 1 kms from Gupt Mahadev, Now a days there is a huge temple here. Bare Mahadev drives its name from huge natural cave which has shivlinga present in natural form, tiny droplets of water seep through the cave openeings and form a pure water stream which falls naturally over the shivlinga.

It is such a huge cave that at any time, there can be 50 -100 pilgrims accomodated in this cave. Opposite to the Bare Mahadev Cave is Parvati Cave which can be reached after climbing few steps, It is said that all wishes come true on visiting Parvati cave.

In the natureal water pond, between Mahadev and parvati Cave, there is a pure water pool fed by water from Bare Mahadev, Here pilgrims do the ritual of beating the water surface 3 or 5 times with stick. Visit to Bare Mahadev Cave removes all evils and recommended to cure kal sarp Yoga and Pitri doshas.

After Lunch

Jata Shankar Cave temple tour

  • No Trekking Involved
  • Approx 500 Stairs in the last
  • Till Stairs - Gypsy Tour

Jatashankar is a Lord Shiva Cave temple near Pachmarhi town centre. No Trek required, Walk only a few steps (about 500 meters walk) to access the temple. Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple is also visited alongwith. legend says that Shiva escaped through a tunnel from Tilak Sindur and finally reached remote cave - Jata Shankar. While running through the cave he lost his hair.

Jata Shankar is famous destination for tourists & shiv bhakts, many pilgrims come here during Maha Shivratri festivity in February. Dramatic scenery around the cave is often used in Indian movies. There are numerous small shops selling herbs and medicines. Near the cave, also there are two small ponds fed by springs - one is fed by cold spring, another one - by hot spring. Here originates Jambu Dwip stream.

Jatashankar cave is hidden in deep forest and there are loose rocks perched in ravine, there ared dripstone formations inside the cave, At the ceiling there is a formation which resembles a group of snakes - it is considered to represent hair of Shiva but also - a hundred headed divine snake Sheshnag.Cave contains numerous stalagmites - revered as lingams.There are some 108 such natural lingams here.

Amba Ji Devi temple

Famous Devi Mata temple at pachmarhi, where pilgrims come for fulfilling their desires. must visit

Begum Palace
The last point is known as Begum palace, it is located next to Amba ji temple, however is a dilapilated building ( Khandahar) of old princess of Pachmarhi. Viewing the ruins of Begum palace gives you a creepy feeling, Though the palace is ruined but at the gate the names of the pincess or Rani is clearly visible and is dated 1933.

Tour Ends but Memories Remain..

Pachmarhi Adventure Trekking Tour Package -  3 Day Pachmarhi Trekking Package 

  • 3 Days Pachmarhi Trekking Tour Plan ( Easy for families/couples)
  • Cost only Rs 10000/- or US $180 Per Person ( Min 2 Pax),
  • Group Price (4-5 Pax) - Rs 6000/- or US $100 Per Person.
  • Tour Starts at 9:00 AM Sharp & Concludes at 07:00 PM ( 10 Hours)
  • Pick up & Drop from your Hotel
  • Social Bonding with Locals & Adivasis.
  • Assistance in Herbal Medicines Shopping at authorised shops
  • Forest Guide Included in package
  • Petrol Gypsy Included for all attractions
  • No Camping Involved, Return to Hotel in evening

Pachmarhi Trekking Package Tour Itinerary - For Serious Trekkers

Day - 1 - Charugarh Trek :- Where Eagles dare.....

You can choose either Duchess falls tour or Chauragarh tour, as both will take one  full day.

Chauragarh Peak Site Seeing Tour ( 6-8 Hours)

  • 2-3 kms Trekking Involved
  • 1300 m Stairs
  • Some part in the beginning covered by Gypsy Tour
  • Chauragarh is accessible via a 3 km trek involving about 1300 steps. Duration involved is approx 5 hours. The top offers view of the surrounding hills, valleys and reserve forests.
  • Chauragarh  is a very high temple which has hundreds of thousands of tridents offered by Shiv Bhakts to Lord Shiva, who have had their wishes fulfilled as an auspicious token of thanksgiving. It takes approx 4-6 hours for return trip to Chauragarh  but there are incredible views and many lemonade stalls in between to keep you active

​Evening Drop to the Hotel and Rest, relax at your leisure

Day - 2 - Dutchess Fall Trek :- Bottom Less Pit..Start from your Hotel at 9:30 or 10 AM.

  • 8 km Trekking Involved ( up & Down)
  • Toughest Trek in Pachmarhi
  • Efforts are worth rewarding as Views are ultimate.
  • 4 kms one way Steep Trek to the base of the fall's first Cascade
  • Gypsy drops at main road
  • Morning trek to Dutchess Falls (8 km steep trek down and up). Guests not up for trekking may visit the lake and do a bit of boating. 

Evening Drop to the Hotel and Rest, relax at your leisure

Day - 3 -Trek to Great Swimming Places in Pachmarhi..Start from your Hotel at 9:30 or 10 AM.

Sangam ( Fuller's Khud - Water Meet)

Lowest of the picnic points on Denwa River and offers great bathing Pools both above and below the meeting of waters.

Vanshree Vihaar ( Pansy Pool)

A beautiful Spot on the denwa stream, cool and shady place, best place to swim.

In the evening Drop to the Hotel & Relax

Shopping for Souvenirs in Pachmarhi

The local markets display tribal crafts made by the Bastar and Gond tribes. The beautiful and exquisite canopy and bamboo work of the tribal people are commendable. The agricultural tools, baskets, hunting tools can be found in the local weekly markets. The metal artefacts made by the Bastar community of tribes are worth buying from here. Local paintings from Pachmarhi are world renowned and should be added to your shopping list.

Pachmarhi is also known for its local honey and herbal ayurvedic medicines. Other items you may buy from here include jute and marble decorative items that make for some great souvenirs.

Pachmarhi Tourist Attractions:

Handi Khoh: A grand gorge with a 300 feet towering cliff amid dense woodland, Handi Khoh in the region of Panchmarhi is gifted with spectacular panorama. The clinging rock face of this gulch is a haven of large beehives. A profound timbered jungle surrounds this exquisite place. This place is strongly allied with the myths and blessings of Lord Shiva.



Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool): A usual bathing puddle shaped by a petite cascade, Apsara Vihar of Pachmarhi is positioned in close proximity to the Pandav fissures. Although next to the fall the pond is more intense, at the ending it is petty and this feature makes it a favorite picnic destination of visitors.

Pandava Caves: Nestled on a miniature hummock Pandava caverns in Panchmarhi are assumed to have been a sanctuary of the Pandavas for the period of their separation. Now a secluded memorial, Pandav grottos have been engraved from a stumpy hillock. These five caverns also housed a shelter to Buddhist preachers in the epoch of 1st century.



Priyadarshini Point: It is also known as "Forsyth Point". This vantage viewing point marks the place from where Captain Forsyth discovered Pachmarhi. The Britishers developed Pachmarhi as a hill resort and their influence is embodied in its churches and also in colonial architecture. Must visit place at Pachmarhi.

Dhoopgarh: The highest point in the Satpura range at Pachmarhi, with a magnificent view of the surrounding ranges. A very popular spot for viewing sunsets. Must visit place at Pachmarhi.



Duchess Fall: This fall is also known as "Jalawataran". The descent is steep and the trek strenuous for almost to the base of the fall. Adventurous spot at Pachmarhi.


Bee Fall: A spectacular waterfall in the stream which also provides drinking water to Pachmarhi. It is also known as "Jamuna Prapat". The pools at above the waterfall in the stream are very popular. Must visit place at Pachmarhi.


Jata Shankar Caves: A sanctified locale of Shaivite ritual, Jata Shankar of Panchmarhi is a natural grotto which abodes a natural Shivalingam underneath the silhouette of enormous rock. The boulder configuration in the cavern looks like the Seshnag, a hundred headed celestial snake.